What it does: It is a summoning charm that brings the object to the caster, regardless of distance. What it does: This is a Shield Charm which is cast together with Fianto Duri and Protego Maxima. While this reaction is usually uncontrollable, as an untrained child, Lord Voldemort was able to make things move without touching them, make animals do what he wanted without training them, make "bad things happen" to people who annoyed him, or make them hurt if he wanted to. Known student homework activities include learning the names of stars, constellations and planets, and their location, movements, and environments. As mentioned in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Nicholas Flamel created a Philosopher's Stone, but it was destroyed at the end of Harry's first year. "The most important thing to decide when you're creating a fantasy world," she said in 2000, "is what the characters can't do." Some magical creatures have their own forms of instantaneous travel, such as a house elf's ability to teleport or a phoenix's ability to appear and disappear in a burst of flame. Many such portraits are found on the walls of Hogwarts. In addition, in Deathly Hallows, Voldemort repeatedly uses Legilimency to interrogate his victims. Finally! We are no longer accepting comments on this article. What it does: This spell helps the caster detect people who are disguising themselves with magic. What it does: This curse is thought to cause the victim to babble whenever he/she wishes to speak. In the film, both sides also appear to be able to "half-apparate" in which their bodies were made out of smoke, giving them the ability to fly. She explains that food is one of these: witches or wizards can cook and prepare food using magic, and even multiply it, but not create it out of nothing. In Harry's first two years, the class is taken by Professor Silvanus Kettleburn who then retires "in order to enjoy more time with his remaining limbs". Arithmancy is a branch of magic concerned with the magical properties of numbers. What it does: By using this spell, the caster can heal broken bones; only that the spell should be used correctly. Of Harry's lessons, only those involving magical beasts magical creatures, potions or divination are given in any detail. While Muggle-borns are quite common, Squibs are extremely rare. Topics have included goblin rebellions, giant wars, and the origins of wizarding secrecy. What it does: The caster of this spell can obstruct the victim’s view by producing a blindfold over his/her eyes. "Disapparate" probably comes from the same word but with the prefix "dis-" expressing negation or reversal. Study of Ancient Runes, more commonly known as Ancient Runes, is a generally theoretical subject that studies the ancient runic scripts. Flying is the class that teaches the use of broomsticks made for the use of flying and is taught only to Hogwarts first years by Rolanda Hooch. This type of resistance is not insurmountable; if enough Stunning Spells, for example, are fired at a creature with magical resistance at once, the creature may still be rendered unconscious. 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The Uptown Funk hitmaker previously admitted his latest record, Late Night Feelings, was inspired by his divorce as he was able to channel his sadness into the record. )[HP3] Another example is the Cruciatus Curse, which causes immense pain; as Harry discovers during a duel with Bellatrix Lestrange, effective use of this forbidden dark magic requires sadistic desires. The only exception is if a person is proved to have done them under the influence of mind control. What it does: By using this charm, the caster can make anything larger from the inside while magically disguising the effect from the outside. What it does: This is a Pimple Jinx, and as the name suggests, the caster can make boils to appear on the victim’s skin. The subject is the only one that requires physicality. What it does: The caster can use this spell to capture pixies. Say it like: pee-air-toh-tum lo-koh-moh-tor. [PS Ch.8], Defence Against the Dark Arts, commonly shortened to D.A.D.A.,[22] is the class that teaches students defensive techniques to defend against the Dark Arts, and to be protected from Dark creatures. It first appears in Goblet of Fire and is described as a "colossal skull, composed of what looked like emerald stars, with a serpent protruding from its mouth like a tongue". The best part about the charm is that the caster doesn’t have to know where the object is. What it does: This charm can be used to conceal an object or person; it acts as a camouflage for whatever the charm has been bewitched with. The Resurrection Stone also allows one to talk to the dead, but those brought back by the Stone are not corporeal, nor do they wish to be disturbed from their peaceful rest. What it does: By using this spell, the caster can blast away Acromantulas (giant spiders), and all other species of spider. What it does: By using this spell, the caster make a rowboat propel itself. As shown in Goblet of Fire, one can use Veela hair as cores in magical wands. Cantis2was the incantation of a jinx2 used to make the target break out in song. Many fictional magical creatures exist in the series, while ordinary creatures also sometimes exhibit magical properties. For this reason, and for reasons of security, many homes have Anti-Apparition spells protecting them from uninvited intrusions. Care of Magical Creatures is the class which instructs students on how to care for magical beasts. It is first encountered in Goblet of Fire when the house elf Winky is found holding Harry's wand. It is shown that although it is possible to Apparate without a licence, it is not usually done (unless in lessons) and is illegal. No astronomy lessons are shown in the books, but they are frequently referenced. Used by the books' villains, such as Voldemort and the Death Eaters and in some cases the Ministry of Magic, their use inspires horror and great fear amongst others. I do believe in an afterlife, although I'm absolutely doubt-ridden and always have been but there you are. What it does: When the caster uses this spell, he/she can bind the victim with ropes. It also allows one to convey visions or memories to another person, whether real or imaginary. Following Voldemort's ultimate defeat, the Dark Marks on his Death Eaters fade into a scar "similar" to Harry's. Pennsylvania says it may have election result TODAY that could put us all out of our misery and end... Nevada gonna give you up! He also uses the Imperius Curse on a goblin and a suspicious Death Eater during their disguised attack upon Gringotts Bank. What it does: This charm is used to change the color of any object (of an item or on a person). During the final duel between Harry and Voldemort, the latter mentions that he knows that the holly and phoenix wand is destroyed, implying that the Priori Incantatem has indeed been performed on Hermione's wand, as they had feared.