Can the image of America (globally) be restored? When Dan hears he goes to the hospital. Instead, he marries Rachel Gatina, gets a new heart and becomes famous for preaching about redemption, something he himself also tries to achieve by giving up his money and fame and hoping to gain his family's forgiveness. High Intelligence Business skills Excellent athletic prowess Deceit Negotiation skills Gunmanship Hand-to-hand combat Dan Scott Of course, trying to kill the secret hero off. deb dan's ex- wife tried to kill him. Deb found him on the floor and called 911. Carrie gets up, but Dan shoots her again in the head, killing her once and for all. The team lost the championship and that is when he and Whitey hate each other. If you’re watching for the first time, however, it’s important to be aware of one not-so-great aspect of, : the tragic deaths! Xavier happened to be the same person who assaulted Brooke Davis (played by actress Sophia Bush). Dan is the last character in the series to die on-screen. Lucas finds out that Dan actually tried to have joint custody of Lucas but Karen refused. General information Jamie wished that Dan would go to his 5th birthday party but he was not allowed to but that didn't stop him from giving him a birthday present. Dan comes to again and finds Haley inside the house, but before Haley can help Dan, Carrie knocks out Haley and then goes after Jamie, who is in Haley's SUV. I mean come, on he played at North Carolina. Marital status: Lucas attacks Dan after walking in on him and Karen kissing. Lucas finds out that Dan actually tried to have joint custody of Lucas but Karen refused. Before leaving Tree Hill once again he says goodbye to Jamie who tells him he forgives him. Rachel serves as the show's producer. Dan saved the show. Dan is waiting to die in the season finale when he visits Whitey at his ranch. Dan tells her that murder is something you can't take back and manages to talk her out her need for revenge. Some easier to admit and accept than others. Dan announces that the show filmed at Tree Hill High is his last and he is giving all his wealth away to charities and donations. Dan finds out the person who sending him texts and messages is Abby Brown. As Dan departs, he encounters Karen and Lucas, who are returning from a visit to the cemetery to Keith's grave. Dan promised to be with her, but he eventually abandoned her. Full name: Dan had convinced his audience that he is a miracle as he was supposed to die from heart failure 14 months ago. Not to mention he had to hide his knee injury from his dad because he was so scared of him and what his reaction would be. On the season finale of Dan receives a bottle and a note that says " For all you've done". What more do you want Lucas? Daniel Lewis "Dan" Scott is the biological father of Lucas and Nathan Scott. Nathan looks over the papers only to discover that Dan has left the beach house to Nathan and his family. However, as the heart is brought into the hospital for transplant, the courier trips, the ice chest containing the heart opens, and a dog belonging to a drug addict eats the heart. Dan also feels empty because Coach Whitey Durham was handcuffing his game and would not feed him the rock in the state championship game. Good dude and honestly wish they didn’t have to kill him off. Later Dan assaults Deb at the hospital. Due to Peyton's intervention, enlightening Dan that Lucas didn't kill him as much as save him, he released his son. But due to his HCM, he leaves, believing he is about to die. Ahhhh that Dan…what a terrible dude. After all, between the epic love triangles and intense family drama, the CW series was pretty much irresistible. Carrie drives Dan' black SUV in front of Jamie's school, leading Haley and Jamie to believe he is still alive, but when Haley attempts to investigate, the SUV pulls away. I’ll give all you Dan Scott haters this one…not a good look for the young Danny-boy. Whereas, he left Lucas to be with his mother, Karen. Dan was portrayed as the original villain in the beginning of One Tree Hill. However, Dan's campaign was more than once dented by Deb's attempt to embarrass him. ( Log Out /  This information and his thirst for revenge drove Dan to the point where he shot Keith at point blank range in the hallway of Tree Hill High during the school shooting. Gender: He started to preach about redemption in an attempt to win back the love and support of his family that was taken away the day the trigger of the gun used to kill Keith was pulled. Dan leaves Tree Hill and prepares to die. However, as the heart is brought into the hospital for transplant, the courier trips, the ice chest containing the heart opens, and a dog belonging to a drug addict eats the heart. During Nathan and Haley's second wedding, Deb came clean to Dan, telling him that she was the one that had tried to kill him instead of Keith. Over the last 6 months, I have finished watching what was once the most popular TV series of all time, One Tree Hill. Not saying he deserved to get killed because of it, but it definitely happened. are available on Hulu to relive all over again. Death date: This happens throughout the show’s entirety (until of course Nathan is in desperate need and his father saves him…hmmm), but Dan is relentless and unwilling to let the bond break. Lucas then steals Deb's gun. Dan decides to let Jimmy Edwards, the boy who commits suicide in the hallway of Tree Hill High School take the blame for Keith's death, even fooling Lucas into believing that it was Jimmy that killed his uncle. After this, Dan has some "secret" meetings with Jamie while he's at school. Eventually, he does die in the hospital with Nathan, Haley, Jamie, and Lydia by his bedside. The present was Nathans first jersey growing up. Successfully blaming Jimmy who had only moments before took his own life, Dan managed to remain unpunished for this crime. Also she didn't see him kill and threatens her and mom. Eventually, Dan is placed back on the waiting list for a heart transplant. No information Dan is only character to have an episode named after him: Dan was the second and final main character to be killed off, the first being Keith. With the opinion that Keith's intention was to kill him and take his son, Dan shoots Keith in the Tree Hill High School hallway, killing him. He tells them to take her to rehab. Nathan is having money problems and Dan says he'll pay the bills only on one condition. Dan received a heart transplant as well. A few months later Deb was pregnant as well. Blue As the three exit the field and run back in front of the house, Deb knocks out Carrie with a bottle of champagne. At first, members of the Tree Hill community were hesitant to mourn him, but he was eventually vindicated after the details of Keith Scott’s death were revealed. Episode count: Dan was born on January 29th, making him a Aquarius. I mean if you lose your life saving your own son, I would look at you as a terrible person too. Dan later went on to get married and have another son, Nathan Scott (played by actor. He takes the fall for his son. Eventually, Dan is placed back on the waiting list for a heart transplant. Dan never acknowledged Lucas until Lucas' junior year in high school because Keith Scott, who is Dan Scott's brother, talked to Whitey, who is the coach of the junior varsity basketball team. Later that night the dealership was set on fire. Still have questions? Dan now tried to play a role in the life of unborn Lily, helping with the pregnancy. However, Dan's campaign was more than once dented by Deb's attempt to embarrass him. Initially staying with Deb during the duration of his recovery, Dan retreated again to the beach house. Dimitri took out his gun and aimed at Nathan. When Deb asks if he's going to be okay he Dan is paying Jules to be with Keith. Dan attempts to break free, but when he discovers the shallow grave where Carrie buried her son, she knocks him out and chains him to the bed again. Why isn't Zeke in the saved by the bell reboot, everybody else is. Eventually, Dan moves in with Nathan and Haley and passes time with his grandchildren Jamie and Lydia Scott. Yep, same Deb. She gets caught up with a fake cop and becomes essentially worthless. When Nathan ends up in the hospital he is there for him. He then comes back, later on. He goes from the controlling father, to the dangerous murderer, to the man who took a bullet though his skin for the sake of his son. He attempts contact with his sons, who want nothing to do with him, so he begins following and watching his family. Sure, Dan has had his slip ups in the past, but let’s think logically about this. p.s. Lucas was granted a spot on the basketball team by the coach, Whitey. He tries to win back all of his family. At college, he met Deb Lee and dated her. Dan later died while laying in the hospital bed, surrounded by Nathan, Haley, Jamie, Lydia, and Deb. Dan convinces Quinn that murdering someone is something that you can't take back. Randomly before he goes MIA, Dan married Rachel and they host a TV show together. Also, when he leaves the hospital and helps an elderly couple across the street and says “Be careful. He later tells Nathan and Lucas they are good sons and he is sorry for all he's done. Cooper and Rachel got into a car crash, which forced Nathan to try and save them. Dan finds out he is going to be fine. So, take it for what it is. But after improving his relationship with both of his sons and helping Lucas' mother Karen through her pregnancy with Keith's daughter, he gives himself up and goes to prison for 4 years, giving up his successful car dealership and being the Mayor of Tree Hill. He was portrayed by Paul Johansson. Dan is held hostage by Carrie, who hit him with a car outside the hospital just as the pager to alert Dan that a heart had been found for transplant. Blackmailing Deb into supporting his candidacy, by offering her a deal -support for Nathan's well-being- she stood by his side during the entire election while her best friend, Karen, was running against Dan. The drama, the hoops, fat Jamie Scott, you just become so emotionally invested that you can’t stop watching – even when Lucas and Peyton leave the show and you want to stop watching because life doesn’t seem worth living anymore.