Most providers can do this. And, if you’re looking for a new phone, you can always buy a cheap Android phone. Just open the Authy app, and enter your Twitch token into the field on your computer. I dont think my provider will allow that, mostly due to time but I can ask. The Authy app can be used for all your 2FA accounts and you can sync them across multiple devices, even accessing them on the desktop. Cellular providers let you set up call forwarding so calls directed at your old phone number will be forwarded to a number of your choosing. As we’ve discussed previously, Authy is a great app for managing your two-factor accounts on the iPhone, Android, and even your computer. If you are still unable to turn off 2FA, then please contact us for help. Text messages are a lot more hackable even if someone doesn’t have access to your device, including the dreaded sim-swap attack. Chris has written for The New York Times, been interviewed as a technology expert on TV stations like Miami's NBC 6, and had his work covered by news outlets like the BBC. Unlike your authenticator codes, these one-use codes don’t change. If you have these issues, please contact Authy Support. If none of the options apply, please click Continue. So Twitch has this rule where you need to get an sms notification every 30 days. Tap “Accept.”. Although phone calls to a landline are supported to verify your identity, if the phone call does not work, you will be locked out and there are no other means to authenticate. This story was originally published on 12/19/14 and was updated with more current information on 10/18/19. Don’t just save them in a Word document on your laptop, because if your laptop ever dies (or gets stolen), you’re out of luck. Remember that you can use Apple’s Find My iPhone or Google’s Find My Device to view the location of your phone on a map, lock it, and erase its contents. "If you do not have access to your old/previous phone associated with your Authy account, but you do have either the Authy Mobile app or the Authy Chrome app installed on another device: That's the best I can see. The process differs from service to service, but the basic principle is the same. Provide Twitch with the phone number associated with your Authy account. Or, maybe you use many of the other apps that let you log in after agreeing to a prompt on your phone, including Twitter, Google, and Microsoft’s accounts. I have more than one device and switch devices a lot so this is how I set things back up. To enable 2FA with Twitch, start by Installing Authy on your device or by searching for it in your device’s app store and then continue with this guide. I tried Googling but it doesn't seem to have any definitive answers. Problem is I can't turn off 2FA to allow the new authy app to work. on your device or by searching for it in your device’s app store and then continue with this guide. It’s not as secure of a solution as a dedicated authenticator app or hardware token, but if you lose your phone, getting a backup device and activating it with your carrier will allow you to send text messages to the phone number attached to your account. Continue. Change your "Region" setting to the country your phone number is from; Log in to your Dashlane account; Try again on lost phone page; Please note that a limit of two text messages can be sent for each registered e-mail address per hour. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Developer and former Twitch Admin - To learn more, visit: Enter your Twitch password. The above article may contain affiliate links, which help support How-To Geek. You might want to dig an old phone out of your drawers or borrow one from a friend or family member. In the popup that says “Get Account Verification Via”, tap “Use Existing Device.”, On your primary device you will get a notification that asks you to verify the addition of a new device. You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t write down your password, but these one-use codes are an exception. Two-factor authentication, by its very nature, is designed to prevent access to your accounts if you don’t have access to your phone (or other authenticating device). We do not support email, one time codes, or other means to provide a security code. (You’ll need to do this for every device individually in My Account > Security). The downside? Your cellular carrier can help you immediately associate your phone number with another new phone. That way, even if someone gets physical access to your device, it’s harder for them to see your codes. Even an old flip phone will do in a pinch. 2FA at Twitch is powered by the Authy 2FA API.This means you use the free Authy app to get your 2FA token and login to Twitch. For SMS service you can use Google Voice for most services....but be aware that may not be as secure as a devices' built-in SMS. As far as I can see, these are your only options. Of course, an attacker will also need your password to do anything with a specific account, but text-based authentication remains a less-secure method than two-factor authentication, since that requires them to have physical access to your authenticator device in order to break into your accounts. How to Automatically Stop Your Apple Watch from Lighting Up, How to Test Surround Sound Speakers on Windows 10, 12 Ways to Open File Explorer in Windows 10, © 2020 LifeSavvy Media. This is why it’s important to stay on top of your backup options. Verizon lets you enable call forwarding online from your computer. Go here to download the Authy app for all your devices. Important: If any sites prompt you to use Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication, note that you can always substitute the Authy 2FA app instead. After you have a phone, your carrier can give you a new SIM card tied to your account and you can instantly regain access to your phone number. Image Credit: tommaso79/; Gatherina/ Two-factor authentication is an essential security measure that uses your phone to help prevent unauthorized access to your account. Whatever service you’re trying to regain access to, just try signing in and see what recovery methods you’re presented with. You can still login from another device and disable that lost one easily. After verifying that code, you will have enabled two-factor authentication. Type “OK” in the box prompting you to ensure you approve of this decision. This is much more like how a typical online password manager works. 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