I mean what someone does in his bedroom is none of my bizz. Just found out Tom Netherton, what a wonderful personality and of course, beautiful singer has passed. May God give you wonderful, happy memories of Tom, with the hope of spending eternity with him in Heaven. James was even more handsome than Tom, and wore less make-up than Tom. It’s been 18 months since your mean comment and I pray that God melted your heart through your own life experiences. I just found out today after watching the Lawrence Welk Show, that Tom had passed last Jan. 2018. He was such a wonderful singer and had such a great Christian testimony. To educate you: “Condolence” means to offer sympathy or thoughts of empathy to loved ones left behind. I just recently heard about Tom’s homegoing. Our faith in the Lord gets us past the sadness of death and our faith guides us through life’s trials and tribulations in ways that surpass our understanding and abilities. It was nice. Like many I grew up listening to Tom’s inspirational singing long before I actually met him. he was so good looking ;and now he is sitting at the right hand of our lord jesus christ, i to have that book in the morning of my life and it is a good to read . May God continue to give each of you peace. Just watched Tom sing a Frank Sinatra song. Just seeing his smile would brighten my day! I loved his voice and he is definitely singing with the angels.. Thank you Brad, for leaving the wonderful video on Facebook of Tom performing. One response to the Gospel is to slander and smear the reputation of Christ’s followers. One of my favorite singers on the Lawrence Welk show. News of his passing was difficult to accept and shocking to hear! We’ve had some great conversations. Tom and I shared a cubicle at Infantry Officer Candidate School, 84th OCS Company (Class OC 50-67), Fort Benning, GA from March 15 until we graduated August 31, 1967. Tom watch over all of us and keep making that beautiful music in heaven. It is hard to imagine life here on earth without Tom, but just think how wonderful Heaven will be with him there. God Blessed you Tom. As I finished the book and laid it on the pile, I suddenly wondered what ever happened to Tom, so I googled him and learned that he died right about the time I was dealing with my then-new diagnosis. My heart aches for his family. He was just amazing. I was shocked to read last January, after Christmas, that Tom Netherton had passed away. Sssniperwolf death ? So enjoyed his talent thru the years on the Welk show. Graciously, Joan and Jean. Rest in the arms of Jesus! My deepest sympathies to his family. Even then, at our young ages, Tom was also an example of a gifted Christian young man, and inspiration. I will when I reach heaven when my time comes. I could tell what a wonderful & spiritual man he was. We need more people who openly share our relationship with the Lord. I know I do. I had the honor of meeting Tom in Branson MO when he was with the Welk Theater. Was so glad my Mom, Aunt Olga and cousin Diane got to see you perform in Liverpool, NY in 2003. Loved seeing Tom on the Lawrence Welk Show. He was such an inspiration to so many people! Tom, may you be rejoined with the one you loved. So bittersweet. He is still touching lives through that book. You are home with your Lord. What a sad, pathetic “condolence ” from Tommy Girl. You really think he looked frail? Also Read : Silvio Marzolini Death | Obituary – Cause Of Death. I am saddened by this news. That is what gave me true identity.”   Tom Netherton. He was my ideal of a Godly man. R.I.P. Sorry to learn some negative things about Tom. Jesus made us the way he wanted us to be. I never had a chance to meet Tom but always had the dream to. Just found out that Tom Netherton had passed away! God bless you, family and friends. I just now learned of his passing, two years late. Didn’t want this day to come. (A North Dakota native as was Mr Welk. he will be missed by many of his fans. I did not know that there was an autobiography published about him. In watching all the re-runs of Lawrence Welk I appreciate that show a whole lot more then i did in my teens and early 20's. I will miss you more then you’ll ever know. Thanks for posting your memories of Tom. However, it is no disgrace to die of AIDS, and to suggest such a thing is not per se (whatever the intention of the person who does it) a “slander.” I lost many friends to AIDS, and one of the most regrettable things about it was the nasty, judgmental attitudes of so many towards them and their passing. Such an amazing God given voice and talent was his; we enjoyed his performances. Lillian I sure do miss having you as my neighbor. An official statement concerning the deceased death cause is yet to be released. Tom was born Jan. 11, 1947 in Munich, Germany to Major Thomas H. Netherton, Sr. and Lillian Christensen Netherton and grew up in Bloomington, MN where his family eventually settled following his father’s retirement from the Army. That audition turned into a long run on the Lawrence Welk Show, as well as a successful singing/recording career in the Christian Music industry which included 13 record albums and a published autobiography entitled “In the Morning of My Life”.