His early energy was infectious as he frequently bounded up and down the stage and runway. They’re officially the strongest team out there now, damn! YOUNG MOOLAH BABYYYY!!!!!! Stat aint on shady anymore.Its just D12 and Cashis and now Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf. To me it really wasn’t YM year like that. Bar Exam 1 & 2 = Legendary! BTW, Eminem and Joey B are two of the illest. SHADY RECORDS: UPCOMING hopefully he doesnt go on a relaspe and fucks them all ova like he did D12? Your email address will not be published. !Crawl back in your hole with your sisters jeans on BITCH!!! Killin it Billy, so proud and happy for you. E Every otha label just hang it up!!! now i kind of feel ganged up on. Stormzy hit back with his song, Disappointed. THIS IS A GOOD LOOK FOR HIPHOP BITCHES! THAT ALBUM NOT BAD, HIS LYRICS TIGHT, THE GUCCI TRACK IS TRASH! I hope he signs asher roth, that would like make my year. Let’s kill this shit.”, Wow cool as fuck these niggaz is just hardest muthafuckaz in the game, Finally didnt know he was gonna sign yelawolf who can spit, GET RID OF YELAWOLF(JUST A WACK ALABAMAN), ROYCE(EMINEM WANNABE), JOELL ORTIZ(FAT FUCK), JOE BUDDEN(PUMP IT UP). E You can tell its an eminem page because of all the arguing. who can fuck with these guys … no one…rip YM/Cash Money…RIP WACK TRACKS. Please. So happy for Yela. His face has been a heavy focus in the past year alone, with new ink showing up under his bottom lip, near his eye, and above his eyebrow, amongst many others. is the #1 party school off topic but still. This is tha’ fackin coolest shit I have heard man. Yelawolf sucks… but good for him. I got to have a disccussion about this @Zoom Zoom please explain to me how this is wack? Also, I need that Slaughterhouse album like a crackhead need a hit. @Big 110 says: Eminem might be one of the most prolific rappers when it comes to diss tracks, hitting out at everyone from his family to Limp Bizkit, Ja Rule and Donald Trump over the years, but this is up there with the most venomous tracks of its kind. These are some of da baddest niggaz out there #! Royce’s album “Street Hop” was dope as fuck. Yelawolf is straight n ur a straight up Hater. Finally, Slaughterhouse/Shady connection. This is going to be great for hip hop. He laid down the track believing Biggie had been involved in a 1994 shooting at Tupac’s studio, which had left the rapper fighting for his life. That’s why Rihanna is only managed by Roc Nation and not actually on the label. Required fields are marked *. FINALLY MAYBE SLAUGHTERHOUSE GET SOME HEAVY EXPOSURE!!!! That being said, I dont think any of the new signees have got anything to worry about. but if he got signed…and SO FAST! View other posts by Ashley […]. Despite the hilarious video there’s no doubting how angry Tupac was recording this one. @villian Jay’s deal to leave with his masters prohibited him from signing any Def Jam artists. now youve got the best group and the hottest up and comer. J.Cole with Jay-Z. Yelawolf gonna do his thang this year watch and see. The XXL cover, showing Em and all of the new members, will be on sale February 8th. Yeah,off course ’em niggaz gon’ bang out.i heard 2.0 boys.they are dope mayne.don’t hate yela that much.now chech him out on the track.i think he has changed his style.wow such a dope stuff…..Em n slaughtaboys….fuck the world…!!! i will shoot myself through the fucking ears if i hear one more yelawolf song!! Most definitely not a subtle one, even the beat quite literally says “F*** Jay-Z”, while the record opens with the sound of gunfire. It’s a great look for real hiphop. must be some cousins of mine out there .. Go check out warrior by him dope. Marry Me For Free And I Will Buy You A Car, Pay You Ghc20000 Weekly On These Conditions, Pulisic, Mendy, Chilwell, Ziyech: Chelsea Injury Updates And Team News Ahead Of Southampton Clash, Buhari Declares Support For Protest By Nigerian Youths But Drops One Stern Warning, US-Based Nigerian Celebrities MC Chaz And Dr. Ikenna Ihim Join EndSARS Protest In Washington DC, See What Kiddwaya And Davido Were Doing That Sparked Reactions (See Photos), Men, Don't Go To This Type Of Saloon Else You May End Up Losing Your Wife. …more big collabo albums coming out? This is a major power move by Eminem and Yelawolf is about to take over and run the Hip Hop industry! Soulja Boy, another young rapper, has had numerous ink sessions focused on his facial features. GOOD MUSIC>>>AFTERMATH IF HE SIGN NAS IT’S A RAP (PUN INTENDED) ROC NATION>>>AFTERMATH Im excited to see what comes out of this. It's like listening to a surgeon cut away the skin from bones. Kind of how Big Sean, Cudi, Pusha T with Kanye. So after you think about that except the fact that there are people livin there dreams & makin shit happen! I JUST CAN’T GET INTO HIS MUSIC!!!! Look at zoomzoom trying to hate,hahaha. In hip hop if you haven’t established yourself on a major level by 30 you have no chance. Greatness. Shaughter house are full of has been no hate just stateing my opinion. Two more war dubs have followed, one from each MC. Wednesday, January 12 2011 at 2:01 PM EST I dont care too much bout everyone else behind Eminem, all i care about is Eminem. Get that dick out your mouth. The Game “See You Fail”, New Music: David Banner x Tito Lopez “Black Fist”, New Video: PnB Rock Ft. XXXTentacion “Middle Child”, New Video: E-40 Ft. Cousin Fik & Laroo “I Don’t Like Em”, New Video: Chaz Gotti Ft. Waka Flocka x Gucci Mane “Paranoid”. The two MCs involved are Stormzy and Wiley. Yall lame azs rappers need to back the fuck up cause here are the real rappers comin through!!! STILL HAVE A VERDICT OUT ON YELAWOLF!!!! Is it just me, or does Eminem look younger in this picture than usual??? I cant tell whether your being sarcastic or serious because most SB fans really are that stupid. really nigga?? The next few decades belong to Shady/Aftermath! Yelawolf & Slaughterhouse Sign To Eminem’s Shady Records, Yelawolf & Slaughterhouse sign to Shady Records | New Music, @Yelawolf Signs to Shady Records « Ziplocradio, Eminem Signs Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse to Shady Label | 3rd Annual, Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf Sign To Shady Records | HipHop-N-More, Eminem Signs Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf | Goat Mouf, Eminem Covers XXL; Signs Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf | MuziksMyLife, Eminem Signs Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf To Shady Records, Eminem signs Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf, & Covers XXL Magazine «, Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf Sign To Shady Records « GetWrite Mixtapes And R.E.A.L. man no one from phase one even ever had an album released I first heard about him when people where still seeing him as the “white boy, just like Em”. Don’t know why people are hating. Hip-Hop is what’s important, and the impact these guys will have on it will be everlasting. —————————————————————————————————————————————–, BANDWAGON FAN WHO JUST GAVE HIM A LISTEN BECUZ EMINEM SIGNED HIM LOL. YA FAV ARTIST? good for yelawolf, great for slaughterhouse. NATURAL BORN KILLERS (D12) Now, however, with most of that weight gone, you can really see all of the tattoos on his face, including the one under his lip that reads “Rich Forever.”.