Homicide investigation launched in South Auckland after body found in burning car, Scottish name inscribed on 1915 headstone discovered in Tongatapu overwhelms locals. 19 October, 2020. Expired bags of flour seized in Neiafu after complaints, Town Officer... Mount Roskill alleged shooting leaves men with multiple gunshot wounds, One dead, one injured in overnight Ōtara shooting, NZ announces repatriation flights from Tonga and Fiji, Broke and desperate: Govt accused of hypocrisy over jobless immigrants. 22 October, 2020. 'E si'isi'i ange afā tene 'ahia 'a Tonga 'i he... Tu’unga fakafiemālie pē kau pāsese folau mei... Tongan cyber law seen as a device to stop... Tongans question government plans for seabed... Fuakava‘i ‘e Justice Clarence Thomas Fakamaau Lahi Fo‘oú USA, Hon. October 29, 2020, 10:47 pm |Editor's View |No comments, Lau 'a e 'Etita 4 November, 2020. 3 Novema, 2020. Permissions apply. Fiema'u e fepuna’aki faka-lotofonua - kakai 'oku nau fua e kanongatamaki, Lau 'a e 'Etita 'Oku osi mahino pe tefito'i fakakaukau ia o e ngaue…, Fai mo keli ke ma'u ha seniti, ke mou holi…, KO E LAO FÉ IA 'OKU FEPAKIPAKI MO E KONISITUTONÉ,…, 'Oku 'ange'ange tamaa he ta'ahine. Presentation to Standing Committee on Environment and Climate Change, Fakafoki 'e he Pule'anga Ngaahi Lao Fakaangaanga 'e 16 mei he Fale Alea, TCCI criticizes the timing of the Employment Relations Act 2020, New safety measures hit the road in Tonga. 30 October, 2020. Australia’s borders are closed, internationally and between several states. All passengers repatriated to Tonga from Auckland and Brisbane tested negative for CoViD-19 after arrival, said Ministry of Health, New York Times reporting: From the droves of people voting by mail to the widespread protests for racial justice to the pandemic and worries about the electoral process itself, the 2020, The Tonga Law Society is deeply concerned at the amendment to the Constitution of Tonga passed unanimously by Parliament on 15 October 2020. Ko e feitu’u ‘Initonisa mo e Pasifiki ‘a e me’angaue ki he ‘ekonomika fakamamani lahi fo’ou. The Department of Tonga Statistics marked Tonga Statistics Day 2020 under the theme ‘Connecting the World with Data we can Trust’ this morning at Liku’alofa, Tonga National Centre. New Zealand's Green Party first Pasifika MP is ready for the opportunities and the challenges that parliament brings. Australia's government says trade and prosperity in the Pacific will thrive when the PACER Plus regional trade agreement comes into force within two months. November 3, 2020, 3:33 pm |World |No comments. Online community for tongan. 28 October, 2020. ‘Oku ‘ikai koha politiki ‘a e lau’ikovi’i mo e tukuhifo ‘o e kakai. 5 Novema, 2020. Police allege that the haul had a street value in Tonga of just over $2 million pa'anga. Tongans are seeking answers from the government over its plans for seabed mining in the country's waters. 27 October, 2020. 24 Ocotober, 2020. Tonga’s Royal Family - MONARCHS OF THE KINGDOM OF TONGA The House of Tupou – descended from three ancient Dynasties: Tu’i Tonga, Tu’i Ha’atakalaua and Tu’i Kanokupolu. There is a call for Australia to mirror New Zealand's Pacific Quota to help Pacific Islanders fleeing the impacts of global warming. ‘Oku ‘alu atu ‘a e feme’a’aki ‘a e Fale Alea ki he tu’unga ‘oku toe malie ange pea ‘ikai ngata ia ‘oku taka fakaoli pea iku ki he ‘ikai ha ‘uhinga malohi mo malie kene poupou 'a e ngaahi fokotu'u 'o tuha mo e naunau ‘o e fale. Homicide investigation launched in South Auckland after body found in burning... Labour offers Greens two ministerial portfolios, Jacinda Ardern reveals new ministers in Cabinet refresh, Supreme Court adjudicates on custody dispute; guardian reports on best interests of children, Manhunt underway for escaped prisoner in Vava‘u, Heavy rain causes severe flooding in Vava‘u, Editorial: PTOA Core Team’s actions undermine ‘Akilisi Pōhiva’s years of struggle to bring democracy to Tonga and give power to the people, Police officer suspended over accusation of assault, Opinion: Voice of the people should have been heard in change to Tongan constitution: NZ referendum shows how it could have been done, Tonga bid farewell to Justice Charles Cato, New research says Pasifika women must speak out on ideals of beauty and not let whiteness be the only standard to follow, Retired police officer survived crash which killed 76yo wife in Tongatapu, Let the numbers do the talking: Statistics tell the story of how Tongans live at home and in Auckland, Driver arrested after 76yo woman killed in Tongatapu crash, New law could mean the sack for civil servants who use emojis the government doesn’t like, Life imprisonment, $1 million fine for drug users as Tonga strengthens penalties for drug offences, Man faces eight year total sentence for causing death by driving while drinking and speeding, Supreme Court hands down three sentences for manslaughter after bar fight that left man dead, “I will step back…we are in disarray because we pick on each other,” Hon. Pohiva tells Democrats in  speech which left followers puzzled, Tongan growers want financial help over melon import delay that could cost millions of dollars, PTOA Core Team should sort out its own problems before trying to take Democrat name from Global group, Vava’u Supreme Court sends seven to jail for cannabis hidden in “church group” kava plantation, Man killed after vehicle crashes into Ha‘apai school fence, E-mails reveal NZ’s serious concerns over repeated “inconsistency, misrepresentation of information provided” by Tonga Quarantine over fruit importation papers, New Zealand suspends Tonga watermelon imports after fruit fly larvae found. October 20, 2020, 8:59 pm |Editor's View |2 Comments, Lau 'a e 'Etita In bypassing the consultation process, Parliament has denied the Tongan people the most fundamental right to be heard on a matter of elemental importance to every Tongan subject. Speech by, Fale Tonga training for cyclone preparedness, Australia gifts patrol boat to Tongan Navy, ‘Api Tonga opens in Fiji - a home away from home, Slow start for massive national roads tarsealing project, Substantial meth case goes to trial, rules Chief Justice, Tonga one of 8 CoViD-19 free countries in Pacific, Jail time for cannabis seized at checkpoint, Australia gifts second patrol boat to Tongan Navy, 150 Tongan seasonal workers arrive in Queensland, Repatriated passengers test negative for CoViD-19, No offshore dredging, sand miners hit best beaches, A transfixed world waits to see what’s next in America, Don’t give in to ‘Election Stress Disorder’, Parliament's failure to follow due process a “disturbing development”, Cut off from the world again, Australia now finds silver linings, First virtual Pacific climate change conference, Legislation for Supervision and Regulation of Moneylenders in Tonga. The Women and Children Crisis Centre (WCCC) Tonga fully supports the recent concerns issued by the Tonga Law Society regarding Tonga’s Legislative Assembly (Parliament) passing consitutional ammendment without public consultation. Tonga (/ ˈ t ɒ ŋ (ɡ) ə /; Tongan: Puleʻanga Fakatuʻi ʻo Tonga), officially named the Kingdom of Tonga, is a Polynesian sovereign state and archipelago comprising 169 islands, of which 36 are inhabited. 22 October, 2020. Ko e feitu’u ‘Initonisa mo e Pasifiki ‘a e me’angaue ki he ‘ekonomika fakamamani lahi fo’ou. Tonga' Parliament has unanimously voted to change the constitution to allow Tongan tradition and custom to be applied in the courts. Amy C. Barrett, WCCC supports Tonga Law Society's concerns over the current constitutional amendment, 76-year-old woman from Holonga died in a fatal road crash, Call for Australia to mirror NZ's Pacific Quota due to the impacts of global warming, ‘Analaiso ‘o e Mītiá: Fakatanga‘i Fakanofo Fakamaau Lahi Fo‘oú USA, Justice Amy Barrett, Creative New Zealand recognizes innovation and excellence in Pacific Arts, Pacific islands agreed to restart farm labour scheme. There are fears Tonga's planned new laws, ostensibly to tackle online abuse, are a device to stop public servants criticising the government. The Chair of the Asia Pacific Rugby League Confederation has criticised the decision to remove Tonga's representative... 7 October, 2020. Na’e lava lelei ‘a e Fakataha Lahi Makehe mo e Fili Lakanga ‘a e Komiti Sipoti Fakafonua mo e ‘Olimipiki ‘a Tonga (TASANOC) ‘i he efiafi ‘aneafi, Tu’apulelulu, 29 ‘Okatopa ‘i honau ‘ulu’i ‘ofisi pe ‘i Haveluloto. 'Oku 'amanaki ke si'isi'i ange 'a e afā tene 'ahia hotau potutahi 'i he faha'i ta'u afā 2020/2021 fakatatau ki he fakafuofua 'a e va'a fakamatala'ea 'a Tonga. Na’e lava lelei ‘a e Fakataha Lahi Makehe mo e Fili Lakanga ‘a e Komiti Sipoti Fakafonua mo e ‘Olimipiki ‘a Tonga (TASANOC) ‘i he efiafi ‘aneafi... November 1, 2020, 9:16 pm |Faiva Ta'anga & Maau |No comments, Kolomu ‘Aati & Litilesā: Faiva Ta‘anga, Faiva Hiva & Faiva Haka / Art & Literature: Poetry, Music & Dance, October 31, 2020, 12:54 pm |Government |No comments. Mining beaches will have serious long term physical and economic impacts. 17 October, 2020. 27 October, 2020. 27 October, 2020. PM Second interview on Covid-19 measures: Tonga is in good position... Gov’t focuses on “immediate response” phase as PM Tu‘i‘onetoa urges public... Prime Minister announces good news on virus test, reiterates WHO advice... Pm’s Tt7 meeting: Road repairs, water supplies and assistances for growers... PM undertakes to address Pātangata cemetery and land requests; deal with... Tonga braces for possible direct hit by Tropical Cyclone Harold tomorrow... Tonga to use rapid new viral coronavirus test machines.