7. Who am I? LeBron James 2.) The only other golfers with this achievement are Jordan Spieth, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods. Who am I? You see 23 Olympic gold medals framed on the wall, and you realise you are the guest of a famous athlete. When John F. Kennedy addressed Nobel Prize winners at the White House, he rhapsodized about his guests, to be sure, but he was downright hyperbolic about which former president, saying "I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when -------- dined alone." Curly, born Jerome Horwitz, was saved by his older brother, Moe, who rushed him to the hospital. With Zoom calls replacing meet ups at the pub, people have started to realise that this game is perfect for a round of a virtual pub quiz. I won six NBA championships for the Chicago Bulls, but you may know me from my shoes. Between the Cavaliers and the Heat, I have played in eight consecutive NBA Finals. I grew up in Jamaica. During my soccer career, I have helped the team win the FIFA World Cup in 2015 and 2019, and have been a co-captain of the team since 2018. I am famed for my ominous and distinctive baritone which I lent to one of film’s greatest villains. Roger Federer 11.) After a bloody reign, I died in mysterious circumstances in 1998. Who am I? Quiz Night Chief is a software application that can save you hours of hassle and help you deliver a top notch quiz night! Take the test – QUIZFootball quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge – QUIZRoyal Family quiz questions: 15 questions for your Royal quiz – QUIZ. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, fantasy football, and virtually every other sport are covered. Great …, Immensely popular in the UK, India, Australia, and many other …, Chemistry is a very interesting and important subject as it …, Disney characters have been a huge part of our lives …, Volleyball, invented in America as a hybrid of tennis and …, For this special edition We Love Quizzes trivia, we’re giving …, 25 Alter Ego Quiz Questions And Answers: Double Life, Alternative Christmas Quiz Questions And Answers: Holy Night, Cricket Quiz Questions And Answers: For Sports …, Periodic Table Quiz Questions And Answers: Chemistry, Disney Quiz Questions And Answers: Most Engaging …, Volleyball Quiz Questions and Answers: Volleyball 101, True or False Quiz Questions and Answers: …. I am one of the most famous stutterers in history, and took up my role in the "family business" when my brother ran off to France. Who Am I serves both as a way to boost creativity and a fun game during downtime, both for adults and children. 26.) Like many successful singers who emerged from America's South, Nell Carter got her start by singing in church choir and gospel music on the radio. Chloe Kim. Which member of the Three Stooges family accidentally shot himself in the foot at age 12 while cleaning a rifle? Who am I? The best Who Am I quiz questions and answers. 12. ANSWERS: 25.) Of the players who beat me, the only person to beat me twice was my sister, another famous tennis player. Who am I? I have won six Super Bowl rings. Here we go…. Not even a week later I was the first female snowboarder to land back-to-back 1080 spins during a snowboarding competition. Who am I? I was the first Native American to win a gold medal for the U.S. Track wasn’t my only sport, as I also played professional football, baseball, and basketball. When you’re looking for something that will keep everyone entertained in a short amount of time, try these 221 what am I riddles and answers for kids that we have prepared for you. F. Kennedy), I am known for being part of a comedic double act and my partner shares the name of an insect. 4.) WHO AM I - ROUND ONE WHO AM I - ROUND TWO WHO AM I - ROUND THREE WHO AM I - ROUND FOUR WHO AM I - ROUND FIVE WHO AM I - ROUND SIX WHO AM I - ROUND SEVEN WHO AM … Who is it? I am a left-hander known as the “King of Clay”. To some people I will fool them. You’re on the Sports Trivia Questions Quiz page. Who am I? Michael Phelps. I am a designer who took a 16-year retirement to wow Paris with a host of designs after my 30-year career. Who am I quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your Who am I quiz round 05/02/2020 . With the Warriors, I have won three NBA championships. Carol Vorderman: ‘One of my many wedding dresses’ Countdown star in marriage remark, Mariska Hargitay Introduces Fans to the Newest Members of Her Family: 2 Adorable Puppies, Kelvin Fletcher slams lockdown stockpilers with snap of empty shelves, Kanye West Appears to Concede the 2020 Presidential Election, Who is Don’t Rock The Boat host AJ Odudu? He focused on the cycling was rising through the ranks when, at age 25, he was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer and brain tumors.After battling the disease with chemotherapy and healthy living, he was cancer free in 1997. 24.) 6.) Some people might want to try and hide me but I will show. Animal, Nature; Car; Food, Drink; Geography; History; Industry, Science; Movie, TV, Fun; Music; Sport, Games; Misc ; Who Am I Quiz Questions and Answers – Anonymous. Quiz ... You need questions, answer sheets, a script for the MC, a way to score, a way to present the leader board and more... Visit QuizNightChief.com "Bought it, used it, LOVED it, and I have recommended it !" Ronda Rousey 18.) 5. People consider me to be one of the best players in the MLB right now, giving me a number of nicknames including, Prince Fish, King Fish 2.0, and The Millville Meteor. The game consists of someone describing a person in a sentence, the vaguer you describe them the harder the game. Watch all the action on YouTube or hit the books below. 12.) Who am I? Aaron Judge. On the TV sitcom "Gimme a Break!" At age 14, I made my international skiing debut, winning the slalom race at Italy’s Trofeo Topolino. Shockingly, in 2013 during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he suddenly confessed that he had been lying and that he had indeed taken the drugs because of a "ruthless desire to win". Kevin Durant 23.) I overcame that and went on to star in running.