This old fashioned name is as famous now as it was before and we don’t see it fading anytime soon. Old-school baby names are the best of both past and present, drawing on classic inspirations with a touch of modernity and class. You can attribute its popularity to Agnes from the movie “Despicable Me”. Don’t you think it’s time for old-fashioned and retro names to make a comeback? The name’s popularity declined drastically during the first and second world wars but started improving steadily in the seventies. The meaning of this Italian name is ‘star’. Are you looking for a variation of Adeline or Adele, the most famous names of this year? What do you think about these vintage girl names? We feel that there’s something tough and rugged about the name Warren. Scarlett Johansson chose Dorothy as a middle name for her daughter. 100 Wonderful European Names For Your Baby, 20 Wonderful Seven-Letter Names For Your Baby, Top 20 Disney Inspired Names For Your Baby. This French, retro name is anything but boring. Coming from a Hebrew word, Ephraim sounds refined and classy. Josephine, the feminine form of Joseph, will make an excellent name for your baby. Not bad for a vintage name, huh! The name is full of whimsy and nostalgic charm. Even Edgar Allen Poe has been just as famous as his predecessor as Edgar Degas. Here’s a name for the “Boardwalk Empire” fans out there. Vintage baby names are becoming the trendiest names. [ Read: Vintage Baby Girl Names] 58. Minnie was one of the fastest risings names at the turn of the century. This short and sweet name packs a punch for a boy’s name. A whole slew of historical figures have sported this moniker, and it still sounds as good as new. Its popularity increased manifolds with the arrival of the German Hanover monarchy. All rights reserved. All rights reserved. Augustine, a unisex name will make a beautiful name, no matter the gender of your baby. The most famous Eleanor in hist... Lily. Charles is a royal name that dates to the reign... Weaver. Even Jane Austen named one of her less pleasant characters, Caroline in “Pride and Prejudice”. Cool and whimsical, Cassius is one of the names that can never go out of trend. Alexander is one of those names that can never fall out with traditional parents. It’s also a shortened version of Mercedes. The name has roots in Emperor Claudius. The meaning of Alice is ‘noble’. The meaning of Owen is ‘young warrior’. The meaning of Clara is ‘bright and clear’. You’ll find this name in the novels of D.H. Lawrence and George Eliot. In the United States, Caroline was the name of the First Lady. Plus, it comes with two adorable nicknames, Fred, and Winnie. This antique, floral name means ‘lily flower.’ Even Mart McCormack named her daughter Lillian. Don’t you think that the fashion in the Victorian Era was simply amazing? Addie or Addy will make the best nicknames for this sprightly and sweet name. Even the spelling looks more appealing than the streamlined Annabel. Helen was a mythological character whose face launched a thousand ships during the Trojan War. John was the most famous names of those times. The name Helen, meaning shining and bright lights seems pretty appropriate name for your daughter. Edith was another incredibly popular name in the past eras. It has also made a position in the Top 1000 chart after a slow and steady decline. Vintage baby names are back in fashion, so browse through our list of the best vintage baby names and take inspiration. The Georgia-born artist Jasper John popularized the name. 59. It entered the popularity list in the year 2000 and has jumped over 850 points. If you wish to bestow a timeless name on your daughter, then cute and whimsical Sadie would be a solid pick. Counsel. Can you guess who made this name popular? The meaning of Robert is ‘shining or bright’. This charming name has been a winner ever since it was introduced the first time. Everett as a boy's name is pronounced... Noble, exalted. Derived from a Hebrew Word, Noah is a male name meaning ‘rest and comfort’. The meaning of Alfred is ‘wise’. Bernard, meaning ‘strong as a bear’ was a popular baby name in the Victorian times. Jack is one of those short names that pack a wallop in it. Currently, it is one of the top ten classic names. Effie is the short form Euphemia, a name popular in the Victorian era. It was popular in the 18th century too! Check out these popular pages to discover more baby boy and baby girl names and meanings. The meaning of Clara is ‘bright and clear’. It was popularized by the American author, Ernest Hemingway. It recalls all the famous Henrys including Henry Ford, Henry David Thoreau, and Henry Fonda. The Bump has compiled an inclusive list of vintage baby names. Cora is probably the cutest and perfect name for your daughter. If you want a baby name that’s not a part of the suburban naming trend, then look no further. During the Romantic period, Raymond was every mom’s most preferred name for their son. This is one of the unique vintage baby girl names. Elijah is a fashionable biblical choice for boys. It has a literary association in John Irving’s “A Prayer for Owen Meany”. Blanche is a sophisticated French name with a Victorian flair. Georgiana is one of the most elaborate female forms of George. 3rd Month Pregnancy Diet - Which Foods To Eat And Avoid? Claude is a delightfully short and sophisticated French name that made a strong come back this year. You can shorten the name Charlotte in a number of ways like Charlie, Char or Lotta. This classic name evokes the simple times of the bygone eras. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. It resurfaced in 1995, and currently holds the 57th spot. The most popular namesake of this name of our times is Stella McCartney, a British designer. Max was once a common choice for boys. Silas, a serious and modern name is an excellent substitute to Sidney and Samuel. Calvin is a retro, yet quirky name that’s been occupying a safe place on the top 100 list since the 20th century. Francis is another evergreen, old name. Cool and dignified Fredrick is another name to consider for your little one. Luther, meaning ‘renowned warrior’ conjures the memories of the American civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. Nora has more gravitas than most of the a-ending retro names. But it’s a serious name and does not give any scope for nicknames. You can even lengthen to the elegant Idabelle or demure Idabel. Choosing a “retro” baby name can be the perfect solution for parents who want to give their baby boy a traditional yet unique name. In the 1940’s, post World War 2, the baby boom began, causing births to skyrocket. Even Edith experienced revival because of the BBC Drama “Downton Abbey.”. It sounds pleasing to the ears too. It will make a great name for your son. Mabel, meaning ‘lovable’ is the cutest and the perfect name for your little princess. 50 Best Short Names With Meanings For Your Baby Girl, 100 Cute And Exotic Names For Your Baby Girl, 20 Beautiful Princess Inspired Baby Girl Names, 10 Wonderful Baby Girl Names Inspired By Queens, Pregnancy Diet: Sample Chart And General Dietary Guidelines, Blindness In Kids - Causes, Symptoms And Treatment. Short and delicate Pearl is a reminiscent of the treasured riches from the sea. The name is also attached to some athletes and high profile models. Whether it is the powerhouse attorney Clarence Darrow or the lifesaving guardian from “It’s a Wonderful Life”, this name is full of masculine charm and vigor. There are still many beautiful and meaningful baby names from the past waiting to be rediscovered. Agnes, a once-popular saint’s name meaning pure, fell out of favor in 1970 but is now ready for a comeback. Well, then why don’t you opt for this name for your son? Barn dances, homemade maple ice cream and beautiful petticoats, the golden old period had some great things. From pioneering aviator Amel... Who resembles God?. Even its derivative Harry was very popular those times. So were the Victorian names. It was a favorite with the authors too! Jasper is also a better alternative to Joshua, Jacob, and Jayden. It’s a playful name for your young boy. Just like fine wine, vintage dresses and antiques, old-fashioned and classic names also have a long lasting appeal. Here’s a beautiful name for the little twinkle in your eye. Scarlet is one of those names that have stood the test of time. 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