10 Best Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2019

10 Best Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2019


In today’s world, more and more people are realizing that getting fit is the precursor to leading a more productive, positive life. Yet in many cases, individuals don’t know how to get their fitness journey off to a great start. If this is your dilemma, now is the time to start reading information-packed, accessible blog posts regarding key topics like macronutrient/micronutrient ratios, different types of weight-lifting, and the importance of rest days. Read on to learn about the Top 10 Fitness Blogs so you can optimize and expedite your journey into looking and feeling you’re very best:

  1. Fit Bottomed Girls

If you’re interested in accessing an inclusive fitness blog where everything is not about being a size 0 or conforming to externally defined rules and regulations regarding what it means to look good, Fit Bottomed Girls is for you. This dynamic top 10 fitness blog is predicated on the idea that there is no one perfect bottom. Rather, a fit bottom can come in any shape or size. Rather than focusing on conforming to the picture-perfect images seen on Instagram, this community of fitness lovers place emphasis on self-love, finding ways to be happy, and finding workout songs that will make you want to get up and exercise. Filled with encouraging quotes like “You can’t hate yourself healthy,” the vibe here is incredibly down-to-earth and positive.

  1. Black Girls Run!

This dynamic blog was founded by Ashley and Toni in 2009. The blog has blossomed since then and is now an exciting community filled with women who are passionate about getting active and feeling good in their bodies. Originally, Black Girls Run! was started to combat the obesity epidemic’s role in stealing life and joy from African Americans. Within the African-American community, diseases such as hypertension and diabetes can be prevalent because of genetics and lifestyle. By visiting the blog, you’ll gain access to information regarding how to make the most of running and several other cardio exercises. The blog also features gear and product reviews as well as interviews with women who have transformed their lives through running.

  1. Yoga Dork

Yoga is one of the oldest exercise modalities under the sun, and it is effective for many reasons. In addition to increasing insulin receptivity and promoting a sense of tranquillity, yoga empowers individuals to sculpt their bodies, so they have a more toned physique. In recognizing the empowering role that yoga can play in an individual’s physical and mental development, Yoga Dork is pleased to present readers with a wide range of facts and observations about this form of exercise. While yoga is the primary topic of discussion, the blog also covers other important subjects like physical wellness, social movements, and spiritual health.

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  1. Nerd Fitness

Oftentimes, people feel that they are a misfit or outcasts. As a result of this reality, they don’t feel comfortable stepping into the gym when it’s time to get fit. If this is your dilemma, Nerd Fitness is the solution. This dynamic blog empowers you to learn about all kinds of fitness-related topics, including which types of workouts you should complete to increase your strength and why certain diets may fail you. Also, note that the blog includes information and discourse regarding weight-related wellness issues that individuals may face. Finally, the blog functions as a site of community, thereby preventing people from feeling that they are alone in the journey to becoming more physically fit.

  1. Travel Strong

Travel Strong is a go-to blog for individuals who want to remain fit while on the road. As many knows, travelling can be a particularly difficult time for individuals to remain on a diet given the reality of factors like the desire to try a new food or sitting for long hours on planes and buses. In recognizing these issues, the developers of Travel Strong place primacy on offering readers useful fitness information and nutrition advice. Many posts function as tutorials or “how to” guides for things like making healthy food choices or completing shorter workouts successfully.

  1. Fitness on Toast

Founded by Faya Nilsson, Fitness on Toast is a blog post centred around the idea that there are a wide variety of delicious, nutritious foods that can be eaten on toast. A personal trainer, Nilsson got the name for the blog after moving to the UK and finding herself intrigued by how many distinct types of foods could be consumed this way. In addition to covering toast-related food topics, Nilsson’s blog includes topics like “10 Ways to Be a Dufus At the Gym” and “Realities of Being A Personal Trainer.”

  1. Run to The Finish

Many people claim that running is the worst form of physical activity under the sun. And this is part of the reason that Run to the Finish was established. In recognizing that many people loathe this form of exercise, the writer places primacy on offering handy tips and motivational encouragement to make the task of running less difficult and more fun. The blog is appropriate for everyone, meaning that both beginners and experts will find information and ideas that can take their running journey to the next level of excellence and exceptionalism. Most of the blog posts cover topics such as how to warm up and the role that running will play in helping you get in shape.

  1. Born Fitness

The top health blogger of Born Fitness is passionate about providing people with information that will make self-care a simpler, stress-free process. The blog is perfect for individuals who have been experiencing ongoing complications with their diet, health, and fitness practices. Whether you’re trying to eat a better diet, gain muscle, live longer, or lose weight, this blog will provide you with the accessible, information-packed posts necessary to help you realize your fitness vision.

  1. The Fitnessista

This savvy blog was developed by weight loss specialist, personal trainer, and fitness director Gina Harney. Harney writes about healthy recipes that people can make to remain in shape while keeping excess weight at bay. She also provides individuals with information regarding workouts that can be completed anywhere, including on a park bench or in stores. As a mother of two, Harney also writes in recognition of the challenges that other mothers may experience as they try to get in shape and take care of their children at the same time.

  1. ACE

ACE is a nonprofit organization known for providing exercise professionals and health coaches with a wide range of certification opportunities that will increase their knowledge of the field. The ACE blog focuses on several fitness topics, some of which include strength training, exercises for the lower body, and physical movements that promote agility. Additionally, the ACE community has the end goal of making an impact on preventable diseases that result from sedentary living and inactivity.


People who want to look and feel their best should know that focusing on fitness is one of the best ways to realize the goal. Review the information outlined above to get on track to optimizing your level of fitness now!