After finally reaching Mount Hagen, Charles is immediately shot in the right shoulder by a sniper. Or a buff native like John Redcorn, Charles looks like Franklin from GTA with straight hair. Many people claim Native blood with no evidence of being that. Later on, Charles takes part in the assault on Braithwaite Manor, in the hopes of rescuing Jack. They then bring the horses back to the shore, where Eagle Flies and Dutch depart to the reservation and bring the horses back to the tribe. On the way, Charles reveals that he wants to settle in Canada and start a family of his own there. After a series of shootouts with the Army, Arthur and Charles eventually outrun them and arrive Emerald Station, where they send Monroe on to a train which is headed far away. Archived. He states that he and his father lived with his mother’s tribe until the US Army drove them away. & you don't call us red indians that's like calling Africans black n*ggers . Maybe he is mixed? Lone Wolf When the pair arrive at Beaver Hollow, they are forced to attack the Murfree Brood, who are occupying the hollow. Yeah I would have prefered a slender asian looking native with long hair, like Hanzee from Fargo. Charles has been described as a quiet and reserved person, yet very competent in everything he takes part of, especially fights, to the extent that he is able to successfully compete in fighting tournaments such as in Saint Denis in 1907. Red Dead Redemption 2 Born to an African American father and a Native American mother, Smith became one of the most recent additions to the Van der Linde gang joining roughly 6-7 months before the events of the game. They immediately flee on horseback, with the Army on their tail. 1 year ago. Mount After the gang realise they must relocate following the events in Valentine, Dutch sends Arthur and Charles to look for a new spot for camp. This thread is archived. Van der Linde gang (formerly)Marston family 644 comments. Family 4. That would be cool and give him a reason for wanting to join a "gang" and rebel against the man. American Due to his gunshot wound, he is forced to rest in cover behind a rock while Sadie and John ascend the mountain. The Italian gangsters working for Guido Martelli, who Charles made a deal with to lose the fight, decide to enact revenge after being tricked; they follow John and Charles to the docks, where four men confront the pair, and get slain in the ensuing exchange of fire. Unnamed motherUnnamed fatherUnnamed uncle He treats the bison as creatures to be cherished and takes action when he catches two cowboys shooting a herd just for fun. But he does look like black guy. In order to rescue Eagle Flies, they realise they must cause a distraction; Arthur shoots a lantern to cause a fire, diverting the guards' attention. His mother was captured by soldiers a couple years later and was never seen again, whilst his father fell into a depression and became an alcoholic. I’ve tried getting him into other games but he only wants to play Red Dead 2. Charles's fate is uncertain, but it can be assumed that he left for Canada to pursue his intentions of living and raising a family there. A half black-Native American hunter who has exceptional skills with stealth weapons and tracking. They manage to fend off a final wave of attackers, before they can return to camp. The two manage to slay the bounty hunters in the nearby maize fields, although one final one captures Arthur, only to be killed by Charles with a throwable weapon. When Sadie is later stabbed during an altercation with one of Micah’s men, Charles shoots and kills her attacker, thus saving her from being killed. Arguably the most honorable member of the gang, Charles is cool-headed and reluctant to kill; the continuing blood spilled by the gang is ultimately what causes him to become disillusioned with it, with Charles developing a preference of helping the Wapiti Indians instead. Outlaw (c. 1899) Street fighter (c. 1907) Rancher (temporarily; 1907) Despite Charles' fears that Uncle may need to be put out of his misery if his injuries are too severe, he discovers that this is not the case, to his relief. 6 comments. 0. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Charles and Arthur sneak into the fort by scaling the back wall, stealthily killing some of the guards on the way. I think this conclusion is mostly from his attire (his native looking necklace design for example). Press J to jump to the feed. Charles has a very muscular build, which is accompanied by extreme strength and athleticism. Uncle, Bill, and Arthur, Charles shelter in a barn, hoping not to be seen. Although I think his hairstyle and clothing makes him look more like a native. A few years after, some army men took his mother, and they never saw her again. Why is there no Indian tribe in the game? Posted by. They eventually arrive at Strawberry, where they soon find Cleet. After returning to the ranch, Charles attends John and Abigail's wedding. Arthur successfully hunts down two deer, allowing him and Charles to bring them back to Pearson. Their whereabouts seem to be unknown as the tribe keeps a low profile. No we didn't . After Lakay is attacked by Pinkertons, Charles and Arthur are sent to scout out Beaver Hollow, in preparation for making it the new camp. share. Charles loses his usually-cool head and shoots one of the them; Arthur deals with the other, and his fate is left to the player.