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10 Pretty Nail paint colours to try in 2021

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It is likely that in 2021, Nail paint trends will become brighter and more vibrant than they are now. These paints will be inspired by nature and animal prints. The advancements in technology have allowed the nail polish industry to expand its paint options. This has led to a variety of bright and bold paint which we can expect to see more of in 2021 nail trends. The top 10 nail paint that you will see on your in 2021, trending.

1. Luck Pink:

Luck Pink

Rome offers you a wide range of beauty products. This is a very famous beauty brand known prominently. One of the shades which this brand is offering these days that is very trending is Luck Pink. It has good features like strengthening, glossy finish, clear coverage, good sustainability and the central part, which makes it a good choice is paraben-free Nail paint. Give a try to your beautiful nails with this shade.

2. Blue Paint of Elle 18:

Firstly, a familiar brand to everyone ELLE 18 known for budget makeup. This company is offering a good shade that comes from a Blue paint family. The shade number of this nail colour is 155. It has Opaque coverage, a Glossy finish and sustainability is regular. Secondly, it is very safe as it is tested under various circumstances. Along with all, this shade has an outstanding feature of quick dry.

3. Pastel blue shade:

The pastel blue paint is an excellent choice for those who want to spice up their look with a little bit of colour, but not too much. It’s also a good option for those who want to add variety to their outfit and don’t want anything too loud. Lakme offers this shade. It is available on Myntra.

4. Metallic hues:

Metallic hues are perfect for those who love looking chic and feminine. A metallic polish will make nails sparkle, which can be perfect for any event or occasion. And pairing them with other metallic accents is also ideal for making one’s look more stylish. Iba gives you an offer on Myntra, which is a pack of 3 metallic paints. It has Sparkling silver, Gold Sparkle and Rose Gold. It is a Saudi based company. Features include quick-drying and long-lasting.

5. Zinc White:

A pale white-grey paint with a slight blue tint. Zinc white paint shade is available in ELLE 18. It gives you all the features which a good nail polish has.

6. Grey Matter:

Grey Matter

A very muted, calm grey tone. Paint Bar and Myglamm have this shade which is quite popular today. It is a Smokey shade liked by many ladies of every age. Gives you long wear time and glistening nails.

7. Tinsel:

This metallic silver is perfect for Christmas time. IN COLOUR, Myglamm and Elle 18 has this shade available with all the features. Wearable at functions and parties. Mostly, like by Brides and brides to be.

8. Yummy Mummy:

This soft pink is perfect for springtime. It is also really popular with pregnant women and moms of babies. Soft Pink is available in Inglot. It is a significant brand in India that provides good quality products. Soft Pink paint shade is mostly liked by mommies today. The shade no is 513. Little bit costly but has all the fantastic features like quick-dry, opaque coverage, and matte finish.

9. Red for all:

A popular shade these are going trendy is Red for All. This shade is available in Paint Bar. It has a Glossy finish, Opaque coverage and Regular features.

10. Blue Bye:

Blue Bye Felicia Lit Matte of MyGlamm is also a very trendy shade of 2021. With tested ingredients, which is environmentally safe. This shade is popular among college girls and pretty good for all weather conditions. 

Must give a try to the above nail paint shades. They will add more glow and attraction to your personality.

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