4) Why hasn’t he had any sleep? [11] Slughorn believed he had judged Tom right and defended him. Using the information, Riddle later went on to create six Horcruxes, making himself immortal. Family members Dumbledore wanted to tread carefully with Slughorn and not force him to divulge the memory because it would ruin their friendship. I had lots of fun getting directions and giving them. Who are the team that are building the Lego structure? The Dirigible Plum; ... Get ready to put your Potion-brewing skills to use! Plum turned his bunsen, burner on. British or Irish[4] [19], Slughorn during his time on the run from the Death Eaters, On 27 June 1995, Slughorn was visited by Corban Yaxley who clearly came to recruit him into the Death Eaters. Professor Plum Story starter! Known as the "Slug Club", this group of students were constantly being invited to Slughorn's office for dinner and parties. In 1996, Dumbledore convinced Slughorn to return to Hogwarts by tempting him out of retirement with the prospect of "collecting" Harry Potter as he had so many other students, with his true goal being to learn what Slughorn had told Riddle. I hope you did too. 3) Has the Professor chosen to lock himself away? Make sure you include CL’s and full stops in your answers. Also, the Slughorn depicted in the film is more interested in collecting precious materials such as, Slughorn's exact age is never specified, although it is known that he was old enough to teach. He was also a friend of Minerva McGonagall, the Transfiguration professor; though the two were heads of rival Houses, that was not a factor likely to affect their relationship, as, like Minerva, Slughorn did not give preferential treatment to the students of his own House. As Head of Tom's House, and given his tendency to favour students who displayed talent of some sort, Slughorn became Riddle's mentor, and was likely the professor Tom liked most. Lily also gave Slughorn a bowl with some water, and a petal from a lily that transformed into a fish, which he named Francis. As Dumbledore had predicted, Harry had been in the perfect position to convince Slughorn to allow the truth to be uncovered, and together, Harry and Dumbledore set about the task of destroying Voldemort's Horcruxes. Thus, while he invited other students to his "Slug Club", he had a tendency to rudely ignore people like Ronald Weasley because he didn't view them as important, talented, or famous enough to warrant his attention. 1) Who is Professor Plum? Make sure you include CL’s and full stops in your answers. ProfessorPotions MasterHead of Slytherin He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a member of Slytherin before returning in 1931 as Potions Master. [13] Still, he tended to treat all his students reasonably well. Though Albus Dumbledore would undoubtedly have tried in earnest to convey the importance of the contents of the original memory, Slughorn stubbornly refused to give it up till 1997. Lucius Malfoy commended his son about Slughorn's competence and even Albus Dumbledore, quite possibly the greatest wizard of all time, openly respected Slughorn's abilities, saying that he was an extremely able wizard and calling his talents considerable. What potion is he making? However, the fact that he did give preferential treatment to students based on other things may not have sat terribly well the Transfiguration professor. Eye colour Fortunately, chance and Felix Felicis gave Harry the perfect opportunity. The Builders . By his own admittance, he revered magical creatures such as Acromantulas, and thought Aragog was a magnificent specimen. Skin colour Lily was one of Slughorn's "all time favourite students". In a great many ways, Horace Slughorn embodied the best traits that Slytherin House has to offer: camaraderie, strong social intuition, cunning, and strategy. Harry Potter, one of his favourite students. However, this also gave Harry a renewed hope to becoming an Auror, as he failed to achieve an Outstanding on his Potions O.W.L., which would have disqualified him from N.E.W.T. In this regard, Slughorn redeemed himself in his own eyes, fighting for everyone who had ever been harmed by Voldemort. Harmony had to make it using my directions. Welcome to my blog. Harmony and I made a pirate ship using shapes. Hair colour maybe it would make them invincible or super human? It was fun. In a way, he felt responsible for her death along with many others for giving Tom Riddle the knowledge of Horcruxes he sought out in his schoolboy days. [23], In August 2020, during the Calamity, Horace Slughorn appeared as a Foundable. It was had because my partner Owen hard to give me directions to place the shapes or pictures.... random writing On Thursday 7th may my mum gave me a list of 20 random words that I had to make a story out of. [20] Slughorn quickly transfigured himself into an armchair and was glad when he was successfully undetected. He is making an acid fire lava. His analytical abilities and mindset allowed him to deduce Harry's early attempts to coax the Horcrux memory from him. Harry then passed the memory to Dumbledore. Plum turned his bunsen burner on. Despite his ambition, Slughorn knew where to draw his personal boundaries. He became Potions Master for the 1996–1997 school year, and wasted no time in inviting Harry to join his 'Slug Club'. Professor Peter Plum is the stock character of a quick witted professor. Albus Dumbledore, his good friend and colleague. A complimentary event bundle is also awaiting you in the Diagon Alley Shop, so be sure to pick that up! I think the world has changed its quite and clean and nice but I'm also very sad some people even died. Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World. [11] Slughorn's successor had themselves left employ of Hogwarts by 2021. He was, however, self-serving enough to favour students of status or talent, largely for the purpose of benefiting from his connection to them in the future. However, Slughorn later learned that Snape was, in fact, a loyal member of the Order of the Phoenix. It kept people in their homes so we could'nt meet. Due to this preferential treatment, Arthur disliked Slughorn as a result and this relationship with Slughorn was later echoed with Arthur's son, Ron Weasley, as Slughorn ignored Ron the same way he had ignored Arthur. Nancy was cleaning all the potions that exploded. His largeness fit his personality: he was jolly and genial, bustling around, twiddling the ends of his walrus moustache and puffing out his massive belly. We learnt to do so many new things we learnt how to play, but still I can not wait until this virus goes away! Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World. Dumbledore told Harry that the original memory would undoubtedly be essential in determining what ultimately defeating Voldemort would entail, and assigned Harry with the task of retrieving it. One day a nasty germ begun. 'Horace' was the name of an epicurean Roman poet, fond of food and someone who liked to make friends with people of influence. Slughorn was shocked, possibly because he didn't expect McGonagall to believe that he would ever join the Dark Lord. [11] Regardless, Slughorn fought Lord Voldemort head on, with the help of Minerva McGonagall and Kingsley Shacklebolt, during the Battle of Hogwarts, in 1998. Plum had to find his phone but he’d put it, on his desk and it got buried under the old musty, one thousand year old books, (like on Ms Cummins’s desk). He thought that Voldemort's "death" meant that he never made Horcruxes and that freed him from having to feel guilty about informing Voldemort about them. He was so ashamed, he even modified his own memory so he did not have to remember. Slughorn knew where his loyalties lay, and he fought against Lord Voldemort head on during the final battle. [11], When Lord Voldemort came to power, Slughorn did not think he was Tom because of his very changed appearance. His duel with him likely allowed him to come full circle for his contribution to his former student's rise to power and all of the deaths that transpired in his wake. Just a few more hours, then it would be ready… Perfect picture Imagine you have the power and ingredients to make any magic potion. Later in the battle, Minerva and Slughorn together duelled Voldemort directly, and both survived. Special Peculiar Portkey Portmanteaus will also be appearing on the map, and they'll transport you to a brand-new environment: Professor Snape's Office! Who is Professor Plum? maybe it would make them invincible or super human? Although Slughorn initially attempted to hide and avoid getting himself into any danger or conflict, he was willing to defend himself and other people when his loyalties were questioned, when backed to a corner and when it was necessary to defend those he cared about. Why hasn’t he had any sleep? Slughorn was deeply shaken by this, commenting that he thought he knew Snape. These Traces will appear on your map with a yellow beam of light emanating from them. In 1997, Horace was invited to a funeral Hagrid held for Aragog, his pet Acromantula. [11], Horace Slughorn retired permanently by 2016 and had the honour of having a portrait of himself placed in the Slytherin common room. He turned into a frog and his skin was slimy. I miss hunting and fishing I miss my friends too. Horace with Harry Potter, a future student and Slug Club member. Who is the potion for? He believed he was at fault for telling him about Horcruxes. According to Harry, he seemed remarkably unabashed for someone whom he had just seen pretending to be an armchair. Nancy had, hit her head and some of Prof. Plum’s potion fell into Nancy’s mouth. Who is Professor Plum? Feeling that his secret could be revealed, Slughorn resigned from Hogwarts after having taught there for fifty years. 4. He clearly regarded his giving of information about the possibility of multiple Horcruxes to young Tom Riddle to be his greatest mistake. But 25 minutes later the potion bubbled up and then it exploded violently! [23] His bravery at the Battle of Hogwarts was well publicised and changed the perception of Slytherin. When he saw that Francis had disappeared one day, Slughorn realised that Lily Evans had died. had Snape continued to be teaching the subject. Biographical information Pure-blood or Half-blood[3] The teleportation potion was a brilliant success. He had been in his lab, for fourteen days straight. They drank and sang together in celebration of Aragog's life (and more likely, his valuable venom, for Slughorn's part), and the occasion afforded Harry Potter the opportunity to retrieve Slughorn's original memory of Tom Riddle asking about Horcruxes. Slughorn stayed at Hogwarts during the war as it was a safe place and vowed never to tell anyone what he told Voldemort. Slytherin[13] Professor Plums is a store for all geeks, nerds and budding scientists, based in Crows Nest. During her time at Hogwarts, Lily Evans proved to be very talented at Potions, becoming one of Slughorn's best students and a member of his Slug Club. Plum, donated lots of his money to people that didn’t have any. Most significantly, when Tom asked if it were possible to create more than one Horcrux, Slughorn seemed appalled by the idea of it, but did not deny that it could be done in theory. He had a liking for embroidered clothing, with gold coloured buttons and plenty of velvet. What potion is he making? Patronus By Harlyn (and mum who helped with the rhyming). Plum called his cleaning lady, Nancy. [11] He felt so guilty, in fact, that he modified his own memory of the incident both to hide his guilt from others and also to shield himself from the terrible shame he felt. Professor Plum had locked the doors to his lab because he knew someone. He agreed to return to the school on the condition that he received a pay raise, and was given Professor Merrythought's old office, instead of the "water closet" he had last time. some days it's hard to know what i should even do. However, Horace appeared to grow to like him as a person, as he wished Ron a "happy birthday" and visited him at the Hospital Wing after Ron was poisoned.