Update: I published a long-term review article which you might find worth a read too! I chose CAT6a cabling for my setup. 11. Control your smart lock from anywhere Get even more from your August Smart Lock. This seems that’s a pretty important feature that all of these locks deliver on in their own way, including reporting a jammed lock in their status. Sprawdź naszą sieć salonów i … If you enjoyed this video please consider subscribing, and as always, thanks for watching the hookup! There are arenas, schools, libraries, and office towers using this same gear, so it makes sense that these options are there. If you’ve got something you’d like me to test, let me know down in the comments and I’ll give it a shot. I might not have power, but I'll have the internet to keep me distracted all day 😂. Renters who can't replace their switches or homeowners without neutral wires needed for smart switches have trouble installing smart switches in their homes. This means any time there is a power loss you are at risk of corrupting the cloud key's mongo database 😢. Additionally, there is a default feature called “one touch locking” that I found to be very annoying that locks the door anytime the keypad is activated, luckily it is easily turned off via the menu system which is available by using the keypad. In both cases, the cloud key's status LED was showing a white LED light instead of the normal blue. It’s this underlying uncertainty of security that makes people reluctant to modify the most basic security device in any house: the door lock. Asus VLAN for BRT series, For further reading checkout this awesome explanation from Rob Pickering. But before we start, I want to make the general statement that compromising a lock rarely represents the easiest way to gain access to a building. Faster, less expensive, 10x the client capacity: Check out the UniFi … Instantly let friends, family, and home-service providers in even when you're not home. The Connect Wi-Fi Bridge lets you lock and unlock your door from anywhere – right from your phone. So far, this is what I’ve come up with based on my reading (please correct/add! The Wyze lock and the Kwikset 914 maintain a more traditional look by only having a keyway visible from the outside,  while the Yale assure, Kwikset smartcode 916 and Alfred DB2 all have external keypads for keyless entry. The mPort ™ is an mFi ® Networked Machine Interface and Monitor. In this post I'll review their latest webcam and see if there are improvements to video and audio quality. I needed some under cabinet lighting that didn't require a switch so I gave this TP-Link KL430 smart light strip a try. Especially as our weather picks up like it had been. Locations chosen, I did some rough measuring, added a little insurance to my numbers, and ordered Cat6a (for future-proofing) ethernet cables and a new surge protector from Primecables (Canadian Monoprice, basically). We have around 30+ network clients (man, they add up) between the two of us, including two Nest Outdoor cams monitoring the back and side of the home, as well as an August Doorbell Cam and lock, all of which have struggled on the periphery of the Extreme’s coverage. The problem is that of the 5 locks that I tested, only the Wyze lock was able to determine if the door was open or closed. I have this image in my head of a futuristic home using a system like this. In my research, everyone seemed to suggest the Cloud Key was a really good idea, but I never fully understood why. Just meant to be a sort of fun futuristic UniFi inspired thought experiment. Press J to jump to the feed. If you are interested in looking more into Ubiquiti hardware, .css-xlih45{color:var(--theme-ui-colors-link,#3d7e9a);}.css-xlih45:hover{opacity:0.7;}you can order it here So far, this has mostly been a general overview of smart lock technology, but now it’s time for me to give you my impressions of each lock individually: The Wyze lock delivers some serious value:  By reusing your old deadbolt you don’t have to worry about matching your exterior finish or style, and it also allows them to cut costs significantly. Explained by a science teacher. I though about going the unifi access route, but there's not a whole lot the system offers for residential folks that a smart lock does not. Easy enough to buy the system and wire it like Lawrence Systems did on YouTube, but as far as I can tell, you’d need to invest quite a lot to make it worth getting for a home. The 916 has my favorite keypad due to its lock specific icon buttons and decoy keypresses. Renters who can't replace their switches or homeowners without neutral wires needed for smart switches have trouble installing smart switches in their homes. mFi‑CS, Yeah I think I under-described the point of this post. While this behavior is unquestionably deplorable, in my opinion calling it a “hack” takes the focus away from the immoral actions of this one bad actor and focuses them on some perceived vulnerability of ring cameras. How does the doorbell on it work? The UniFi Controller is how you set up and monitor the entire system. Using page objects and commands for repetitive selectors and test code allows you to write maintainable automated test cases. Today on the hookup we’re going to cover a slightly controversial subject, smart door locks, and whether they pose a security risk to your home. 3 months ago. I’m hoping that these issues are isolated to the specific Alfred lock that I tested, and not common. LMFAO. Obviously adding a simple contact sensor to your door and using an automation in home assistant or SmartThings solves this issue completely, but I’d love to see whatever technology wyze is using to detect the state of the door make it into these other locks. All of the locks passed this test successfully, but it’s important to note that even if you get a lock that can power through imperfect alignment, it will significantly reduce battery life, and as the battery drains the power of the motor may also decrease. In this post I'll review their latest webcam and see if there are improvements to video and audio quality. Models: This is a very high level view and the full walk through is covered in this VLAN tutorial video below. Depending on where you live, you can even take all your locks in and have them rekeyed so all your smart and dumb locks use the same key. You’re getting a lot of new functionality for just $89 and the Wyze app is really well made and extremely responsive. So, quick recap:  Smart locks, when controlled locally are not vulnerable to hacking, and are certainly less vulnerable than your current lock and key system. Really access is more of a business model. Powerwall = easily the best investment I’ve made in my house (x3 in my case though).Not sure about all the unifi access gear - but the Powerwall solution is awesome. The Extreme put out pretty good speeds, but range could be an issue, and optimal placement meant cables were strung across the floor for an unsightly mess. Why not just a regular UPS? A quick note on ethernet cable: there are a number of different specifications of cable available, which are generally interoperable. From least expensive to most, we’ve got the $89 Wyze lock, the $160 Kwikset 914, the $190 Yale Assure, the $210 Kwikset Smartcode 916, and the $229 Alfred Locks DB2. Shop sensors, remotes, switches, and security systems. The Kwikset 914, without any external keypad, is an interesting concept, but I don’t love it. Another potential issue I found was in the way that these locks have implemented the “auto re-lock” feature. The Kwikset is also my favorite aesthetically, but I understand that is largely personal preference. If you’re interested in supporting my channel please check out the links in the description. Their first HD webcam had acceptable video quality, but terrible microphone. If you are looking to upgrade your photocell timer plug to a smart outdoor plug this Teckin smart plug review is for you. The first time my cloud key failed my neighborhood was dealing with semi-frequent blackouts for 4 hours at a time before the power utility could restore power--some sort of underground powerline issue. I’m not sure if this was an issue specific to my Alfred lock or a general problem, but it is a huge deal and needs to be fixed ASAP because reporting that a door is locked when it is unlocked is perhaps the biggest possible vulnerability you could introduce. If you are tired of telling your kids to shut off the lights or like flexible outdoor light scheduling smart light switches are for you. Number 2: All these locks maintain manual control from the inside of your house. 11. The DB2 is the most expensive lock that I tested, which is fine considering it also has the most features, including Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and touch functionality… But aside from that there were lots of problems. This will allow your IoT devices access to the internet, but not your internal private network in case they become compromised. One Month, 500,000 Face Scans: How China Is Using A.I. So my door if left wide open for 2 mins it will auto lock. Exactly the kind of thing I’m imagining. Heck, you can even get some padlocks to go in the mid. I don’t feel comfortable implementing it in my own home, so I can’t recommend it for yours. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thanks for reading. Just testing, full automation. And operation is similar as well, to operate these keypads you place your palm over the screen to activate it and then enter your pin. Our local South Florida Test Automation chapter met virtually to go over the Nightwatch.js framework. Spending $10,000 or more on a massive battery system along with the electrical work and installation to use it, plus a few hundred dollars worth of UniFi gear, is...not really a logical path to a smart lock. With so many people working from home, Amcrest, normally known for their security cameras, has entered the webcam space. I recently was able to get some great photos and drone footage of a PTO fundraiser for the local elementary school that made the local paper! mPort, Our local South Florida Test Automation chapter met virtually to go over the Nightwatch.js framework. Next, I took the coax wall-panel off of the utility box I’m using for the In-Wall AP, installed the In-Wall, and ran a 10ft cable to the switch. ubiquiti device discovery tool - chrome extension. I realized my iPhone and iPad didn't seem to be transferring large files very fast so I set out to see if upgrading my Ubiquiti access point would help. The hard part was running cable from where we wanted to put the Pro AP to the switch. It hangs at login indefinetly after submitting my username and password. but I can’t imagine me getting the UniFi one due to the lack of HomeKit. I also went to Home Depot and was given a scrap piece of plywood to mount on the wall of my laundry room, to wall mount all the gear (thanks Home Depot guy!). Again, planning was key, as I only got 1ft Cat6a cables to go between the modem-USG-switch, and 6a is much thicker and less bendy than I realized, so I had to play around with the placement, following the Quick Start guides in the boxes for where things needed to be plugged in. On a related note I wanted to see how each lock would respond if the deadbolt failed to actuate completely. This wipes out all the backups stored on your cloud key so move them off the cloud key before proceeding. Learn how in this Nightwatch automation tutorial. It is a one story, spread out “ranch style”, so it really covers 4,000 sq ft on horizontal terrain. Verify you have backups there. This happened to me. It’s faster and it’s more reliable; it’s just a pain to set up. Still even with all this great stuff for a great price, I can’t get over the cloud only integration. IoT or smart home devices such as lights, plugs, and security cameras haven't had to best track record for security so before you let them in behind your firewall let's look at how to secure them using VLANs. We decided to wall-mount, which would require drilling through some baseboards and running an ethernet cable between the studs behind the drywall. It connects a variety of d