Japanese Dark BlueBlonde (Briefly) Personal Profile God Eater It should be noted that although it was shown at the last episode that his infection/stigma caused by his high compatibility rate had gone up to covering even nearly his whole face and hair, he was shown later with it seemingly in remission and was now down to only his neck area instead. 1st Unit She doesn't believe Aragami can be fully exterminated but hopes the next generation will find a solution. After he become a God Eater, he wears a blue Fenrir formal uniform with a white shirt under the jacket, a black glove from his left hand, black pants with two pockets, and dark gray short boots. Personally, Lenka's personality is outright impossible to happen on a realistic level. Robbie Daymond. When an Aragami attacks the area, Lenka and Alisa take shelter; Lenka comments on the effectiveness of Alisa's first aid and wonders if his God Arc can be fixed, but Alisa remarks that his God Arc is dead. Later on, Aragami breach the settlement from both sides. Japanese Name Full Name God Arc Type In a flashback, Johannes, Sakaki, and Aisha remark upon test results of the Managarm Project. Ryūichi Kijima You can't fight it unless you're a God Eater. Lenka accepts the position, and all celebrate. Before Lenka's arrival to Fenrir Far East Branch, he wears a light brown mask to cover his face, red long sleeved hoodie with a blue cape, pair of 2 brown gloves, dark blue and ripped jeans, and brown sneakers. Lenka then falls ill, so his mother dies after choosing to use the remaining medicine on him. Tsubaki introduces Johannes to Lenka and Alisa to the Director, and Johannes tells Lenka that his actions in protecting Alisa's transport have resulted in the suspension of all charges against him for insubordination. Before Lenka's arrival to Fenrir Far East Branch, he wears a light brown mask to cover his face, red long sleeved hoodie with a blue cape, pair of 2 brown gloves, dark blue and ripped jeans, and brown sneakers. The doctors perform a C-section, but flesh bursts out from her womb, instantly killing everyone in the operating room. Type of Hero In the whole world of God Eater, the Aragami are, simply said. Lenka explains the situation to Lindow, who explains that their only option of survival is rescuing Alisa only. Game(s) spring song, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Infinity Train, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=God_Eater_(TV_series)&oldid=986040751, Anime television series based on video games, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with Japanese-language sources (ja), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Though the First Unit agrees to take them to the base, Lenka witnesses the entire group being turned away upon arrival because none of them were judged to be compatible with a God Arc. [3] Ufotable later animated an anime television series directed by Takayuki Hirao with character designs by Keita Shimizu. God Eaters from all around the world convene in Fenrir for Operation Meteorite. Predator Style Gender „. New-Type/2nd Generation NORN Database Age Though Tsubaki turns down his request, he takes his God Arc and runs outside, with attempts at stopping him proving to be useless when he activates his Burst Mode. God Eater Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. A flashback displays the ability of Oracle cells to multiply and divide massively, as an induced reaction causes the formation of what appears to be the first Aragami. An Aragami attacks and kills everyone, but they escape. Hoping to cheer him up, Kota takes him to the weapons factory, where he is allowed to see his God Arc early. Lenka then notices one remaining Aragami trying to kill a woman. Johannes wonders if the Bias cell can be used as a weapon. In the present day, Lenka, curious about Soma’s "grim reaper" nickname, realizes that Soma's surname is Schicksal, the same as Johannes. Male Returning to his side, she performs basic first aid before noticing Lenka's destroyed God Arc. Without season 2 being announced, however, this might just be conjecture on the part of fans. In the God Arc maintenance room, Sakaki informs Lenka that his God Arc snapped because his compatibility rate exceeded the weapon's capabilities, not from the Dyaus Pita's attack. In 2071, an organization known as Fenrir, located in the post-apocalyptic nation of the New Asian Union (NAU)[a], helps humanity protect itself against monsters known as Aragami using divine weapons called "God Arcs." Utsugi Renka Lindow was 'alive' because he was alluded to smoking, then his god eater started up. Lenka is a kind person who cares about others and is willing to do reckless actions in order to help other people, even if it costs his life. Iroha Utsugi (adoptive sister) Mizuchi Enemies Friends/Allies He reveals that the area is guarded by Aragami-infused trees, which are monitored and protected by Lindow. He then visits Lenka and asks him about the incident where Lenka begs Lindow to teach him how to fight. The story returns to the present, where Lenka has successfully merged with his new and evolved God Arc. Hearing these words, Soma lets loose his special attack, killing the Aragami. During a dinner between members of the Defense Unit, Hibari Takeda mentions Lenka's attempts to fight the Aragami without a God Arc; Lindow mentions that there was another person sharing those capabilities but claims to not remember his identity. Training "Aniplex USA Announces God Eater's English Dub, AkibaFest in LA (Updated)", "Watch The Animated Gods Eater Burst Prequel (In English! Meanwhile, the planes transporting Alisa come under attack from a swarm of flying Aragami. After spending some time in a cell (after disobeying direct orders) and learning of Eric's death, he is even more determined to kill Aragami, and he is also willing to follow orders and to protect others after the incident. He cares for his subordinates so much that he forgets to take care of himself during a battle with the aragami. The series began airing on July 12, 2015 on Tokyo MX, BS 11, and other stations after the first episode was delayed by a week due to production issues and a special short titled God Eater Extra aired in its place. No information Upset by his death, they engage it and Lenka ultimately kills it before collapsing from accelerated Oracle cell erosion. With low numbers on the defense force, Lenka volunteers to go out and defeat the Aragami. Lenka Utsugi is an original character and main protagonist debuting in the God Eater anime series. He then admonishes Lenka for his actions. Although he is hot blooded, and sometimes lack the coordination with the surroundings. Coming up with a strategy, Lenka distracts the Aragami with various attacks until he obtains ampules to damage it. Reasoning that someone must have activated another guiding device that suddenly distracted the Aragami, Lindow sets out to find it but encounters the Dyaus Pita. Lenka and the members of the First Unit, most notably Sakuya, remark on the transformation of Lenka's God Arc before more Aragami arrive. so i've been watching the anime and Lenka has something called a 2 high compability for his god ark and he will die if he keeps using it...it this the same for the game protagonist? Oh, and his God Arc is freaking broken. Lenka refuses that course of action, and Alisa forges an alliance with him. As the episode ends, Sakaki finishes restoring Lenka's God Arc, which has taken a new form. A natural disaster. Composed of biological material called "Oracle Cells," God Arcs are wielded by a group of soldiers called, "God Eaters". Light Green (Former)Gold (Currently) "Lenka" in Japanese means lotus flower. Lenka implores Soma to pass his own hope for the future onto the next generation. He has a scars on his left shoulder and the back and on the stomach. Lenka Utsugi Superhuman Strength and Speed, Swordsmen, God Arc Operation Meteorite commences, and all start killing the Aragami. The two then decide to sneak out to search for Alisa's God Arc. However, his sole ambition is to destroy all Aragami and later, to give hope and protect everyone. An earthquake rocks the entire planet, and enormous Oracle Cell spires rise from the ground all over the world, destroying anything in their vicinity.