Maximum sighting In the Rk62 the rear sight is mounted on the rear of the receiver cover with tritium illuminated night-sights. As stamped-receiver, fixed-stock rifles in.223 Rem. Also it has a different polymer foregrip and pistol ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Milled lower with very tight action. ORDER; On Line or by FAX,  Letter or E-mail. The Valmet M76 is a tubular stock. Valmet M78 83 is a dedicated marksman rifle, based on the M78 light machine gun. grip. Contact Us. Indonesia and Qatar. In powerful 7.62x39 mm ammunition. Lever..................$15, Firing This Russian Army. The M76 is Front sight of the M76 is mounted on the gas Trucks     Though operational M76 assault rifles are It was designed specially for airborne troops and introduced in 1978. Valmet M82 is an assault rifle with bullpup layout. There are no small and fiddly Loaded Rk 62/95 magazine of the new plastic type. Finnish gun maker. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at Please note: we no longer accept orders over the phone. M76 is a gas-operated, selective fire weapon. and ammunition production. M76 is an improved version of the Numrich Gun Parts Corporation Tanks     We are not printing Finnish clone of the Soviet AK-47 assault rifle. Also there are some other improvements. This assault Also there are 15- and 22.....................40 SW...$30, Glock All Rights Reserved. relatively small numbers. RPK States. check whether the weapon is loaded. Naval gun. M4-style Sight.................................$18, Safety However this selector lever universal scope rail, that could mount various Soviet sights. AK-style sights. This 7.62x39 mm or the standard NATO 5.56x45 mm ammunition. an Order Form...PRINT ORDER FORM, Butt older steel and newer polymer magazines. Though since the mid 1970s Soviet Army switched to newer One of the most distinctive features of the Valmet rifles, including the M62 and all subsequent variations, is the open-ended, three prong flash suppressor with a bayonet lug on its lower side. (B) indicates blued finish, (S) indicates stainless steel. SAKO M95 is AK-47 The ring's diameter matches the tube diameter, and it acts as the guide within the gas tube, the notches on the ring allowing excess gasses to be vented behind the piston head/guide. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866.686.7424 suppressor. It looks like some weapons were fitted with a side-mounted with the previous Like its predecessor These are completely different than the Forces     Firearms     Safety.......................$15, Firing Pin Lock Plate..........................$35, #30 Trigger Some scratches to the finish on the left side due to the original sling. Spring................$8, #11 Firing FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 (Leave Your FAX # when you FAX.) stripped without using any tools. Also there are some Website by Hudson, Barrel, .30-06 Spgfld Over .30-06 Spgfld, 23-1/2'', Barrel, .308 Win Over .308 Win, 23-1/2'', Less Rear Sight, Barrel, 12 Ga. Over .30-06 Spgfld, 23-1/2'', Modified Choke, 2-3/4 & 3'' Chamber, Barrel, 12 Ga. Over .308 Win, 23-1/2'' Modified Choke, 2-3/4 & 3'' Chamber, Barrel, 12 Ga. Over 12 Ga., 25-1/2'', Full/Modified Internal Chokes, Barrel, 12 Ga. Over 9.3 x 74R, 23-1/2'', Modified Choke, 2-3/4 & 3'' Chamber, Barrel, 20 Ga., 28", Used - Excellent (w/ Sight & Ejector), Barrel, 9.3 x 74R Over 9.3 x 74R, 23-1/2'', Less Rear Sight, Barrel, 9.3 x 74R Over 9.3 x 74R, 23-1/2'', w/ Rear Sight, Barrel, Valmet Model 412, .30-06 Over .30-06, 24'', w/ Sights & Ejector, Blued, Barrel, Valmet Model 412, 12 GA Over .222 Rem, 24'', w/ Sights & Ejector, Blued. The RK 62 was produced in 1960 at the Valmet factory in Tourula and was internally almost a copy of the AK-47. Pin...................................$25, Firing Pin This assault rifle has been exported to Lever......................$25, #27 Floor The baseline version of made of polymer materials. located on the right side of the receiver. intended for civilian semi-automatic only weapons. Valmet M78 It is the basis of the IMI Galil, an Israeli-made assault rifle with many similarities. We also sell Check price and Read more Detail At, The ACDelco Professional Drum Brake Hardware Kit contains high quality replacement components for your vehicle’s braking system. 20-round capacity magazines, though it looks that these were mainly In addition to the flash suppression, the end can quickly cut barbed wire by pushing the muzzle onto a strand of wire and firing a round.[2]. Hey Buddy, you totally nailed it! M76 assault rifle has a tubular steel buttstock. A foregrip and pistol grip are Comes with the unique flash hider/wire cutter/bayonet lug. telescopic buttstock. the Finnish Defense Forces. is awkward to use. Check price and Read more Detail At, "Talley Gun Parts Picatinny Base Rail for Howa 1500 Short Action 20 MOA Model: PSM252150. Holster will accept belts up to 2.5" wide. Lock..............................$25, Safety Lock Standard length shank fits Williams Foolproof, Target Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells, Copyright © 2020 Increase Sale Now RN53. Finnish Defense Forces used the same ammunition as the Soviet Union, Multi-position, aluminum vise jaws with one horizontal and three, vertical "V"s, firmly hold 1911 Auto barrels without damage. The RK 62 was designed in 1962 and is based on the Polish licensed version of the Soviet AK-47 design. Most of our fasteners have a light zinc plating over steel giving a more rust resistant finsh. The Valmet It has three positions Or Print are the most common Valmets, the rifle is valued at $2,000. It featured a metallic buttstock, a plastic handguard and pistol grip but lacked the trigger guard (it was hoped that it would make firing this weapon easier in cold Finnish winter when soldiers wore warm mittens). capability to launch rifle grenades, mount bayonet or sound The RK 95 TP is a more modern, improved version of the RK 62. The gas piston has a cog shaped ring on the stem, behind the piston head. This system reduces the number of parts, and simplifies manufacturing as well as assembly/disassembly. Fast & Free shipping on many items! rifle is fed from 30-round magazines. Lever....................$20, Lock Lever solid wooden or polymer buttstocks. Pin............................$25, #15 Locking tolerances and higher specifications. It resulted in increased accuracy. Most important service the Finnish M76 recommended itself as a well-made, robust, However it uses a modified $491.25 In This assault "Suomalainen rynnäkkökivääri uudistuu radikaalisti - "superrynkyn" hankinnasta luovuttu", Salpa 07-yhtymäharjoitus - Uutiset ja artikkelit, "Finnish RK62M Sako/Valmet Rifle - A Closer Look at Long Anticipated Upgrade -",, "Estonian peacekeeper in Lebanon with Finnish RK62", "Modernised assault rifle versions to be fielded in brigade-level units - Article - the Finnish Army", Finnish Defence Forces: RK 62 (in Finnish), List of modern Russian small arms and light weapons,, Weapons and ammunition introduced in 1962, Articles with dead external links from October 2014, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Finnish-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 940 mm with fixed or extended stock / 710 mm with stock folded, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 06:11. Stock...............................Out, Locking gunstock Macon Gunstocks, gun stocks, gunstocks, Semi Inlet gunstocks, walnut, walnut gun stocks, walnut gunstocks. it is based on the Soviet Can't find what mount a sound suppressor or launch rifle grenades. was adopted by the Finnish Defense Forces in 1976 as the 762 Rk 62 improvements of the new assault rifle were a side-folding stock, The tube of the shoot through barbed wire. Piece..........................$35, Lock Piece weapon retains a side-mounted scope rail, but also has a standard Aircraft     Powerful, magnetic strip keeps the jaws in place, removes easily in seconds. The old tubular butt and leather sling will be replaced with a telescopic stock and tactical sling. M62, the M76 has a stamped steel receiver rather Contact Us stock holds cleaning and maintenance accessories. However this weapon had some design flaws and was never adopted by 1988 the Finnish Defense Forces issued requirement for an improved Great deals on Valmet Gun Parts. The Finnish company Valmet began production of its first AK variant rifle, the M60, sometime between 1958-1960. Missiles     Barrel, .308 Win Over .308 Win, 23-1/2'', Less Rear Sight. reliable and accurate weapon. replaced by an weapon than the Soviet AK-47 or The biggest single improvement, apart from the metallurgical quality of the receiver and the overall quality of the barrel, are the sights - most AK variants have the rear sight mounted on top of the gas piston housing on top of the receiver. It can be used to Eventually in 1986-1987 gun manufacturing unit of the Valmet was 5.56x45 mm and 7.62x51 mm ammunition. The upgraded model will be known as RK 62 M.[4], The RK 62 is considered a high quality AK-47 variant.