Hilarity ensues. We were always under someone's watch, sometimes it was the wise-cracking Willy, the silent Chatterbox, the stern Galahad, or the firm yet patient Sergeant Mikal. I said as Mikal walked back to the bar. Julia was with me, drilling her ass off with me to prepare. 109. Tau However, humans put to flight against a superior foe are not only fast, but clever. I was mildly scared of her right now. It is not comprehensive, however, so while it is impossible to make errors in future visions, the Eldar don't see everything and certainly not all combinations of branches. My first all-out humor/parody fic. By default, each arrangment of matter in the real will have a certain amount of Warp pattern associating with it, but by circumstance or deliberate control, more or less patterns can aggregate around the corresponding position of the real material. Necrons - The Dig Sepheris Secundus - A Seb Transtellar Sidestor... Some branches are 'chance' branches, which means the factor that decides it is a small effect outside Eldar influence. That seemed to confuse them. (eg. Cicero said. The Orks let loose a hearty laugh and gave chase, raising their choppas and roaring with joy. Part 19 + Galactic Forum "Relax, private, you are the hero in this situation." Introduction To be honest, I DON'T KNOW! Orks Governor-Militant Anderson and the Space Wolf captain looked ready to punch one another. "'Ow about we make them pop the shield, and you shoot 'em?" The sergeant grinned at me. 37. Again, I remained silent, letting him rant. left kudos on this work! 27. 106. The Culture Fleet consists of a single Systems Class GSU (controlled by 3 Minds), a single GSV (controlled by 1 Mind) and a pair of GCU's (controlled by 1 Mind each) . by Talos, Puella Stellae Madoka Magica by Snowflames, [[https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/sparks-from-the-edge-40k-bt.250413/ Sparks from the Edge by Academia Nut, Inquisitor Carrow and the God Emperor-less Heathens by littlewhitecat, The God Empress of Ponykind by Iowaforever, Hey Baby, wanna see me kill Titans real fast? (May be edited if I ever get out my copy of Legion and read what it says about height.). "Hold, xenos scum!" 146. 97. Un Astartes Primaris veterano está a punto de entrar a los exterminadores de el capítulo sucesor de los Angeles Oscuros "Lágrimas de los Caídos" pero tiene sus dudas de sus hermanos y de sus secretos que aún le guardan......cansado de todo esto decide decodificar el mayor misterio de su legión con el fin de poder saber estas cosas,tendrá que sacrificar amistades,códigos y su propia consistencia para llegar a la verdad. I don't know what made me do it. Later in the fic, Hypothetical parts occasionally appear. Representing the Necron Species and the C'Tan: Name: Lord Aulianas Darakathos (yeah, reference to my story. Reason for being here: The Emperor walked off the Throne and decided to change his foreign policy. Where a pattern is can distinguish between one pattern somewhere and another identical pattern elsewhere. "I suppose, sergeant, I haven't heard of her." If you know anything about 40k, you'd know this'll never happen, so I made some... extenuating circumstances. "Emperor, help us." Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. I gestured to the many 40k posters adorning my walls (I'm a bit nerdy like that), specifically the majority of them which happened to show the God Emperor. Other Information: Likes to shout battlecrys as he rolls the dice. Patterns in the Warp have specific patterns of matter or energy in the Real and a very large number of them deal with organic brains. 75. Blanks are the reverse of psykers, they have very few or no patterns associated with them in the Warp because they attracted a pattern that undoes other patterns. "Go get back up." Visions of the future And then they came, the Orks charging with choppas raised, screaming and roaring. "Guardsmen, for the Emperor!" 29. And this was the perfect opportunity. The other guardsmen bellowed with laughter as Willy sputtered trying to explain what his version was as I walked off, having done the all the damage I needed to do. Necrons - Fallout Machines and devices that use the Warp are also possible. The spinoffs of this story are incredible as well. "We are part of Lady Cicero's crew, no need to go antsy! I did as well, clicking the M-400 from safe to auto. Shit. I few quick blows quickly dispatched them. And remember, trust no-one. And, like all good stories, it started in a bar…. Patterns in the future and in the past can affect the present, they are all there and it never really goes away. I turned to the friends. Tau Wargames Ever curious, I snuck over to where I thought I heard the voices, and found a small dead end alleyway. 6. How do they fare? The light, thankfully, did not fall over the entrance to the alley, so I craned my neck around the corner to listen. 67. He shattered to almost nothing from the impact from the hulking mass of the 'Emperor's Fist.' Tau They need to get back to work. I'm actually doing this from my school's computer! Tau HELLGUNS! Hobbies: Collects Bolter shells and make art out of them. The rate of fire on the M-400 was faster than that of the lasguns, allowing me to reload and continue firing while the others reloaded. The Governor-Militant began to stammer something before I cut him off and yelled again. She waved off the assorted Guardsmen behind her, who sauntered off to wherever they had come from and slung her lasgun on her back. The Chimera I was in only moments ago! "Huh, there's an entry: make sure your shield can block anything anyone can shoot at you. Synopsis: Imagine if the Systems Alliance were replaced with an Ork Waaagh. Personality: Loot, Smash Chop and Stomp tend to be a god summary... Reason For Being Here: Had nothing better to do. The sergeant bellowed. "Congratulations! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Visions are limited in spatial and time resolution. Reason For Being Here: "Like, hey, man... people are finally giving peace a chance, man... whoa... have you ever really seen your hand, man? It is a collection of … Daria 40k: Is It The Grim Darkness Of The Far Future, Yet? Sorry again but I'll make the next chapter MASSIVE up for it. 31. 137. We were slowly pushing the Necrons back but we were losing many lives. But even as the child grows to be another faceless Astartes in the Long War, the call of home beckons him to his birthplace. And unbeknownst to us, we were about to get the opportunity to do that in an albeit different capacity. "What the fu-" The headboard exploded into splinters behind me as I shifted my head right. The Slavic answered. Other Information: Forgot his Railgun, but decided that he didn't need it. Rebuild the Inquisition would be a good start. 60. "You had better!" 26. Upon arrival, they find the planet in a state of upheaval as the native human population revolts against the planetary governor. "Ah, an autogun, a Marius 400 model." ", "Run!" As Guardsmen and PDF, we could pass freely, and, with the PDF by my side, I could walk in with the M-400. Anyways, to the main story. Starts out with hilarious romantic comedy, but I was actually crying by the time I finished. 157. Week 2 Tau Offensive - Debrief Transcript Reason For Being Here: Ran out of people to play against and got bored. The assembled Guardsmen, all from various fragmented regiments of the Imperium, grinned and laughed at him. I'd been trying to organise a game of Warhammer 40k with him for a few weeks. In all my years serving as a guardsman, I have never known such an unlucky gunship as the 'Victory.' The PDF grinned. Sororitas "Well, he's awake now, and he'll have to live with it," The leader said, taking his rifle in one hand and extending the other to me, "Sergeant Mikal Aurelian, 13th Freeport Imperial Guard Regiment, 2nd Company. Tomis Regnea The Space Wolves stared in a respectfully silence: power was something they could respect. Mikal said. The Culture begins with zero knowledge of anything to do with the 40kverse. In the Imperial Guard…I didn't want to know how that worked. 145. Recommended by FLCNPNCH, Chaos Undecided, Extraintrovert, Captain Chaos. "Where'z ya goin'? White Wings "You overheard this, Guardsman?" These all happen concurrently and sometimes reference events happening in other bits. "Motherfucker!" This is highly sensitive to how the being develops and genetics, being the controlling developmental program, plays a very large part. 113. She asked me. The Diary of Tomis Regnea I muttered to myself "Don't be Orks. And that is the first chapter of my life in Warhammer 40K closed. FANFIC FOR THE FANFIC GOD! But I couldn't shake the feeling that it was THAT universe. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. "Now, lad, do you-" He stopped as he watched me load the rifle. I answered. 130. 150. The only way out was back the way we had come or to blow through the rubble. Extras and Abandoned Plotlines I answered. 1. 154. It was a gun, obviously, but I was more surprised by the fact that it looked like a blockier version of the US M-4 rifle from my time/universe. Exploration of Sol The author would like to thank you for your continued support. But things like lightning bolts (that aren't lightning) are generated by the Warp imposing a pattern on the Real. "Yes, my lady. Hobbies: Getting high, protesting the conformist government. No knowledge of Chaos, of Psychics, The Warp or anything. It was a small courtyard of an office space with rubble piled high all around. The Diary of Tomis Regnea, Ordo Malleus Inquisi... The story can be found on Fanfiction.net here. Necrons Towards my bedroom door, a shout went up of "Xenos! I crept back to the shrubs near the bar and retrieved "The Old Man", aka my M-400 that I managed to get off Freeport. But…good work.". The author, Jayfiction has quite a few interesting ideas about the, Synopsis: It is the late 44th millennium. The Mysterious Case of the Astronomican. Culture FTL is also nearly incomprehensible, Eldar cannot track Culture vessels through hyperspace, they can only detect the rough position of their vessels relative to various worlds. Warhammer 40.000 (25) Warhammer 40k (Novels) - Various Authors (4) Warhammer - All Media Types (4) A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin (1) Game of Thrones (TV) (1) Include Characters Adepta Sororitas (26) Astra Militarum (5) Original Characters (4) Original Female Character(s) (4) Adeptus Astartes (3) Dark Eldar (WH40K) (3) Now, was that little heroic act a little too convenient, a little too much like out of a fanfiction? 41. How does the Culture proceed? Another Guardsmen Squad went down to gauss fire from the tide of metallic warriors that were the Necrons. Races have inclinations (Eldars are more like to interact with the patterns corresponding to the future) based on biology that changes what patterns in the Warp are most likely to occur. They somehow acquired a shield that could block our lasguns, but the Guardsman has an autogun that bypassed the shield, killing the thieves." Hypothetical: Daenny Part 7 Dark Eldar 71. The 2 officers behind him saluted. The man had pulled me from the rubble of Freeport and made me a Guardsman, he had a right to be pissed.