We can offer you fast and efficient service, saving you time and money, and all dump fees are included in our pricing. We are fully insured and can offer you an experienced crane operator on one of the largest reaching cranes in the valley. NeighbourWoods pre-orders are now available, #Kelowna! As a local, family-run business, we own our equipment, including a 130’ reach crane, 5-ton truck, stump grinder and chipper. Choosing the right tree for the right location is the most critical step in landscaping in order to avoid problems later on. Our retail display yard is now closed for the season. The most popular include Armstrong red maple, Columnar Norway maple. I was so happy my tree survived. These trees are suitable for locations underneath utility lines. In the following lists are some suggested tree species and tree planting tips. Tree stump removal doesn’t have to be tragic when you have Tree Care Kelowna on your side. Treeeaterfarmandnursery@gmail.com. Sensation boxelder, Red maple, Sycamore maple, Ruby horse chestnut, European hornbeam, American hornbeam, Thornless honeylocust, Carolina silverbell*, Goldenrain tree, White mulberry, Black gum (Tupelo), American hop- hornbeam or Ironwood, Callery pear, Silver linden and Chinese elm. We’ve studied our entire lives to become experts in tree care. One tree provides enough oxygen for 2 adults. We are versed in treating diseases that commonly effect local trees. BC Hydro says only nine customers on the 2000 block of Boucherie Road remain without power. Help us grow our urban canopy and clean our air by purchasing a tree to plant in your yard this spring. Trident maple*, Hedge maple*, Snakebark maple*, Tatarian maple, Amur maple, Paperbark maple, Globe Norway maple, Serviceberry, American hornbeam*, Eastern redbud, Kousa dogwood*, Hawthorn, Amur maackia*, Saucer magnolia*, Star magnolia, Persian parrotia*, and Japanese tree lilac. Contact Tree Care Kelowna for expert consultations, diagnoses and tree maintenance. Tree services in Kelowna BC and throughout the Okanagan Valley. If so, look no further than the NeighbourWoods program, offered by the City of Kelowna. The early-season snow means many deciduous trees haven't yet dropped their leaves. For expert tree pruning in Kelowna, we are the best in the business. You suspect that there may be an insect infestation or dying tree, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Most of Kelowna is located in a 6a plant hardiness zone and can support a wide variety of ornamental and native plants. There may be things happening in your garden that you’re not sure of. Norway maple, Common hackberry, Katsura tree, Hardy rubber tree, European beech, White ash, Blue ash, Green ash, Maidenhair tree, Kentucky coffeetree, American sweetgum, Cork tree, London plane, White oak, Scarlet oak, Bur oak, Pin oak, English oak, Red oak, Shumard oak, Black locust, Japanese stewartia, American linden, Littleleaf European linden, and Japanese zelkova. Outages remain on the west side of Okanagan Lake, where about 3,800 homes are without power in the Gellatly, WFN and South Boucherie areas. We brew in small batches using only water, malt,hops and yeast to produce the highest quality, award winning beer. Suggested minimum spacing is 13-16 metres. Residents are invited to purchase one of six varieties of tree from the city for $40 + GST, which they can then plant in their yard. Most of Kelowna is located in a 6a plant hardiness zone and can support a wide variety of ornamental and native plants. Tree Care Kelowna would love to care for your trees. Now I understand why they are so highly rated. It was never an issue until she fell over it one day. White fir, Yellow cedar, Dawn redwood, Norway spruce, White spruce, Blue spruce, Western white pine, Eastern white pine, Austrian pine, Ponderosa pine, Scotch pine, Interior Douglas fir, and Western red cedar. Most people would say it was our calling to become tree whisperers. Now I feel more comfortable knowing that my grandmother can go and come safely.” Bill K. Tree trimming in Kelowna is quite common. My tree looks great and is healthy.