But did you know that chinchillas also need regular access to wheels? First of all, the wheel is resistant to being soiled and is relatively easy to clean. The Kaytee Silent Spinner is another ball bearing based exercise wheel. After about 15 minutes, if they are still running, you should try to guide them off the wheel. This is a relatively quiet wheel that is easy to clean. Before we dive into reviews, think about the following question: Do you own a chinchilla? This is a perfect way to help your chinchilla stay active and healthy. This wheel comes at a high price point, but it is made to last. If the wheel is clipped to the cage at an angle this can put more pressure on the axle leading to more friction on it and therefore more noise. Noise: As you might know, chinchillas are crepuscular animals. The Wodent Wheel has also proven to be more durable. The amusingly named Wodent Wheel is a highly durable long-lasting wheel that doesn't squeak! It is super quiet (watch this video for proof) thanks to its enclosed spinner hub. Hamsters' toes and feet are totally safe from being pinched, and there isn't a center axle that can cause spinal damage. The wheel is overall large, mostly quiet, very stable, and attractive to hamsters with its design. This eliminates any risk of a tail or spine injury. But once they are trained, they should be able to use this with no problem. THIS. Think about these factors before purchasing your wheel. It comes at a reasonable price point. Great for Syrian hamsters; The heavy-duty metal stand allows for give, protecting your pet from joint pain caused by running on a hard, fixed surface. Required fields are marked *. Unfortunately, you can’t buy mounting material from Wodent Wheel, so the stand is the only option for this wheel. So, your chinchilla will probably decide to use their exercise wheel during the night or in the early morning. Size: Make sure you look for a wheel that fits your chinchilla. Learn more. Most hamsters absolutely love running on their wheel. Although most people only associate rodent wheels with hamsters, these are a great tool for chinchillas. Just like other rodents, chinchillas use wheels to get exercise. Then you need a chinchilla wheel. This wheel also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is ideal since it is at a higher price point than many of the other wheels on the market. It doesn’t include a center axle, which means your chin won’t be at risk for a spine or tail injury. 1. 1 13 Amazing Rat Wheels. Wheels like the Carolina Storm bucket wheel off Etsy are less expensive but are durable. This wheel has a clean, simple, and solid construction that's made up of recycled plastics. This makes it an ideal wheel for chins who like to run at night. A very large wheel that's still quite easy to turn and runs silently while keeping a hamster inside safe. While hamsters are generally happy, engaging, energetic pets, these characteristics can be negatively influenced if they don't have a proper wheel to run in. Effectiveness: Before buying a wheel, you want to make sure it will be effective for your chinchilla. For a quick reference of our highest reviewed chinchilla wheels, please review the list below: #3 Kaytee Silent Spinner Small Animal Exercise Wheel. While it may be intimidating trying to find the perfect wheel for your hamster, we've compiled a list of the best hamster wheels as well as a comprehensive buying guide to understand what your hamster needs. If you have the right tools, you can follow these instructions to make your own wheel. Don’t waste you money on cheap temporary wheels like I did. By looking at the research that's been done regarding hamster wheels, it's safe to assume that they are an extremely important aspect of a hamster cage. The orange silent runner must be quite small because I purchased the green wide one and the width is 5 inches. Each of these materials comes with benefits and drawbacks, and understanding what those pros and cons are is important when finding the best hamster wheel for your situation. The silent runner wheel is pretty much silent (check out this, this and this video of it in action for proof).. One thing to be aware of with this wheel is that the footfall noise does seem to be louder than some other wheels (see here), thankfully footfall noise is far easier to tune out than squeaking when you're trying to sleep. Although Exotic Nutrition's Silent Runner is a top-level hamster wheel, the Transoniq Wodent Wheel is right up there with it. The Niteangle comes in two different sizes; small (8.5 inches) and medium (10 inches) and is available in brown, pink or white.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'soundproofpanda_com-banner-1','ezslot_4',141,'0','0'])); ..but who cares about the aesthetics, how quiet is it? Very easy to spin for even small hamsters, this wheel also spins very quiet while having secure walls and a smart design. Since it isn’t made from plastic, there are no health risks if your chinchilla tries to chew the wheel. You don’t want your chinchilla to scrape or cut themselves on a sharp edge. Material: Consider your chinchilla’s chewing habits before deciding on the wheel’s material. You might have a completely squeak free hamster wheel running but if your hamsters feet hitting the wheel sound like a horse galloping through your lounge then you won't be very impressed with your purchase. The Quality Cage Crafter’s 15” Chin Spin is a combination metal and wood wheel. Before buying a chinchilla wheel, you should do some research to determine the best option for your pet. The flat design keeps hamsters' backs from arching, and the size is spacious for all sizes of hamsters. These rungs can be bad news, as a toe or foot can become stuck and get severely injured. Plastic can be harmful to chins if they chew and consume it, Made from metal and wood instead of plastic, Plastic can be harmful to chinchillas if they chew and consume it. There are a few things that you can do to help this problem. Even though you are going to provide your chinchilla with an exercise wheel, they still need to spend time out of their cage. Hamsters spend most of their time awake running around to gather food, dig burrows, and escape predators. Questions 6: How do you train a chinchilla to use a wheel? It features a dual ball bearing wheel system which means the axel doesn't rotate, friction is reduced and axel noise is non-existent. If you continue to use this site you accept our use of cookies. There are several reasons why a hamster wouldn't be using their wheel. Every single hamster owner can agree that hamsters love their wheels. Most rodent wheels are made for smaller creatures, like hamsters. The way your wheel clips onto the cage can impact how much noise it makes.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'soundproofpanda_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_13',146,'0','0'])); Wheel vibrations will travel through the axel into the cage which can significantly amplify the noise. Also, it has a quiet and wide running track, which is essential for a chinchilla wheel. The Wodent Wheel Senior will provides years of fun on the run for your pets! If your chinchilla is an avid chewer, it may be best to avoid plastic wheels. The wheel is also pretty bulky, but that's to be expected from a hamster wheel that is a foot in diameter. Question 5: Are hamster and chinchilla wheels the same? Regardless, they're rust-free and most of them are very safe.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'beyondthetreat_com-box-4','ezslot_1',134,'0','0'])); Metal wheels last the longest, but have runs that the hamster runs on instead of a solid surface. Many people only associate hamsters with exercise wheels. It is important to remember that chinchillas need exercise to stay healthy. It is easy to clean and large enough for chinchillas. Made in the USA - 11" inch diameter (12" tall with stand) small animal running wheel with wall-to-wall tail shield. Additionally, it's commonly noted how easy the wheel is to turn and, when it gets messy, clean thoroughly.A small minority of owners state that the wheel is a little noisy, which is a problem that can either be fixed with a little bit of olive oil on the axle or a replacement. Required fields are marked *, Get exclusive pet tips, tricks, and fun stuff that we love :), About         Contact         Medical Disclaimer         Terms         Privacy. So, make sure to select the right size wheel for a chinchilla. Hamsters love using this wheel and are attracted to the bean holes in the front wall. This resulted in wheels that made a slight squeaking sound or wobbled a bit. Additionally, lots of people have no problem cleaning it with a little bit of soap and water. This will allow them to run freely without any risk of injury (from sharp edges, consuming plastic, or slipping on an unstable wheel). Your email address will not be published. This will give them enough space to run without slipping or falling off the wheel. A solid back wall and semi-solid front wall makes hamsters feel very safe and secure within it and keeps them contained. That is a lot of information to review. He was born into a family with a dog named Murphy, and since then has owned several other dogs, mice, ferrets, fish, geckos, and a cat. #3 Kaytee Silent Spinner Small Animal Exercise Wheel. Instead, make sure your chinchilla has access to an appropriate chew toy so they are not tempted to chew the wheel. Maintenance: Most chinchilla wheels are low-maintenance. With hamsters being recorded running around 5 miles per night, they're bound to reap some sort of benefit from such consistent exercise. It's important that you get a wheel that's large enough for your hamster, fits well into their cage, and is as quiet as possible (for your own sanity). This wheel has a clean, simple, and solid construction that's made up of recycled plastics. It can easily mount to a wire, so you can attach this directly on the cage wall. Your email address will not be published. But, you need the proper tools to make a functioning wheel. Although this is a more expensive option, it will last for years. The design is also wonderfully silent while staying robust and easy to clean.Owners of this wheel say that their hamsters love it as much as a standard wheel -- sometimes even more so! It is more cost effective and time-saving to purchase a chinchilla wheel. Ultimately, you need to decide which exercise wheel is best for your chinchilla. Also, because of the fact that it's wooden, hamsters can chew on it without any problems (but most can't chew it at all). Make sure that your chinchilla still has a few hours every day to run around outside of the cage. The wheel can be attached to a cage, but also has a stand so it can be used on its own. Chinchilla wheels should be large enough to accommodate their body size. ✔ SILENT - Innovative dual ball-bearings create a whisper-silent spin. The wheel is wide enough for your chinchilla to comfortably run. If you want something different, consider the Keersi Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel. This can be chalked up to many different reasons from a need for activity, a substitute for exploration, and a natural instinct. The wheel is silent, a great size, and is large enough for my very large syrian. Since the running surface is very wide, this is perfect for chinchillas who need a lot of space, which many traditional wheels can’t offer. Gerbil vs. Hamster – Which Is The Right Pet For You. If anyone is looking for a great wheel. Its easiness to spin and smooth running track keeps hamsters coming back to it to get their exercise fix.Owners of this wheel state that it lived up to its expectation.