It can also accommodate a Large Siler Percussion for those who find a cap lock more to their liking. He worked into the 1790's. Investarm™ Bridger Hawken Rifle Kit - .50 Cal Percussion - IA2110K. Newfoundland, Canada 2016. Model RK-6 (Right Hand) The long-slender wrist extends far back into the butt-stock for classic English smoothbore architecture. Tools needed for assembly include standard screwdrivers, small flat chisel, hand drill and bits, fine wood rasp, assorted files and sandpaper. As a defensive weapon, the fowler could be easily and quickly loaded. Box 2791 Rockford, IL 61132 US Phone (815) 968-1995 Fax (815) 968-1996: Home > Stocks and Components > Virginia. Great ! Be the first to review this product. with a 44" barrel channel. $1,350.00. Available only in English walnut or cherry. This blending of styles is evident in the stock architecture as well, the classic English wrist balustration flowing into the prominent and effective Germanic cheek piece. It handles and balances perfectly. Andreas Albrecht, who opened a gun shop in the Moravian settlement of Christians Spring in 1762, arrived in the Colonies in 1750. It could be used with a smooth bore barrel as well as a rifled During the American Revolution, these pieces again saw service with both Patriot and Loyalist partisans, militias, and line regiments in the early years of the war. OUT OF STOCK. All barrels are swamped (tapered and flared) with round groove. - The Little Feller's Rifle - New Kit! 90001 Grade CM2 Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings; 90002 Grade CM3 (70-90% stripe) Curly Maple Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings; 90003 Grade CM4 (90-100% stripe) Curly Maple Fullstock Flintlock Rifle Kit with Brass Mountings; 13/16" Rifle Barrel for Kit … This kit's hardware comes in both steel and brass, of which both were historically used on sporting rifles. Our Christians Spring rifle is probably the earliest gun we offer. George Shumway, in his excellent book Rifles of Colonial America, says of the original rifle that inspired this gun: The latest research indicates the original rifle was made by John Newcomer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Isaac Haines was born in 1750 and was listed on the tax records of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania as a gunsmith in 1772. The 46" long octagon-to-round barrel and slender stock make the fowler very light and graceful, an excellent choice for an all around gun. Our new addition to the Chambers kit line in 2008 is the Little Feller's Rifle. She was an old long nosed doe that I have been playing cat and mouse with since the Sept 29th season opener. On all kits, an appropriate style and correct size breech plug, patchboxes, all required fittings, screws and fasteners, A advanced project, no pre shaped stock exists and this set of parts must be shaped from a blank. circa 1740-1780 $289.00. Found in George Shumway's, Rifles of Colonial America Volume II, the rifle and a brief description are found on pages 534-539. These rifle parts represent the epitome of 18th century rifle making technology. Parts Total: (not including *optional items). 2 Reviews. Because this is an English gun, the stock will be available only in English walnut wood. Model RK-12. English gunmakers sometimes incorporated Germanic features as exhibited by the plain sliding wooden patchbox and square toe.