You city people who don’t know shit need to mind your own f$@&@$” business and get off everyone’s backs!! I could not support a company that would put their financial gains ahead of the welfare of the animals that are the heart of the sport. IF THIS WERE AN OWNER AND A DOG THEY’D BE PULLED UP BY WELFARE AND PROBABLY THE POLICE…THIS HAS TO STOP. Let’s do some kind of flash mob in social networks and shame the rider. The French team’s vet also checked that he was fine and had no problems. If someone can do such a horrendous thing in public and no one with authority steps up and demands her coming of the horse and leaving the competition right there and then (followed up by reporting her to the appropriate authorities dealing with animal welfare), then the equestrian world is rotten to the core. It’s easy to watch in horror but to step forward is courage, and, THE RIGHT THING TO DO…, She should be banned . 6. And when we are trying to be the voice of the actual victim, the horse, we are over and over again told that we destroy our sport. YOU are not judge, jury, and executioner like you’d like to be!! Middleburg. Not the horse is the problem, it’s the rider. Someone needs to do something. Penelope Leprevost- I feel ashamed by your actions that so poorly reflect on the French equestrians. I had a horse trip and go to his knees once in a warm up at a show. Absolutely disgraceful, I only watched her a couple of weeks ago in the World Cup. There is a process and it’s not just left up to officials or managements. Any person witnessing Abuse must report it in the form a Protest (Article 163) without delay. I was so upset at seeing this abuse, that I felt compelled to take some action, so I contacted every one of this rider’s corporate sponsors, and shared the video. Unfortunately all these things come down to is – money. My daughter and I saw you last year at the Longines Eiffel and you were her inspiration. This is so embarressing. I feel for that horses future. }, © COPYRIGHT MATILDE BRANDT 2017 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Absolutely unacceptable. There is a process and it’s not just left up to officials or managements. Totally uncalled for. Powered by vBulletin® Version 5.6.2 Copyright ©2000 - 2020, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. All times are GMT-5. My goal was to wake him up but not to push him too hard. She lost some contracts but got picked up by others. If this continues, it will at one point be the end of horse sports. The horse struggled and fell down, it was not the fault of the horse. All you bleeding hearts need to get off YOUR high horses!!!! I hope this is spread far and wide, no excuse for cruelty!!! g cards. Please excuse my ignorance, but at Olympia I think it was, a very talented young male rider who won the class was disqualified for what the stewards saw as very small blood/spur marks on his horse. But no doubt within a few yrs she’ll quietly sneak back in carry on. Jan 10, 2014 - Our favorite horsey books!. Your spelling is embarrassing. But the thing the rider did is NOT OKAY. We must show the world that violence against horses is not, and will never be, tolerated. It’s just horrible. Makes you wonder what she does out of the publics eye then! This horse was probably punished because the rider was going to miss the opportunity of coming home first. new google.translate.TranslateElement({pageLanguage: 'en', layout: google.translate.TranslateElement.InlineLayout.SIMPLE, autoDisplay: false}, 'google_translate_element'); A) horse neglect Accidents do happen, we all know that. It seems people only care when the horse is winning or making them money. The abuse that Ms. LePrevost inflicted upon her mount, Vagabond de la Pomme, was initially reported by a ring steward, and escalated to an FEI Official. I’m so disappointed. Misplaced values or apathy ? We should also remember that a good rider never blames his horse!!! She is a disgrace to the equine world. again she should have been prohibited from exhibiting…asshat, Where the heck was the steward?? It has happened AGAIN. She no longer can be inspired by someone like you who publicly showed such low class and little respect for her mount. Athlete. I’m glad this was caught on camera and that she is getting shamed for it. Look at models like Kate Moss who gets a rap on the hand for being busted using cocaine. It’s unprofessional, un sportsmanlike and disgusting! It was extremely strange. She abused the horse completely, she treated the horse as if it was her enemy, but I’m not really surprised as I heard that she regularly abuses lots of horses . If the post contains, or links to, the type of specific information typically found in a sales or wanted ad, and it's related to a horse for sale, regardless of who's selling it, it doesn't belong in the discussion forums. I have no words for something like that. Must have horse grooming and horse handling experience. A complaint has been sent out to the FFE today by a Belgian welfare association for mistreated and abuse horses. we all know any horse will do it’s best to stay on it’s feet at all times. This page was generated at 04:24 PM. 1. It should be a no brainer to ACT and it should be totally expected by everyone involved. WELFARE MUST DO THEIR JOBS AND PEOPLE MUST KNOW THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS…..I AM TOTALLY DISGUSTED THAT THIS PERSON THINKS THEY CAN RIDE, THAT THIS PERSON IS ALLOWED TO RIDE OR BE ANYWHERE NEAR A HORSE AND THAT THE JUDGES AND WELFARE DID NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!! The initial report was broadcast in a Scandavian publication ( I saw my ex-coach, Melissandre Lincourt, tear a horse’s mouth out and punch him in the face, tie a horse with nose to chest overnight with no food or water, use metal spikes in nosebands and girths. No person may abuse a Horse during an Event or at any other time. I’m glad Penelope got caught, because maybe it’s the same with her; getting praise at highest levels of the sport while having the worst kind of cruel horsemanship. A natural approach is possible even at high level competitions: I was totally surprised that she did this. See more ideas about Books, Horse books, Horses. Occupy Dressage. Horses --Only general discussion about the buying, leasing, selling and pricing of horses is permitted. Revoke corporate sponsorship of Penelope LePrevost. Equestrian sport should be a TOGETHER, rider and horse should be a TEAM. I read earlier that she was given 2 warning cards. function googleTranslateElementInit() { And, this???? The FEI has initiated an investigation into this matter, and I’m sure that with video proof, they will conclude that this rider’s actions are in direct conflict with the rules and regulations of the FEI. Her abuse of kicking the horse forward and then yanking back on its mouth… this person needs to learn how to ride properly, forget competing, go back to basics lady and learn properly how to ride. 2. Yet this disgrace of a rider, who basically beat the living day lights out of her horse, was not even noticed!!! Good morning this is Will Faerber from Art2Ride and today we are lunging Miracle for the first time in an actual ring. Otherwise, sit down and wipe your tears of discussed in silence and outrage. I am formally requesting that you drop sponsorship of Ms. Penelope LePrevost in light of the abuse she inflicted on her horse, the seriousness of the act that has sparked an investigation by the FEI, and the lightness of her apology in regards to the severity of her actions. So typical of this so called human sport!! Yes, sure did! She has stated on her Facebook page ( “People have been upset by images broadcast via social networks of my horse Vagabond de la Pomme who nearly fell during the warm-up before the World Cup Final in Gothenburg. Ms. LePrevost reacted to criticism generated through social media. What are the bloody stewards for????, Greetings from Italy, People like this are the reason why so many people think all equestrians are bad. Now she rides grand prix and gets praise and recognition, while we all know that she is an absolute monster to her horses. Ok. 1. 4. This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach even if the horse was being naughty which he wasn’t that is no way to treat any living being! It’s unbelievable that someone can do something like that. some people r supporting her but I’m sure that if a rider from an other country would have done not even 1% of this in front of people it would have been disaster They are hypocrites. I grew up riding, and loved it – but that love is putting our own desires above an animal’s right to not live as a slave. To subject a Horse … We must put the animal first. Today when we brought him out, he was a little fractious when we started, … Shame on that rider!! Disgraceful. If the post contains, or links to, the type of specific information typically found in a sales or wanted ad, and it's related to a horse for sale, regardless of who's selling it, it doesn't belong in the discussion forums. Recently, she was observed to abuse her horse, Vagabond de la Pomme, during a competition. Horses have better stabilization naturally, they do not stumble like than unless something is totally wrong. This is the letter I wrote; feel free to copy it and sign it with your name. Know what I did? Otherwise, sit down and wipe your tears of discussed in silence and outrage. I am deeply sorry that I over-reacted and was too strong with my horse and I want to express my sincere apologies. I believe she did get 2 warnings for what happened. She should be banned from EVER owning or riding another horse. For the most part the trainers and riders are extremely loving, kind, and caring to our horses. It’s easy to watch in horror but to step forward is courage, and, THE RIGHT THING TO DO…, There were at least 8 separate infractions to be charged against this rider. Had my trainer check his knees and watch him go afterwards to make sure he was still sound to compete. Maybe phedras is lucky to be gone from this “French horseman (and horsewoman)” training….as for Penelope she will win a gold in Rio and join Lance Armstrong in the least respected athletes alive category, This is so sad, how can people think this is acceptable…, Matilde Brandt, 23, Norway. Penelope apologized for the incident stating “my horse’s welfare is paramount” the vet said the horse was fine not to mention she has incredible trust between her horses. Now go peek out your house curtains as the your neighbors you nosy rats!!!! 7. To use any device or equipment which causes excessive pain to the Horse upon knocking down an obstacle; 2. This is why I have believed for some time now that we should put an end to horse sports. Misplaced values or apathy ? Horse lover and blogger. I place great importance on the trust and cooperation between myself and my horses. Middleburg. I hope the images of what she did to that horse haunt her for a looooooong time, and inspire her to change! Unless you go to a AQHA/APHA show or a gymkhana in western America!! AND, if the officials and management does not file charges, then, guess what, yes, you can file charges against ALL including the Steward for not filing charges. To compete using an exhausted, lame or injured Horse; 375 likes. I was so upset about this, then read that an FEI ring steward did notify the Chief Steward about this abuse. No person may abuse a Horse during an Event or at any other time. My horse was trotting, very relaxed and with his head down, when he stumbled. This would be a different conversation if the rider had gotten injured which was a very real possibility. Gotta say, I would like to be around sometime if this woman tripped and fell, because at sometime we all do. But when the horse got back up, it was punished over and over again as the rider pulled the reins with an amount of force you should never ever use in the mouth of a living being.