A "reefer truck," then, is a semi pulling a refrigerated trailer, designed to haul perishable goods. They can use either on-road diesel (billed out as reefer fuel, as its use is non-taxable) or red dyed off-road diesel. Never pump reefer fuel on the same fuel receipt when fueling your power unit. You must also be equally vigilant that the reefer unit is properly maintained. This should last anywhere from four to five days, but that can vary. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But be warned: if a truck uses reefer trailer fuel in its primary engine tanks and gets caught, the fines for both the operator and trucking company are … This will lower your MPG and cost you more IFTA fuel tax. This kills and prevents the growth of biological “hum-bugs” in your tank. Next, I want to briefly touch on what parts make up the reefer trailer. The main takeaway is that reefer fuel is NOT included in IFTA filing when it is used to power the refrigeration unit of the trailer. The red dye is mixed into the diesel at the fuel rack (the tank farm where the fuel trucks fill their delivery tanks)...and is exclusively for farm/ag use. So, I'll be taking some time to dive into those things as we go. At this point, the refrigerant has given up most of its heat to the condenser and become a cool liquid. How can I get in touch with Denzel Washington's mother lenox? Obviously, this means higher fuel costs. First, everything described above to make the reefer unit work properly requires fuel. Should there be a failure that spoils the product, you may end up eating the cost of the entire load. This should last anywhere from four to five days, but that can vary. ExpressIFTA will generate your IFTA fuel tax form for you, as well as accurate IFTA fuel tax calculations. You’re entitled to a tax refund on every gallon of reefer fuel purchased. I just want to mention a couple more of the mechanical elements of the reefer trailer before moving on. Your 3rd Quarter IFTA Deadline is Next Week! "Reefer" is slang for refrigerated. The warmth of the liquid flows to the walls of the tubing, then outside to the attached fins. And be sure that you make sure your fuel guage on your reefer tank is working properly as well so you dont run it out of fuel. The 3rd quarter IFTA deadline is November 2 – Are you prepared? For diesel fuel that was purchased at the pump and was not used to propel the vehicle, such as in powering a reefer unit, the IRS allows a deduction for the tax paid on the company’s annual income tax filing. The process is very similar to how a radiator cools an engine. Trucking Business Owners, Have You Filed Form 941? The fins provide more surface area with which to cool outside air that comes in through the condenser fan. This will lower your MPG and cost you more IFTA fuel tax. You should always purchase reefer fuel on a separate fuel receipt when fueling your power unit. It enabled the transport of various perishable goods to military hospitals and tents across battlefields. Also, when the auditor discovers you combined reefer fuel into your power unit fuel, you will be assessed penalties and interest on your IFTA audit. What is the timing order of an 1985 Plymouth horizon? The reefer trailer can maintain this temperature if the product has been loaded onto the trailer already frozen.