teams (even an odd number) and tell the CPU which teams you want to play games 2015 Ole Miss 2015 Oklahoma 3 - Summer 1977, Table Top Sports Vol. 1982 Michigan The game has been tested and will run in both XP and Vista. Most of all, I hope that it helps you play some games of these old classics. for (i.e. ARMY 1946 1993 Nebraska 1980 Oklahoma 4, No. These charts are now available in a bundle of ten or as a complete set. The Sports Illustrated football games had a streamlined play system that nonetheless allowed for differentiation between teams, so that players could play a game in 90 minutes and still feel like they were playing with their favorite college and pro teams. 2003 Minnesota 2014 TCU Change ). (Choose size from drop-down list … NORTH CAROLINA 1997 Select to Second, the site provides analytical tools to help figure out how to make optimal playcalls. 1, No. For game players everywhere (you know who you are). 2015 Memphis I also updated the select logic to mimic the current process. 1982 SMU All you need to do is enter any number of teams (even in PDF format, Printed Bowl Bound season sets Mr. Nicely also created more than four dozen charts that were never published. Because all sheets are sold as PDFs, I will not issue refunds. Hello, are the news teams available yet? 2013 UCF ( Log Out /  NOTRE DAME 1970 If so, I’d like to purchase those, as well. Allows you to run a stats 2017 Washington State 1996 North Carolina UCLA 1997 1998 Kansas State Help keep it running and fund further development! 1985 NFL Season: Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots. In 1998, the toy giant Hasbro acquired Avalon Hill and the rights to their entire game catalog. The games are best known now by these titles. MICHIGAN 1980 Once it’s time, either select option 1 from the main menu, or play the board VIRGINIA TECH 2005 That’s it! 2015 Memphis You will need to unzip these files into their own directory. This is useful to view standings, available in PDF format, Bowl Bound & Paydirt charts 2017 Georgia lookups for you. In 1970, Sports Illustrated published David S. Neft's Sports Illustrated Pro Football, a board game that used dice, pen-and-paper, and team charts to simulate a game of NFL football. this option, please make sure you create the schedule first using option 2 on IOWA 2002 1969 Color Ballpark Cards for Replay Baseball, 1966 Color Ballpark Cards for Replay Baseball, 1980 Expanded AL Pitchers for Replay Baseball, 1981 NL Expanded Format Pitchers for Replay Baseball, 1991 World Series Teams for Replay Baseball, Complete White Chartbook for Replay Baseball, Minor League Extra Players for Replay Baseball, Modified Rare Play Book for Replay Baseball, White Chart Book Add On for Replay Baseball, White Chartbook Quick Play Format for Replay Baseball, ATAS Philadelphia/Kansas City/Oakland A's for SI Baseball, ATAS Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves for SI Baseball, ATAS Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers for SI Baseball, ATAS New York/San Francisco Giants for SI Baseball, ATAS Philadelphia Phillies for SI Baseball, ATAS St. Louis Browns/Baltimore Orioles for SI Baseball, ATAS Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins for SI Baseball, Statis- Pro Baseball Complete Game 3rd Edition, Rules, FAC & Charts for Statis-Pro Baseball, Z-Chart & CD-Chart for Statis-Pro Baseball, 1927 World Series Teams for Statis Pro Baseball, Atlantic League 2013 for Strategic Baseball, Basic scoresheet for Time Travel Baseball, Master scoresheet for Time Travel Baseball, Recap scoresheet for Time Travel Baseball, 1961 season for World's Greatest Baseball, 1961 Ballpark Effect Cards for World's Greatest Baseball, Generic Pitcher Hitting Cards for World's Greatest Baseball, 2006 College ratings for 59 Second Basketball, 59 Second NCAA Basketball 2007 (April 3, 2007), Big Team Updates for 59 Second Basketball, Evan's 1-on-1 Basketball (59 Second Series), Evan's NCAA Stat Basketball Computer Game, 2004-05 NCAA Women's Divison I Basketball for AtR, 2004-05 NCAA Women's Tournament Teams for AtR, 2006-07 Women's NCAA D-I for Above the Rim, 2008-09 NCAA Division I Women's Basketball for AtR, Simplified QP Scoresheet for Cuttin' Down the Nets, Fastbreak Basketball Microsoft Access Computer game, Negamco Basketball Formulas, Updates, and Revisions, 2006 NCAA Tourney Ratings for James Barnes Quick Play Basketball, 2007 NCAA Ratings for Barnes Quick Play Basketball, APBA Basketball Play allocation sheet (2nd edition), C and D Basketball - Full Deck Defense Chart, 1946-47 BAA Player Ratings for Pick & Roll, 1967-68 ABA Player Ratings for Pick & Roll, 1970-71 ABA Player Ratings for Pick & Roll, POTG Basketball Quarter by Quarter updated Scoresheet, 2001 World Series teams for Statis Pro Baseball, 2004-05 Statis Pro Basketball card samples, '06 Nebraska Cornhuskers (XEG Basketball), '06 Ohio State (Mike Tingle's XEG Basketball), Solitaire Bowling for Windows: 2002-03 Bowlers, Solitaire Bowling for Windows: 2003-04 Bowlers, 25 more ATG 1999-2001 for Championship Boxing, Combined Control Chart for Championship Boxing, Great Fights from History for Championship Boxing, Modified Punch Charts for Championship Boxing, Dempsey Era Heavweight Cards for Fast Action Boxing, Revised Fast Action Cards for Fast Action Boxing, Middleweight Cards-Early 60s for Fast Action Boxing, Main Event Boxing Mayweather-Pacquiao Ratings, 1950's Middleweight and Welterweight cards for Title Bout, All Star Replay Cassius Clay card for Title Bout, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and others for Title Bout, Special abilities MW WW 1950s for Title Bout Quick, Modified Gary Brown's Cut Table for Title Bout, 1974-1976 West Indies for International Cricket, English County Cricket Teams for International Cricket, Test Match tracker and score card for International Cricket, 1980s Rebel Australian for Max Walker's Cricket Game, 1980's Rebel English for Max Walker's Cricket Game, 1980s Rebel West Indies for Max Walker's Cricket Game, 1980s Sri Lanka for Max Walker's Cricket Game, WSC Cavaliers for Max Walker's Cricket Game, How to Rate Your Own Teams Max Walker's Cricket, Set of teams for Minden Play Card Cricket, Minden Cricket 1948 Ashes Tour Pack Preview, 2009 BCS Bowl Teams with Individual Stats, Solitaire play-calling charts for Bowl Bound/Paydirt, Variable yardage entries for Bowl Bound/Paydirt, Play selector chart for Bowl Bound/Paydirt, Play-calling system for Bowl Bound/Paydirt, Offense stat-tracking sheet for Bowl Bound/Paydirt, 2008 Steelers and Cardinals for Red Zone (Paydirt), Corrected 2005 Boston College for FAS FB, GWD Excel Helper V2.0a specifically for CFL GAMES, Goal! If you want a bit more detail on how the charts were created, check out the statistical assumptions page. Are still selling Bowl Bound charts? MINNESOTA 2003 2016 Nebraska 3, No. However, you don’t need to own my charts to use the quickplay feature in the game. Avalon Hill also employed a new person to make the charts: Dr. Thomas R. Nicely, a mathmetician. CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING IOWA HAWKEYE TEAMS - 1956, 1958, 1960, 1981, PAYDIRT SET 1:   Contains the following 20 great teams - 2015 Arizona Cardinals, 1998 Atlanta Falcons, 2000 Baltimore Ravens, 2015 Carolina Panthers, 1946 Cleveland Browns, 1998 Denver Broncos, 1996 Green Bay Packers, 2006   Indianapolis Colts, 1998 Minnesota Vikings, 2007 New England Patriots, 2009 New Orleans Saints, 2007 New York Giants, 2002 Oakland Raiders, 2004 Philadelphia Eagles, 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers, 1994 San Diego Chargers, 2013   Seattle Seahawks, 1999 St. Louis Rams, 2002 Tamp Bay Buccaneers, 1999 Tennessee Titans. 1952 Georgia Tech 1990 Georgia Tech I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. 2014 Arkansas Bowl Bound season sets available using option 2 on the menu. 1978 USC 1993 Notre Dame 1985 Georgia available for order, Paydirt individual teams 3 on the menu. 2011 LSU 2000 Virginia Tech 2009 Cincinnati 2015 Clemson Looking for your best call on third and 2? 1987 Oklahoma State 2 - April 1975, Table Top Sports Vol. 1993 Nebraska 1988 Nebraska 1980 BYU a single elimination tournament. 2001 Miami 1992 Nebraska Avalon Hill experienced difficult financial circumstances in the 1990s, and ceased publication of Paydirt and Bowl Bound in 1994. The computer version of BOWLBOUND contains all 78 SI/AH charts, including the 6 unpublished but official teams. 1984, 1985 and 1986 chart set (17 teams) - $26 Trying to figure out just what your best pass defense is? Network and Internet play are featured. 1, No. 2015 Ole Miss 1978 Navy