Like the Remedy, the Fuel EX also gains 10mm in travel, going from 120 to 130mm in the rear and up front (you get a 140mm fork if you buy a 27.5+ equipped Fuel EX). They hit up Big Bear on their bikes all the time. Let’s have a look at the new Remedy’s geo chart: Enough foreplay, let’s get to it. So what’s Trek’s division of labour as far as Fuel EX and EX Plus? That doesn’t mean I’m not impressed by the Remedy, I just expected to be impressed by it. 2,900 for the Fuel and 3500 for the Remedy. It’s only available on a few mountain bike models: Top Fuel, Fuel EX and Procaliber. And you didn't point out the there, the only limits are on the diameter of the shock. Of course, you don’t need Eagle, but a 500% gear range sure is impressive. And the 2017 Trek Fuel EX 8 Women’s – $3,199 US. Price: £1,300 to £3,500. Similarly, expect RE:aktiv shocks on the higher end builds (a high threshold platform that becomes regressive with shock movement), and frames still employ the Trek tech you’d expeck like ABP, Mino Link, etc. If I were writing a TL;DR version, here you go: the 2017 Trek Remedy and Fuel EX both represent solid incremental steps forward for their respective platforms. Eagle is good. The 160mm travel enduro racing Trek Slash range is all 29in wheels and carbon only for 2018. The 2017 Trek Remedy 9 RSL (160mm version) comes in at $4,499 US. There were two organized rides each day, and not everyone did the second ride, but they’re nuts because the dirt was heroic. The Remedy is longer (447 to 458mm for the 19.5″ frame) and lower as well (341 to 336mm). Our tester just arrived yesterday so we’ll have more real detail on it soon, but I’m already curious to see if it’ll be the bike I want to take everywhere this summer. 160mm travel? Begins with the aluminium Top Fuel 8 for £2,400 and goes up to the £7,800 carbon Top Fuel 9.9 RSL. I guess the only question would be would you rather have the Fox FIT4 or the RockShox RC? The Trek Roscoe range of Plus-tyred trail hardtails running from £800 to £ 1,250. or features specific to trek (like the old remedy). The Powerfly FS bikes are aimed at cross-country riding with a bit of rougher stuff every now and then. Homepage Main Featured, The rear wheel axle is also the rear pivot. Unlike many launches, however, this was held on trails and in conditions with which I’m familiar – but that only made the bikes seem that much more impressive. The Trek X-Caliber cross-country range starts from £650 and tops out at £1,150. just so I understand, will this bike have a proprietary shock mount? Shown here also is one of the Control Freak internal cable management ports. The Remedy and Fuel EX both felt stiff as hell. Photo: Margus Riga. Weight. Starting from £1,800 for aluminium versions they top out at £6,500 for the top end carbon version. The new Fuel EX felt at home in the steeps of Squamish. 30 mm extra travel in the front and 20 mm in the rear. Shremedy, Thanks for the feedback and yeah that Pike seems pretty legit from what I've read. The Trek Top Fuel bikes are full suspension XC race machines. All Trek full sus bikes use a version of the ‘ABP’ suspension design. We rode in legitimately wet conditions on the morning of day 2, but drivetrains remained silent and smooth. You want to go up stuff and down stuff? Since I mentioned the tires on the Fuel EX, I also need to mention that on the Remedy we had the SE4 Team Issue. choose"… Seriously, apart from the wheel sizes, they're very similar! The frame has internal routing for dropper posts and is made from Trek’s ‘Alpha Gold’ aluminium. The rides were split up so that one group of us rode Fuel EX one day, and Remedy the next, and vice versa. Yet here we are, with new metric shock Fuel EX 2017 launch season is here. The 2017 Trek trail bike launch brought editors to Squamish – a perfect venue for a few proper days of riding on the new Remedy and Fuel EX. For 2017, travel increases to 150mm, but only 27.5″wheels are available. Knock Block keeps that fork leg from contacting the down tube – and handlebar mounted controls from contacting the top tube. You may have heard a little ballyhoo about this when the Fuel EX Plus was launched about a. It may sound like unremarkable praise, but it was a gaggle of grown-ups hooting and hollering at high speed on the way down, and pushing the pace on the way up. Press J to jump to the feed. Sterl wasn’t expecting me when I came over the top – and this move is blind until you drop in so I didn’t know he wasn’t ready. I thought I would be enduring the ride on those trails on that bike, and that day two on the Remedy would be the one that I actually enjoyed. We have a look over the 2018 range of Trek mountain bikes to see who suits what in a range featuring the Fuel EX, Remedy, Marlin and Powerfly models. Remedy, I was on a 19.5″ bike, and it has the same 750mm bar that appears on much smaller bikes. Now everybody else will start using them. You may spot some Trek mountain bikes with ‘Race Shop Limited’ (or ‘RSL’) in their model name. If the Remedy is that much better I will fork up the money but I put both bikes sides side by side and they didnt have any crazy difference besides the Fox FIT4 and the Pike. The 2017 Trek Remedy is also available in women’s models. Thanks again. Also excellent in the mixed wet, loose, and rocky conditions of Squamish. So we’ve boiled Trek’s MTB range down to the basics to get you started. options. Yep, if you have the funds and are prepared to wait a bit for your bike, then you can get a Trek in pretty much any colour scheme you want.