International Institute of Social History. Joe Cocker, Ten Years After. Replies. Listened alot to KPPC, a true AOR (album oriented rock) station. The History of FM Radio ... 'They were called free-form rock or underground stations" Our local FM radio station in Portland Oregon was KINK 101.9. “Pretoria has carried its murderous campaign to extremes. In February 1990, Mandela was released from prison. Scoop Nisker's underground news was an ongoing popular feature of KSAN's heyday in the early 1970s. “I speak to you from somewhere in South Africa,” Walter Sisulu, a party leader and Mandela’s mentor, announced. LONG LIVE ROCK & the late 60’s in Pasadena!!! The Real Underground Is an online radio station powered by the A-Team DJ Coalition based in Little Rock, AR. Originally founded in a Pasadena church, it moved to this location a year before it closed forever. What was left of the station eventually became the world famous KROQ, KPPC-FM 99 South Chester Pasadena CA 91106. Secrecy was necessary, because there were informers everywhere. A couple of weeks later, Mandela traveled to Lusaka to meet with his ANC comrades in exile. The station began as a radio show on FM airwaves in 2006 when two of Little Rock’s rap pioneers D-Dirt @LilRockObama and Joseph “HogLeg” Davis got together and proposed the idea of an all local radio show to 88.3 FM. Mandela had been captured, and the ANC’s ranks were riddled with spies. Thanks in advace. Food was rationed and, at first, the ANC had just one car—a well-worn 1932 Fiat. THE REAL UNDERGROUND RADIO. That was just sufficient to tell us that we must just carry on with the struggle.”. Amandla Ngawethu!”, Just beneath the surface, though, was a deep longing for home. But at least some of the broadcast always got through. Bought LP’s at the record store near PCC for only $1.00 each. Latest titles and artists played on college-underground-radio. It was also a news station. Just hearing this stuff could get you eight years in prison. I was there and hit Elton with one of those cream pies!!! “I have often heard the expression that history is not made by kings and generals but by the masses of the people,” he said. Originally founded in a Pasadena church, it moved to this location a year before it closed forever. He signed off: “Forward to victory in our lifetime! Secret delegations shuttled between Pretoria and Lusaka to discuss the unbanning of the ANC, the relaxation of apartheid, and the possibility of a transfer to majority rule. I work with filmmaker Cass Plaey, who is putting together a film about KPPC. ANC Radio Freedom - Kea Rona (It Is Ours) from jonneke k on Vimeo. Birth of Community Rock Radio: A brief history of KMPX and KSAN-FM. According to the New York Times, a crowd of thousands–many wearing shirts or head wraps bearing his image–greeted him on the airport tarmac. Tem playlist no spotfy! HISTORY. I worked there as a teenager answering phones for their “Duck Rush” – the chief engineer was my neighbor – it was some call in promo, although I can’t remember what it was about! We would very much like to hear more about your tapes. As Sekibakiba Peter Lekgoathi, a historian at Johannesburg’s University of the Witwatersrand, notes, the station “shaped the consciousness and style of struggle of a whole generation of militant youth.”. Before Facebook and Twitter became revolutionary tools, there was radio. Its microphones and mixing boards were packed up and shipped home to Johannesburg. Historical Essay. Mandela, the first commander of the ANC’s armed wing, traveled to Ethiopia for guerrilla training then slipped back into South Africa to help coordinate more than 190 bombings and acts of sabotage throughout the country. Campus-Collège. Mandela was convicted of treason and shipped off to Robben Island, the apartheid regime’s version of Alcatraz. Lean years would follow, both for the ANC and for Radio Freedom. Chances are, the men and women of Radio Freedom were in the crowd that day. By the mid-1980s the townships were in open revolt, and nobody worried about being arrested for listening to a radio show. What was left of the leadership, meanwhile, settled into a long exile. Your email address will not be published. It broadcasted from the basement of the presbiterian church om Colorado Blvd remember Firesyne Theater, Ellioy Minse with his eastern philosophy show. We must now respond to the reactionary violence of the enemy with our own revolutionary violence.”, The announcer counseled his listeners to steal guns from white houses, to make homemade bombs, and to attack isolated police stations. Former Location, 1967 – 1971- KPPC was one of the leading “underground” radio stations in the United States. What is the title? Now, though, he said, “They want me to shout out the news, and they leave the train not just talking about the ANC but ready to work for it, to fight for it.”. The static broke. I have alot of thr tapes from the original kppc station. Upon their return to Zambia, they channeled their expertise, their anger, and their homesickness into these broadcasts. “One thing they couldn’t block out was that opening stanza,” Murphy Morobe, a Soweto student leader, told Lekgoathi. Activists had life-and-death worries as well. By Chris A. Smith – **Chris A. Smith** is a magazine writer and college instructor in San Francisco. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Underground History # 1 | A história do Radio Birdman YouTube RADIO BIRDMAN - 2007 ARIA INDUCTION - Duration: 10:48. By 1963, though, it was clear that the hoped-for uprising wasn’t coming anytime soon. I grew up in Pasadena, CA and I listened to KPPC all a lot. He also said/thinks he interviewed Jimi Hendrix. I am asking for a friend. State radio, broadcast in a welter of languages from English to Zulu and Xhosa, blanketed the country at maximum power. The Appendix was published between 2012 and 2015, released under the CC-BY license, and hosted on GitHub. Veiculação de link liberada!Sobre a Goblin Underground TV: produção Goblin Filmes: - Pedro VasseurRoteiro - Frederico BorgesArte: Pedro Vasseur / Lucas HellEdição - Pedro VasseurProdução - Goblin FilmesCurtiu as músicas do episódio?