There is no top loading space funnel and the divider system will make any backpacker smile. 35L: Max Int'l Carry On, Setout Backpack: Men's Navy The packable daypack for a day of sightseeing, Homebase Backpack ***NOTE – The shoulder straps are one of the cons of this backpack – at least in terms of comfort. Many people have complained that over time the straps of the backpack can deteriorate and become increasingly uncomfortable***. Tortuga helps travelers avoid the cost and hassle of checking luggage with carry-on-sized travel backpacks. The Setout is designed to fit the body shape of most people. Good news! You may withdraw your consent by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our marketing emails, or by contacting us. Regular price With the Setout the packing process is wide open and finding/packing stuff is a breeze. Let’s look at why the Tortuga Setout nailed it. Having an extra layer of security is never a bad thing. That’s why I wrote this Tortuga Setout review! The Tortuga LAptop Daypack weighs in at 25 liters. If you’re stuck between a cheap wheelie suitcase and an overly bulky backpack you may not know what type of luggage to invest in next. Basically, the Tortuga Outbreaker is a fully-featured full-sized carry-on backpack complete with a seemingly endless array of organizational features. Anything beyond 20 kilos will likely prove to be uncomfortable for your shoulders. Thank you for signing up for our Europe waitlist. $199, Setout Backpack: Men's Navy Chris is also a founding member of. … It even won the best carry-on of the year. The Tortuga Setout has two main zippered compartments. More on the shoulder straps in a minute. The Tortuga Setout is very similar to its Tortuga Outbreaker cousin in many ways, yet also quite different in other respects. translation missing: en.variants.variant.regular_price In a world of checked baggage fees, lost luggage, and baggage claim lines, making the switch to an awesome travel carry-on backpack makes more and more sense. Tortuga as a company was founded by two dudes who became fed up with the status quo of travel bag options. Looks like your cart is empty. The Tortuga Setout can become (uncomfortably) heavy quickly if you start loading it to the seams with stuff. If you are satisfied with practical storage and organization options, you’ll be plenty happy with what the Tortuga Setout has to offer. Apart from these things, I have been very pleased with the overall performance of the Tortuga Setout. Seriously though, don’t overpack. It zips down about a third of the way and allows easy access to all those little things. Winner of the "Best Carry On Bag" award from Carryology and named "Best Duffle Bag for Traveling by Air" by Wirecutter. Be honest with yourself regarding how much stuff you actually need to bring on your trip.