Provide a teaspoon of pelleted food daily. All finches have a variety of whistles and calls. These are some of the most affordable birds that are commonly kept as pets. You can buy a Zebra Finch for around $20, though there are some mutations that can cost as much as $75. Both male and female birds are similar in appearance, with the females being slightly less colorful. Seeds are at peak nutritional value when sprouted. Zebra finches are usually sold at pet stores, by breeders, and can be found at rescues or through adoption agencies. If the seeds do not sprout, then the seeds are too old to feed. These scales typically form around the eyes and beak as well as legs. Your bird will need access to water in its cage for bathing purposes. For a treat, millet sprays are a big favorite. Unlike parrots, finches do not crave social interaction with people so, they will be less stressed if kept away from an activity hub. It is important to keep in mind that Zebra Finches do not typically like being handled or petted. You’ll also want to keep a small shallow bowl of water in your bird’s cage. These birds really love chickweed, dandelion, and other greens. You most likely won’t be able to play or interact with it in the same way that you would other birds. Pellets are a formulated nutrition source, which is good to offer as part of a varied and balanced diet. You shouldn’t expect your Zebra Finch to mimic anything you say, and they aren’t all that trainable. This makes it a good choice for those who don’t want to make an extremely long term commitment with a bird. Give her a 3 weeks of time brooding over these eggs before removing them. There are many finch species, but one of the most popular kept as a pet is the zebra finch. While some birds need to have toys in their cage for mental and physical stimulation, these birds do not. The Zebra finch has a relatively short lifespan of around 5 to 7 years, but they can live up to 10 years. Regular vet checkups can help to prevent this. Its preferred habitat includes a range of grasslands and forests, preferably close to water. One of the most interesting things about these birds is that they have elaborate songs. Either way, their feathers need to be maintained. Consider giving them small bells or hanging toys, although finches are generally not very interested in toys. Quiet, low-volume chirper; good pet for apartment living. These birds tend to spend most of their time in wooded grasslands. There are numerous reasons why you…, Petsoid is a blog for all pet and animal lovers. Other finches may be more brightly colored, but few are easier to keep successfully than zebra finches. An appropriate finch cage is wider than it is tall to provide ample space for flying from perch to perch. This species should be suitable for apartments or condominium living. You will, however, want to make a point of talking to it when you are near their cage sometimes. This is a type of bird that is best appreciated from a distance. They are dimorphic, which means you can tell the sexes apart by looking at them. If you notice this happening, it is important to get your bird to the vet right away. They can also be found in Indonesia and East Timor. They tend to live in dry regions, traveling in large flocks that can consist of 100 birds. The Zebra Finch is an adorable little bird that is a perfect choice for beginners. Finches tolerate a white range of temperatures but avoid placing them in direct sunlight or drafty areas near heat- or air-conditioning ducts. He teaches a song, and they improvise with little trills and whistles to personalize it. A male and female pair will usually breed quite readily, so you may want to consider keeping only females. Supply a variety of perches, but make sure the cage is not so cluttered that the finches cannot fly back and forth. This makes it a good choice for those who don’t want to make an extremely long term commitment with a bird. Females are gray colored in those spots. Required fields are marked *. Some finch owners sing to their birds or play music to inspire them. Reduce the length of the day for the pet bird using a. It may take your finches a few tries to accept new food items. Males tend to have a brighter red beak than females. When you are buying a cage for a Zebra Finch, you should make sure that it measures no less than 20 by 24 by 24 inches. All finches are social and should be kept in pairs. You need to make sure that your bird always has access to food throughout the day. For perches, you can use dowels in a couple of different sizes, or add some natural branches, perhaps angling them to provide variety, so their feet are not always holding onto the perches in precisely the same way. Zebra finches can be prone to a scaly face caused by mites, which requires treatment by a vet. There are many finch species, but one of the most popular kept as a pet is the zebra finch. There is always the chance that they won’t get along with their new feathery companion. Didn't find what you were looking for? These birds can develop problems with scales on their face, which are due to mites. Remove any potential nesting locations such as nest boxes or any dark areas. You need to do your research and think carefully before putting in a bird of a difference species with your Zebra Finch. You can go to either an experienced veterinarian or bird groomer to have this done. A male and female pair will usually breed quite readily. This species is hardy and relatively easy to care for. You can also give them just about any fruit or vegetable with the exception of onions, avocado, lettuce, and citrus fruits. This is a fairly good bird to own if you live in an apartment. Make sure your cage or aviary is large enough for flying. Or, you can attach their feeder to the side of the cage. These finches are attractive birds and the males can be easily differentiated from the females. In warmer climates, you can acclimate finches to outdoor aviaries. To mimic their foraging instinct, put food dishes on the floor (not under perches). Provide a shallow dish of fresh water several times a week for bathing. Females are mostly grey and do not feature any chest barring whatsoever. It should be long and horizontal so that your bird has plenty of space to fly. Provide fresh drinking water daily. Because Zebra Finches can have issues with overgrown beaks and nails, you will need to make sure that they stay trimmed. These birds don’t need a ton of space, but more is always better.