Vintage beach cruisers are a hot commodity in the world of vintage bicycles. Although you can certainly use modern materials and parts, to really capture that classic look you need parts and accessories that capture a true feel of vintage bikes. While few bicycles have coat guards now, they used to be very popular. Some people like the classic “DING” of a bell, and others want their bells to play certain musical notes. Vintage Beach Cruiser Bikes Made Simple – On Sale Here! Due to Covid – 19 Shipments may be delayed. Here are some of the vintage beach cruiser bikes we offer for sale online: Sure, you can purchase a stock model for sale, and then upgrade practically every part of it including vintage handlebars, a vintage headlight, vintage lights, a vintage seat, and other parts and accessories. Vintage Schwinn Bikes. This bike has a vintage-style design, the vintage headlamp with high beam and low beam function that has made this bike stand out from the crowd. Even if you have never seen the movie, you have probably seen posters, or even parodies of the movies in other media like Family Guy. Coat guards, like ours above, are often seen on vintage bicycles, especially in Europe. The bell is installed on the handlebars for easy access. However, after a while, your beach cruiser bicycle might no longer look or function like a real vintage looking beach cruiser should. Similar to a chain guard in function, the coat guard prevents dirt or grime from getting on your coat or skirt while riding. Installing one will really complete the vintage beach cruiser look that has remained classic since the 1930s. « Prev: Vintage 1983 Team Murray X24 Old School BMX Bike 80s Cruiser 24” ACS Suntour Pee-Wee, the main character, spends the entire movie searching for his red beach cruiser. A lower sitting position also re-enforces the upright position that beach cruiser riders use for maximum comfort. You can always find parts. Even today, diamond frames are still very popular, especially on retro beach cruisers. Find vintage beach cruisers for sale with a large selection of new and used bicycles at Local Bike Trader. However, modern lights also offer perks of modern technology, like LED lighting and extensive battery power. You'll get the latest news, guides and member only offers. With the knowledge you have gained, you are now ready to purchase your perfect vintage beach cruiser and parts, and start biking on the waterfront. Purchasing a vintage beach cruiser bike or beachcomber bike, whether for girls, ladies, or men, is a bit of an art, but can be quite easy. They provide a more consistent ride quality. While vintage-style beach cruisers have always been “in style,” there are becoming more popular. With all the parts and accessories available, it is easier than ever before to purchase a vintage beach cruiser. Lightweight Cruiser Bike – Buy Here with Free Shipping! For those who are just entering this world, a beach cruiser is a bicycle with wide, low handles, an upright seat, and wide tires. Vintage electric bikes are built from the ground up to outperform all other electric bikes on the market. You sit slightly lower on the bike, your back and shoulders are straight, and your hands are placed near your torso. Besides keeping your clothes clean, a coat guard is also useful to help make sure that your clothes do not get caught in the spokes of the wheel. Go to previous slide - Shop by Wheel Size, Chicago Schwinn Suburban 5-speed MINT 1 of a kind RARE W lights & rack, Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. Vintage & Cruisers This is about more than bikes and cycling. Although beach cruisers have been around since the 1930s, the diamond frame itself has been around since the 1890s and is most notable on Dutch Bikes. View cart for details. Vintage 1952 SCHWINN PANTHER 26" Cruiser Bike. Our massively powerful lithium ion batteries paired with our potent direct drive rear hub motors are designed to outlast your journey, whatever it may be. The bike frame is lower at the rear than at the front, making the seat lower on a diamond frame than other bike style frame shapes. Now, I have shown you the various traits and features that have made vintage beach cruisers popular for decades. Every rider has their own preference regarding a bell’s look and sound. With a properly-installed coat guard, you can bike around on a beach cruiser bike without needing to care about what you are wearing. Essentially, a coat guard, also known as a skirt guard, is a metal or plastic guard that clips over the top of your vintage beach cruiser’s rear wheel. Something with gears will make your life much easier especially if you live in a hilly area like Portland, San Francisco, or Colorado. Purchasing a vintage beach cruiser bike or beachcomber bike, whether for girls, ladies, or men, is a bit of an art, but can be quite easy. Something went wrong. Lastly, we advise looking at cruiser bikes with hand brakes, again, especially if you live in hilly areas. Blue Beach Cruisers And The Best Accessories For them! Check out and buy vintage cruiser bikes online here! Comfort Bikes – An excellent means of transportation! However, most beach cruisers on the market are similar to kit cars: they look vintage, but they are not vintage. You can still purchase front lights today that are modeled after vintage front lights. Most beach cruiser riders go slow, allowing them to take in the landscape. Black Beach Cruisers – Buy Here w/ Free Shipping! sixthreezero Around The Block Men's Single-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 24" Wheels, Matte Black wi… Yellow Beach Cruisers – Buy here w/ Free Shipping. The most famous beach cruiser in American pop culture can be seen in the 1985 classic Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. To really claim that vintage beach cruiser look, you need to purchase a beach cruiser with a wide, cushioned seat saddle like our Peace Saddle above. Also, you really want to be looking for something lightweight so you can move your future best friend around easily. You can remain safe from falling, and your clothes can remain clean. Beach cruisers are characterized by their diamond or step thru bike frames, handlebars that lean in towards the rider, upright sitting position, wide seat, coat/skirt guard, and large front light that juts out over the front wheel. The Ride of Your Life Even if you have never seen a beach cruiser before, you could probably identify one on sight. The best beach bike manufacturers will provide you with a bike with everything assembled and sometimes that even includes a vintage beach cruiser with basket. Here are some of the vintage beach cruiser bikes we offer for sale online: Our step thru cruisers Seafoam $699.99 They are simpler to maintain. View cart for details. There are several advantages to using a diamond frame vintage beach cruiser. Both of these lights come standard on all of our bikes which is unique to our brand. If you want to fulfill that vintage beach cruiser look, you need a vintage beach cruiser bell. It’s about the self-belief that change, movement, and freedom is possible, no matter how tough things can sometimes seem.