16 Best Tips to Rock Your Home Decor with Boho Style!

The Boho style is undoubtedly here to stay! With a mix of hippie, romantic, relaxed and very charming, the Boho style can please from the minimalist to the coolest!


Its name originates from the junction of the term “bohemian” (but it is not from queen’s music, which, incidentally, is wonderful!), which means bohemian, and Soho, a very charming London neighbourhood. Therefore, the name Boho emerges, with the intention of characterizing a décor full of style, creativity and a lot of personalities!

You hit that curiosity to know how to kick ass in your Boho-style home décor, didn’t you? Then let’s go!

Special tips to think before you start your Boho decoration

As Boho décor mixes cultures and is something very personal, you need to think about materials and elements that have to do with your personality and that somehow tell a story.

In this sense, bet on ethnic elements, such as the prints of the cushions of this project that, combined with plants and candles, leave the atmosphere very intimate and romantic:


In this style of decoration, for example, only one element of hippie culture was chosen, the filter of dreams. As it is large, it gained prominence in the décor, besides having left the room very elegant.


Another option is to use travel souvenirs. They tell a lot of history and can have an incredible combination with other decorative elements. See:


Main elements in Boho decoration

There are a number of elements and materials that can make up Boho décor, such as wooden furniture, earthy tones with more vibrant colours. Here are some options!

Boho style colors

As we said earlier, the most classic in boho style is earthy tones. That’s because they leave the environment lighter, cosy and less charged for moments of rest after a day full of appointments, as we usually have. See:


If you want to dare a little more in your decoration, you can bet on a black wall and combine it with elements in more neutral colours, as in this image:


Yes, we know that using black in the décor can be a problem for many people, who are insecure when using it. Thinking about it, we did a special article with tips to use and abuse the black in the decoration. Do you feel like reading?

It is also possible to create a more colourful Boho style decoration, which makes the environment more cheerful and full of life. Here’s how carpets, flowers and cushions made a difference in this décor:


Which furniture to use?

In general, the Boho style uses many wooden pieces of furniture. This type of furniture makes the environment more rustic and natural, so as to leave a more relaxing and quiet décor. In addition, we need to combine, the décor is too beautiful:


To find out which furniture to use, how about knowing some LIV Decora products? The couch makes all the difference too! It is very common to use a sofa in a lighter tone, such as this:


Are you looking for a couch? I’m absolutely sure you’ll fall in love with this wonderful selection we’ve made for you.

Plants and more plants!

Plants are almost like a rule for boho style. The environment becomes lighter, the plants take care of the air of the environment and leave the space much more relaxing, besides being very charming:



If you follow our articles here at LIV Decora, you may already be tired of knowing that good lighting makes all the difference in the décor of an environment. Check out this project:


In the Boho style, in addition to natural lighting, which is highly valued, you can also invest in luminaires, which have all their charm:


Coffee table

The coffee tables, besides being very functional, since they can be used to leave glasses, mugs, books or decorative elements, add a lot of beauty to the décor: