You might labor intensely on projects and assignments that are important to you. Creating a more attractive and appealing work environment will please you now. Fortunately, if you use this time to re-examine your goals and objectives, you may effectively release outdated concepts or work habits which no longer serve a purpose. Vesta is square Pluto, sextile Jupiter, quincunx the Moon. For example, you might be asked to assume a great deal of work that requires commitment and dedication, but without the promise of advancement or recognition for your efforts. Good for any project requiring intuition and for focusing on the emotional or feeling side of any situation. I am 1st house Cancer Sun conjunct Merc and Gem Rising with Pluto in Virgo 3rd house ruling my 6th house Scorpio “whew” so home is my haven. This work did produce a great deal of friction and conflict for me and for the people who had to give up our dead. Good for projects where something is either transformed or eliminated, or where something hidden must be investigated. In the fourth house this might be a private, inward devotion, someone who focuses on the homefront, as opposed to the Cancer Vesta in the tenth house who might make a career of these types of things, like a Martha Stewart. I like to look at Sabian symbols for little stuff like asteroids. A 4th house Vesta conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. Also, Relationships!! You are more determined to resolve any ongoing dilemma in order to restore a sense of loyalty, trust and security in your work or social environment. I suppose a Vesta/Sun conjunction would make Vesta very significant in my chart. Taken by Nota’s idea of consulting the Sabian data, here’s what I got for Vesta at 13 deg. In fact, you have an unbelievable capacity for enduring hardship and obstacles now and outwardly project to others that you can handle just about anything. You can plan your projects in an orderly, logical manner and focus your attention on the smallest of details. As much as I like sex most of my life I have sacrificed sex for relationships. The sign of Vesta will show the dynamism, the flavor of one’s devotion, while the house position will tend to outline the areas of life in which it is focused. My Vesta is in Scorpio…. It’s sextile Jupiter Rx,trine Mars,trine Mercury,and trine Sun,Square NN,Square Chiron Rx,Quintile Lilith,Trine Vertex, Sextile Ceres,Square Juno and sesquiquadrate MC, I found this though. Overall, this should be a lucky and expansive period for work, as well as a beneficial time to become involved in educational, religious or travel pursuits. Since your attention is mostly aimed at fulfilling your own needs and ideas, you may inadvertently cause some discord and unfriendliness in your personal life. Frequently I’ll also be dealing with financial matters at this time, too. You may feel stimulated to take on the challenge of new projects or work assignments. His Moon is on my Mars/Vesta. Arguments may arise if you withdraw from social occasions, using your job or work duties as an excuse not to attend. that’s a good question. I can be as finicky going about doing certain things as my husband who has a virgo mars, I can me highly perfectionist for being a Pisces. that’s a great trait, Jorge. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. . I write about it. Eg: paprika in ghoulash – or juniper in gin even! Which will at some point be followed by my promiscuous phase, if things go like they always have. You might be more temperamental and defiant than usual, and therefore demonstrate a detached or non-committal approach to your job responsibilities. The sabian symbol for 17 Scorpio is “A woman, filled with her own spirit, is the father of her own child.” I’m very devoted to self-care! My vesta is conjunct my neptune in Scorpio in my 6th house. Then, you can ask any questions and it is a much easier mode for discussion. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. blessing to you too! There are times when I feel my home is my sanctuary, and my prison- with lots of pillows. You may be putting in a great deal of time and effort toward a specific task, only to discover you might not receive any compensation or rewards for your labor. Good for focusing on the dramatic or creative side of any situation. Be sure to set aside some time now to demonstrate your concern and care for them. I haven’t been looking at this throughly, since it’s not as big a player in my chart as Ceres or Juno are. He is ‘devoted’ to tantric philosophy which included tantric sex, tantric massage etc. You will be especially good at completing projects or tasks which demand perseverance and determination. Can someone give me a clue what this means? Shop Compatibility ReportsMidara’s Relationship Review, Birthday Report Package Deluxe Transit Report – 1 Year Get A Natal Chart ReportProgressed Chart Report Deluxe Asteroids Report Get A Solar Return Report Get A Lunar Return Report Child Natal Report 1 Year Transit Report – Outer Planets, Find Your Soulmate Saturn Transit the 12th House Using Astrology To Get What You Want. Important news or information about your career directives or personal projects may come to you at this time. Personal relationships can bring additional strain as loved ones may feel you have put more emphasis on work and less attention on their needs. You might reach a point where your behavior and motivation borderlines on obsession, so you must be careful not to sacrifice too much in other areas of your life in order to devote yourself to one particular goal. 3rd house Vesta at 18 Aries near my Aries Sun on cusp of IC. Try not to overcommit yourself to accomplishing a great deal, and instead, wait for a time when your thoughts are more concentrated on your objectives. Now I have a space for art where I live and somehow that seems parallel. hmmm. They might take advantage of your services or abilities and try to get you to engage in underhanded activities. I’m wondering – is there any way you could at some point discuss the IC? I’ve been puzzling over the meaning of this particular asteroid for some time, since an astrologer told me it coloured everything in my chart, being on the asc. You have more energy and the inner resources to devote yourself to work and business-related assignments. Copyright © [the-year] [site-link] | This website is intended for entertainment purposes only. Vesta in Capricorn: focuses on organization and control. Mine is conjunct Mars. You have a greater need to seek out prominent or influential professionals who can assist you in your efforts to expand or improve upon your work or line of business. This could be for good or evil as in a MLK or a Hitler, both of whom had a prominent Varuna. That’s interesting, VirgoLeoRising – my Vesta/Venus exact is in House 5 too and that’s very true of me. You may need to prepare yourself for unexpected or unusual disruptions in a work project or goal which you have undertaken. Libra 12th house like my Juno. Other people may attempt to undermine or frustrate your efforts, leaving you prone to deception and disappointment at work. However, it is important that you discern between fact and fiction in your dealings with others. In personal relationships, you may feel deeply committed to strengthening the emotional involvement with your mate and take your responsibilities and loyalty much more seriously. 7. Material security is also important to you and a good deal of your attention may be focused on increasing your earning capacity or improving your financial earnings in your line of business. I have been doing my best not to do it with my Leo guy though–and am succeeding. Just learning about Vesta.