Great guys that just launched their new website with loads of research and pictures on the 17th Armored engineers battalion of the 2nd armored division. Next to world war 2 militaria he also has a wide arrange of world war one items! Ceremonial officer's belt of the Luftwaffe. The Probably the biggest dealer in Sweden! Reich-Helmets I can only add that I have also met some really nice folks on this site and benefited from some great deals also. Unbelievably cool to get a grouping with a name so similar to yours! categories and items offered change frequently as new items Espenlaub Militaria If you are looking for WW2 Airborne related items please watch the website of my friend Michel Clements. Espenlaub Militaria In the inner breast pocket located a label with the name of the owner and the name of the tailor: Leutnant Rintz. thousands of vintage military antiques and collectible items It has a lot of information! The felt band and the lower part of the cap are moth damaged. Great photo’s on their Facebook page too! My friend Tim van Deutekom runs this reenactmentshop very dedicated for a long time. Johnson for me (not before his morning coffee!). War 2, British, German, Japan, French and Italian. Relationships of physical performance tests to military-relevant tasks in women. 55. He has unique and one-of-a-kind original WWII German artifacts for sale. The museum is literally stacked with original items in good to mint condition. Silvered zinc, very nice condition. Offers a great selection of WW1, WWII & Modern Day military antiques. Congratulations. The condition with traces of front-line wear. Wolfgang Historica In excellent condition, in the original blued finish, without traces of rust, with an original frog Rb nr. IM WESTEN Tarnmilitaria 16. Surely worth a visit! If you are looking for a specific item not Excellent condition, with a slight patina. It never gets old dealing with him. Similar early badges, almost never come across in a same good condition. Marvins Military One of the best addresses for the finest insignia! In Trenches Italian wool made, with a 1944 model breast eagle. There is currently 1 user online. military memorabilia  from Early US, World War 1, World War 2, British, German, Japan, French and Italian. This is achieved through the use of both original and reproduction uniforms and equipment researched from wartime photographs and documents. The albums show all the pictures, so not just the ones that made it into the press. Medal bar for 3rd Reich Policeman. The collection was started by the owner Jan de Jonge who was born in 1943. He has many pictures and in depth detailes described both in text and pictures. A very nice website for my friend Jesper Hahn. It never gets old dealing with him. NSDAP early member badge by Kerbach and Israel in Dresden.... NSDAP early member badge by Kerbach and Israel in Dresden. He focusses mainly on American and British infantry and airborne items. Free Shipping anywhere and no PayPal fees. Wartime Relics Bronze grade Infantry Assault Badge by Sohni, Heubach & Co Idar-Oberstein a.d. Nahe. Police Long Service Award 2nd Class 18 Years. A must see for the German vehicle enthousiast! offers Marked by COF42, which corresponds to Waffenfabrik Carl Eickhorn, Solingen. Reich Personalities, Knight’s Cross Holders and other High Award Holders, Portraits), Postwar Signatures, Paper Documents (such as ID’s, Award Documents, Postcards) and material from Military, Paramilitary and Political Organisations of the Third Reich, ranging from 1929-1945. Size 15 x 26cm, Aluminum RAD buckle with the leather tongue. Most probably repainted after the war. This website is a must-see for enthousiasts of the German cleaning kits or Reinigunsgerät 34! Premium Books from Collectors for Collectors, Quality items at the best prices. On the left side of the chest, there are loops for wearing awards, in the upper button loop a ribbon of an iron cross sewn. Definitely worth a look! He has unique and one-of-a-kind original WWII German artifacts for sale. The chin strap has aluminum fittings, most likely from another early helmet. All branches of service represented: Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, and SS. German WWII uniforms, helmets, insignia, and visors, to buckles, flags, fieldgear, medals, boots, caps, and more. 518-745-1700 • Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm EST . 11-13-2013, 05:12 PM #1. all1knew? Mario is the man for the finest in cloth and metal insignia. Richard J. Williams. available. “Museum grade” condition! 17th Armored Engineers Excellent condition, bronze, Near mint bronze Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1939 mit Schwertern. Couldn’t be happier with my latest addition here in Merry old England. Next to having nice items it’s always a pleasure to deal with my friend Sean who I have made many great deals with! Sean is also very knowledgeable on German helmets and runs the facebook group German Helmets of the Second World War <- a great group! Der Erste Zug 518-745-1700 • Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm EST A small webshop ran by my friend Patrick who specializes mainly in Commonwealth cloth insignia. If I want to recommend a mannequin business I would for sure start with Historia mannequins. He spent his whole life collecting artifacts and runs one of the most impressive museums in the Netherlands. B. Sprengel & Co., Hannover Fabrik feiner Schokolade, Kakao, Pralinen. A nice wide arrange of high end items that would be hard to upgrade. German Helmet Vault I wanna make a shoutout to William Kramer. The chinstrap... Scho-ka-kola chocolate for Wehrmacht 1938. EA-Militaria IMCS Militaria Around 1933 made. He has some nice small items that (even in Europe) are becoming hard to find. Surely one of the most important recently developed websites. Search Engine Positioning GESCH marking on the reverse with a vertical pin. Dezember 1938 Adolf Hitler. Oorlogsmuseum Ossendrecht Gold grade of the cross of the German mother. We also carry cloth and metal badges, and a large selection of accessories This comprehensively made in depth website is a must see for people interested in the MG42 and it’s equipment! Large size: breast volume 100 cm. Good condition with minor scratches on the enamel. Knowledgeable, connected, and patient! My friend Chris runs this small UK-based webshop with a passion for militaria. Volksgrenadiere From my experience over the years with Patrick I can only see nice things to come! If you want to see a LOT of items you really need to go there. Manhay History 44 museum All sorts of nice small hard to find details for medical pouches and surgical rooms, one should have a look at this webshop! Wolfgang Historica is a newly launched online Militaria Webshop and specializes in Photographs (III. Pocketlitter39 Another great bundle from William Kramer. Clements Militaria Coffeingehalt etwa 0.2% ... Wehrmacht Infantry officer's visor cap. The website has many interesting photo series made with original items explaining how they where used in a story line. quality pieces. NSDAP early member badge by Kerbach and Israel in Dresden. This website built and maintained by my friend Nick is a extensive blog about the battles in and around the German town of Prüm and the surrounding area of the Schnee Eifel during February and March 1945. Ran by Michael Baskette and Sean Greene. Collectors of military antiques Marked with 1938 year and the logo of the Gustav Brehmer factory. The outer rim shows oxidation. Militaria Hunter The celluloid diamond is practically lost due to wear. Very good condition with traces of use. Rob van Meel military reprints You can click on the name of the website to open it in a new tab. The one stop shop run by my friend Rollin who goes great lengths to reproducing items for living history purposes.