Mike Hulbert's Musky Guide Service on Lake St. Clair, Located in Michigan and Ontario. Additionally Lake St. Clair musky trolling changes year to year. On all day trips last year we averaged 12 Lake St. Clair muskies in the boat with 1 over 50 inches in the boat per trip! For years, Lake St. Clair has always been considered a troller's paradise, since the muskies frequently roam large areas. I have done these trips upon special request and they have been a huge success. ", Lake St. Clair and Detroit River Musky Trolling Charter Rates, musky trolling charters on Lake St. Clair. 41 MUSKY BITES!?! Absolutely INSANE bite totals and a NEW BAIT WAS BORN for us! Lake Ontario Outdoors is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. ... “I’ve caught muskies trolling off the bottom in as deep as 52- feet. $1400 for an Ultimate trolling charter (See description below), All of these trips the rate is for up to 5 clients NOT per person. Lake St. Clair musky trolling has also been helped by invasive zebra mussels. In summer there are lots of great places to fish in Lake St. Clair and contact muskies while casting. In spring/summer months they will tend to move towards the shallower waters and the temperature is around 60 degrees. In the fall the musky casting bite on Lake St. Clair continues to stay strong however the inconsistency of the fall weather does cause more ups and downs in the bite then the summer months. (419) 410-0498, "We aim to build lasting relationships with our customers and to exceed their expectations for a great fishing experience. The, When fishing for musky on Lake St Clair another important item you don’t want to cut corners on is the, When you become a musky fisherman one adverse consequence is that many of us get obsessed with, The most productive bait you can use on Lake St Clair for fishing for musky is the buck tail spinner. ", "If you are ever going to get into fishing seriously, you've got to forget one thing. We can accommodate a third client however we do charge an additional $150 for the 3rd angler. Example, a lake with fairly straight break lines and lays fairly flat or has large areas devoid of structure calls for trolling techniques. Easily the most popular method to catch large muskie at it's core it's pretty simple: However there are a few subtleties that can make all the difference between skunking out and landing the tiger muskie of a lifetime.​. $850 for 8 Hour Charter As the season continues the Lake St. Clair musky fishing only continues to get better as the warmer water of mid summer raises the muskies metabolic rates and causes them to eat more. Certainly the northern area around Anchor Bay holds muskies all year round. When choosing a Lake St. Clair musky charter, it’s obvious that Medicine Man Charters should be at the top of your list. I can’t. The level you achieve is up to you. Due to the high demand of our regular trips only certain days will be set aside for these trips. The advent of planar boards, combined with nearly 100% catch and release on the lake, has seen both dramatic increases in catch rates and fish size over the past three decades.