10 Sugar-Free Recipe to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes


One of the main culprits of having Diabetes is eating unhealthy foods. For some people, they find it hard to balance their diet. They always dive into guilty pleasure foods. Ice cream, cake, carbonated drinks, sweets, they are undeniably hard to resist. But if your health is at risk, you should resist them whatever it may take. Glucosmart Vanderhaeghe is a supplement that will help you in monitoring your blood sugar level if you are suffering from Diabetes. While you are trying to resist all the guilty pleasures in the world, this supplement will help your blood sugar level to be in the right place.

Food plays a huge role in reducing the risk of Diabetes. If you are eating healthy foods, most likely you will not suffer from Diabetes. But if you always indulge in unhealthy foods, you would not be shocked if Diabetes will come into your health. Diabetes can lead to worst-case scenarios like blindness and death. Always remember that prevention is better than cure, while it is not too late, you may want to consider the following sugar free recipes to reduce your risk of having Diabetes:


1. Whole-Grain Cereal

Whole-Grain Cereal

This is very simple and easy to make. You can find whole grain cereals on any groceries anywhere in the world. Pour some skim milk on your whole-grain cereal bowl and it’s up to you if you want it hot or cold. This is a good breakfast for a Diabetic person because it is rich in fibre. You can also add fresh fruits on top to add flavours.

2. Scrambled Eggs and Wheat Toasted Bread

Cook and scramble the eggs in the right way. Do not put too much oil. Be watchful while putting oil on your nonstick pan. Enjoy your scrambled eggs with wheat toasted bread. If you are suffering from Diabetes make sure not to partner your scrambled eggs with white bread.

3. Almonds and Fruit


This is the most recommendable breakfast before doing your exercise because it is light and rich in fiber. Fruits such as berries, peach, and apple will add sweetness to your breakfast without eating sugary foods.


4. Tuna or Chicken Salad

Tuna and chicken are both rich in protein. If you add raw vegetables on these such as cucumbers, spinach, or carrots, it will be rich in nutrients. Sprinkle some nuts and dress your salad with any vinegar of a kind and olive oil.

5. Brown Rice and Veggie Stir-Fry

Brown Rice and Veggie Stir-Fry

Make sure that your brown rice and veggie stir-fry meal is homemade because those fast-food versions can be high in fat and salty. Saute’ your vegetables with some sort of healthy cooking spray and soy sauce. What is good with this meal is that it does not spoil easily. This can last long. You can just reheat it on your over or in a pan.

6. Pizza

Interesting, isn’t it that you can still eat pizza even if you have Diabetes? This is not your usual pizza topped with heavy cheese and pepperoni. Top your pizza with vegetables instead, like spinach and use low-fat cheese like feta or ricotta.

7. Pasta

Yes, you read it right. You can partner your healthy pizza with your healthy pasta. It is still possible to enjoy pasta as long as it is made in a healthy way. Use whole-grain pasta and healthy tomato paste. Top it with chicken, shrimp, and tuna. You can add spinach and carrots to make it healthier.


8. Turkey Meatballs

Turkey Meatballs

Instead of using breadcrumbs for your meatballs, use oats instead. Roll you ground turkey to your oats. Add onions and celery to give flavours to your turkey meatballs. This is very easy to make. You can also add this to your pasta as toppings.

9. Stuffed Chicken Breast

This one is also very easy to cook. You need a chicken breast, low-fat cheese, basil, pepper, and curry powder. Cut the chicken breast halfway and stuff it with chopped with your low-fat cheese, basil, and pepper. You can also add tomatoes if you like. Place the stuffed chicken breast on an aluminium foil and season it with curry powder. Bake for around 20 minutes but that depends on the size of the chicken breast. This very simple to make. You can stuff chicken breasts and place it on your fridge. Heat it on your oven whenever you are going to eat.

10. Lasagna


Enjoy lasagna but not in the usual way. Instead of using pasta, use zucchini instead. Cut the zucchini and place it on a baking pan. Season it with pepper and set aside for 10 minutes so it will absorb the flavour. Broil it in the oven for 3 minutes. Add low carb beef to your lasagna and do it like the usual lasagna layering way. You can also top it with low-fat cheese like ricotta.