As Geralt and Ciri looked on at the fallen acquaintances and Scoia'tael members, Geralt threw the now blood stained rose onto the elf he'd killed earlier to protect Ciri, with Ciri saying goodbye as Geralt asked for forgiveness. Watch Ciri vs. Caranthir (at Kaer Morhen)See? Ciri threatens retaliation if Skjall's grave is disturbed and reveals Skjall's role in saving her from the Hunt, restoring his honor. She notably becomes playable multiple times throughout The Witcher 3, making her the only other playable character in the games other than Geralt himself. He explained to her that she had to 'pay the debt' referring to the perceived loss to the Aen Elle when Lara Dorren took Cregennan of Lod as her lover. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Whether Geralt accepts or not affects Ciri. Alias(es) NEXT: 10 Secret Side Quests Everyone Missed In The Witcher 3. That being the only way Avallac'h would let her return to her own world. The fight ended in a massacre and thus doomed the elven race to annihilation. After the witchers revealed to Triss Ciri's past trances, Coën came through with Ciri and Triss gave the young girl White Seagull to send her into a trance once more, with the aim to find out what was speaking through her. Traveling west into Velen, she encountered a young girl who was lost and rescued her as well as a local man from a werewolf. The Crones intended to give her to the Wild Hunt however, as she possessed Elder blood, they couldn't decide whether to cut her up for her blood or not. The blast KO her and she cant get up. Geralt of RiviaYennefer of VengerbergDandelionVesemirTriss MerigoldKeira MetzZoltan ChivayDudu BiberveltHjalmar an CraiteCerys an CraiteErmionVernon RocheAvallac'hMargarita Laux-AntillePhilppa Elhart Caranthir is the third member of the Wild Hunt crew that you will face. A few days later, Ciri becomes disheartened that her training with Avallac'h hadn't be progressing well. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Being young and naïve, the two soon got "engaged" but as soon as Crach heard of this he promptly broke them up as Calanthe had other plans in the works to marry Ciri off and the young girl was dragged back home to Cintra by her grandmother. While the elders didn't wish to, feeling they could wait out humanity with their long lifespans, Aelirenn was able to rally most of the younger elves, and the only ones able to still have offspring. Had it not been for Ciri's intermission, Geralt would've never been afforded the opportunity to fight against Caranthir on equal ground. Ciri then engages in a private conversation with Emhyr but later stormed out, angry at his attempts to buy her. Traveling west into Velen, she encountered a young girl named Gretka who was lost and rescued her as well as a local man from a werewolf. At some point Ciri discovered that Geralt had been captured by the Wild Hunt and managed to free him and send him to the forests outside of Kaer Morhen although he lost his memory in the process. Wiley later turned on them, capturing and torturing their friend Dudu. Full Name While Emhyr revealed to Geralt that he too had intended to impregnate Ciri, after sending Geralt and Yennefer away, he instead informed Ciri that he is her father and leaves Stygga Castle. The Battle of Kaer Morhen has an incredibly sad conclusion, with Vesemir falling at the hands of Imlerith. Later that night, when the two went to sleep, she managed to slip away from him. That same day Ciri once again visited Auberon only to find that he had drunk the 'potion' given to him by Eredin. One of the coolest moments during this battle came when Ciri was disarmed by a soldier of the Wild Hunt, only for Triss to grab the sword in midair, turn it white-hot, and send it through the soldier. Despite sexual assaults Ciri stayed with the rats and even developed a romantic relationship with Mistle even while sometimes claiming she did no longer like what Mistle had done to her.