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Fresh flowers can bring new life and energy to any space. Therefore, the best way to celebrate the return of warm weather and bring the breath of spring to your home is to decorate the interior with beautiful spring flowers. We offer you 22 ideas for creating stylish bouquets and floral arrangements!

1. Cute bouquets in rural style

The delicate beauty of plants is especially well emphasized by various old things, for example, peeling pots, garden watering cans, buckets, etc. Create a romantic-nostalgic mood in the room using such extravagant “vases” for tulips or other wonderful spring flowers.

2. Bright multi-colored bouquets

Spring is the perfect time to transform your windowsill. Use a low wooden container to decorate it along its entire length with a wide variety of bright colours, such as early lavender, peonies and roses combined with wildflowers, as in the photo below.

3. Pots with inscriptions

Any pot can be easily given playfulness with a special dark paint “chalkboard”, which will allow you to leave various inscriptions on them in chalk.

4. Magic of monochrome colours

A multi-level array of different types of plants of the same shade will give your room a truly luxurious and refined look. In the following photo, you can see how yellow hazel grouse, tulips, freesias and daffodils, tucked into different pots and glass vases, create together a stunning composition for decorating the interior during the celebration of March 8, Easter or another spring holiday!

5. Delicate pink flowers

A bouquet of various red and pink flowers will be a wonderful gift for your beloved woman and will look especially good in a white ceramic vase.

6. Stylish little bouquets

From small flowers – small bouquets! Of course, a lush bouquet of small flowers can also give joy, but to brightly highlight the beauty of each individual plant, it is better to use their small number and low small vases.

7. Soothing effect in the interior

Light and delicate shades of plants will give you a pleasant and soothing mood every morning if you place them near your bed. See how in the next photo a glass vase with hyacinths and crocuses gives the bedroom a calm and gentle touch of spring.

8. Disordered arrangement of flowers

The arrangement of colours does not have to be clearly thought out and complex. Sometimes to create an exquisite bouquet, it is enough to choose 3 different types of flowers with a similar bud shape and cut their stems to the same height. A good example is in the photo below.

9. Combination of contrasting shades

The contrast between, for example, purple and orange flowers makes the bouquet produce a particularly spectacular impression. A great way to express your strong feelings!

10. Daffodils as an alternative to cut flowers

Recently, flower shops are increasingly offering not only freshly cut flowers but also plants in pots. In the spring, for example, they sell daffodils in this way, which allows them to persist much longer than other flowers. In the next photo, you can see how the combination of daffodils and dogwood stems in a vase creates an interesting and unusual optical illusion.

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