Idk what’s going on. Admission requirements vary with the type of program. The profs are (for the most part) incredible and very passionate about their fields of study. Quick update! They changed the date from April 15 to 30. ? I have 90.25% and I am still waiting for UBC Sciences. padding: 10px; display: inline-block; Then Science>Applied Science>Arts. Program: UBC Applied Science Applied: Dec. 1, 2017 Accepted: Jan. 30, 2018 Average: 95% Applied from BC, Program: UBC Applied Science  Applied: Dec. 13, 2017 Accepted: March 3, 2018 Predicted Grades: A*AA Applied from Kuwait. How long did it take to get your UBC letter of admission, either online or in the mail (I'm from Ontario)? so, it would make sense that it will be stuck on that status until they release a decision (anywhere from 1-2 months)! Is it true that the most difficult program to get in is Sauder commerce at UBC? I have a 95% average, I’m from Ontario, and I have what I think is a strong personal profile. waiting for ubc to get back to me gives me more anxiety than taking a test tbh, Just got my offer from Sauder, 92 averageactivities were: ice hockey, rugby, ice hockey referee, business club executive, camp counsellor. .alert-content { I believe that either Science and Applied Science (might vary year to year which one is more competitive due to applicant interest) are more competitive mark wise (this is also evident in the statistics published by UBC– usually the faculty with the highest average is either Sciences or Applied Sceince, with Sauder close behind). As there are a large number of applicants to this program, we cannot make a decision on your application at this time. @media only screen and (min-width: 980px) { UBC at a glance: We nurture an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship are celebrated and where our research, resources and programming work to elevate the human experience. They can make decisions all the way through to June 1. Does anyone have any idea when I might get an offer? My status on my ssc has read reviewing and evaluating my application compared to other applicants for my program for over two weeks now. Sorry for the late response. Don't give up hope! vertical-align: middle; padding: 0; I also applied from Ontario.Math 12: 90%English 12: 85%Data Management: 94%Calculus: 95%Chemistry 12: 92%Physics 12: 94%Top 6 average 91.67%My personal profile was pretty good in my opinion, and my extracurriculars are also pretty good.Thanks. I got into UVIC SFU and Western so far but UBC is my top . @Justin regardless when it comes out, just rest assured that they will notify you with an email, so it's not like they are leaving you in the dark! How long did your status take to go from accepted after being reviewed and evaluated? I got my online one in a couple of days, however it took about 3 weeks for my package to come in the mail. } Explore 14 different engineering disciplines. Although we don’t know each other haha, Waitlisted yesterday for Science till June 15, 2018, applied Jan 14th for BSc and was accepted March 20th!avg for approved gr 12 courses was 92%. } margin-left:10px; @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) { Me too. .alert-content { Above anon- thank you! I know many of you guys are also waitlisted right now, so PLEASE HANG IN THERE AND ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT IT'S OK IF YOU'RE WAITLISTED. } So will my SSC change before I get an email (as in over a day before)? text-align: center; My EC are ok but I put down 5+ years of competitive soccer, debate club, alpine ski racing, gold medal in soccer tournament and math stewarding (math tutor), Accepted to UBC Sauder Applied: January 15th Accepted: March 5th  Top 6: 94.1 Applied from Ontario, Accepted today!! display: inline-block; depending on the program you get into, you may receive specific emails from them later on! As someone who's been waitlisted (and checking yconic daily) this is fantastic to hear. I remember going on yconic everyday. Best of luck to everyone! margin:10px auto; I KNOW YOU'LL HEAR BACK FROM UBC SOON , This is so sweet. } It says that my top choice is being evaluated in comparison to other applicants. I am from Alberta, so all my grades automatically got a 4% boost. } height: 35px; min-height:90px; I have been stuck on that status for more than a week now! The grades I posted above are with the boost included and how they appear on my UBC high school records.My personal profile was pretty good and directly linked to something that both my references could strongly talk about. They most likely will soon. UBC was my first choice and was also the final school to hear back from so it was a very nerve-wrecking time for me. Just volunteering at senior homes & around community, part time job at fast food, group leader for kids sports activities & first aid at local church. margin: 0; padding: 0 10px; I already got accepted to UT, but I would rather go to UBC instead since it's closer. } It would definitely help if you have a  strong personal profile. margin: 0; did you get offered today as in april 11th? margin-left:10px; margin-left: 15px; UBC Engineering offers 14 undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Applied Science degree. I have some strong ECs so I think they carried me . .alert-icon { UBC Science Applied Sept accepted March 594 average, UBC Sauder Applied: January 15th Accepted: March 1st Top 6: 96 Applied from Ontario, I'd love to hear the answer to the above question as well! I already got into sauder with lower than that average and I don't think my PP was anything special, so I doubt you'd get waitlisted if your profile was strong. My interview went pretty well! Just accepted today  Applied Jan. 15th 2018Self-report Mar. I'm a first year student at UBC Sauder and I was waitlisted for 6 weeks last year. } } They send out housing offers between june and august. Hmm that is actually a probable thesis! border: 1px solid #3894bc; Possibly - but it depends on a couple of factors: 1. Congrats! Ahh, 2nd choice changed from April 15 to April 30, waitlisted on April 13 to UBC Science (1st choice) till June 15th with a 92.75 % average. } I applied for Sciences. and best of luck!! I have heard mixed answers. How much chance do I have at UBC with just over 90% grade 12 average. @Michelle Youngmy top 4 marks were english 86, physics 88, AP microeconomics 96, Precalc 12 98, Did anyone else’s date get changed from April 15 to April 30?? hope to see y'all there, Program: SauderApplied: Nov 30, 2017Accepted: March 5, 2018First Term Average: 96Applied from Ontario, I’ve still got a week or so to wait then. max-width: 1170px; @media only screen and (min-width: 980px) { Also, did you see a status change before you got accepted from "Thank you…" to "Your application is currently being reviewed and evaluated.."? max-width:100%; I feel like one day was applied science, then Sauder, then the next day was arts? Grades are pretty solid so I’m hoping for a first round offer, but haven’t heard back yet. .alert-icon { padding: 0; float:none; If you don't mind me asking, what were your EC's like? They haven’t even started reviewing my application yet :/Plus they say they “hope” to give the decision by April 15th.. Just got accepted for Kinesiology at Vancouver with.95% average first semester admission average.Does anybody know when they will be sending out the housing application results? @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) { Students may enter Engineering Physics from first year Science, Science One, or Applied Science at UBC or one of the local transfer colleges. I am applying to Nursing at UBCO. Don't give up hope! I just got accepted into science today! To the person who was accepted, what were your top 4 marks? } I had a 93% average for both first & second term, and my PP was honestly decent, but nothing special. border: 1px solid #3894bc; I can’t stand this long wait. Just accepted today Applied Nov 30 2017Bachelor of Commerce UBC Sauder95% early admission average Good ECApplied from BC, I got accepted January 26 into science at UBCV. What. Discover your passions. I'm happy to answer any questions and maybe convince some of you amazing folks to come to our beautiful school. Hang on tight guys! margin-left: 15px; Hi guys.  Applied: January 14 Accepted: Early March } You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. font-size: 150%; I got the email but my portal still says we hope to give you an offer by April 19th. I guess Sciences will be last – probably on Friday. Should I call them and inquire about it, or is this standard for UBC waitlisting? Sauder is most competitive overall because they consider not just the marks, but also the Personal Profile and Interview is weighed quite heavily. How long did your status on your ssc read “reviewing and evaluating” for before you were accepted. I'm the above poster! .alert-icon { Canadian high schools; International high schools; Find out how applications are evaluated. vertical-align: middle; 17th 2018 Bachelor of Science 96.5% average Applied from BC, Faculty: Commerce (sauder)Applied: Nov 28Self reported: March 8Accepted: March 16Applied from BCAverage: 98% (linear school)Pre-Calc 12: 97% (finished it last year)Econ: 99%English: 96%Bio: 100%. 5 more workdays remaining for UBC to send out offers of admissions!