2 July 2014: Ben Sheaf joined Arsenal from West Ham for an undisclosed fee. The WAFC board and executive have to go - lock, stock and barrel. "Shoop and win!" Just end it all now if this is a consideration for people, They are funded by West Coast... so probably. Well this is strange on a few levels. 2 July 1999: Steve Bould sold to Sunderland for £500,000. In. Id imagine Nisbett is aware this is a horrific financial investment and it is why he was raging hard over the last week on Perth radio (raging hard for him anyway). What are they getting from the WAFC - fk all. Barring contractual obligations, WAFC have received 185,000 per year since 2001, WAFC is also under government investigation for how they have spent their money. It wasn't like all 18 teams would be quarantining in Perth, just 7 teams because West Coast would home quarantine. © West Australian Newspapers Limited 2020. I for one will be glad when this current Junta is sacked and a new real Australian League with true fairness rises out of its ashes. This isnt a grant? They AFL had their chance at generating $50 million by hosting the finals in the west. WAFC has 90 mill in money in the bank + investments. Well. maybe in the name of 'equalisation' and 'integrity' we figure out how much the poorest club can chip in to afl house and that's the max the rest of them need to pony up. He joined Arsenal just after his 17th birthday in July 1987 and went out on loan to Reading, Watford and Barnet, playing his first Arsenal game proper on 8 April 1992. An annual $9m salary bill extrapolates down to $2.25m a quarter. The overwhelming majority of footballers in WA don't go near the AFL let alone the WAFL. Firstly we have to get rid of the current oligarch and his chronies, then a new Australian Rules Football League is started ( ARFL ). A foundation member of the wafl- and the wafc is sitting on more cash than god?!? WAFC in turmoil after salary document leak, Sports Minister Mick Murray threatens a review. They have their tongues that far up the AFL coit its not funny. 2 July 1990: While preparing to show the full force of their wrath to Arsenal over a spot of handbags at 50 paces at Old Trafford, in 1991/2 the FA inexplicably reduced Swindon Town’s punishment for an illegal payment scandal and let them stay in Division II. August 11, 2020 by Tim Smith in Opinion with 0 comments. Watch the video, Arsenal beat Man City 5-0 on this day – video of football before Arabian cash, Meandering down White Hart Lane 100 years ago, David Neave; played for Arsenal, went to Leyton, but saw the error of his ways, John Snedden, one of Arsenal’s forgotten players of the 1960s, Theo gets two and Ozil the third as Arsenal beat Swansea – see the video, When the government forced the League to stop playing games, 1 July: one of the busiest days in Arsenal’s history & Henry Norris’ attitude towards women, Arsenal in the 1930s: the players, the crowds, the tactics, Arsenal in the summer: tales from pre-season. This new league will have a board run by selected officials from each club ( kinda like a democracy ). Ideas for a different path forward. The current administration is a disgrace. He returned in July 2001 as youth team coach, became head of the under 18s, and then Arsene Wenger’s assistant.