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Holiday Decorating Ideas

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2019 Holiday Decorating Ideas & Inspiration

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From mischievous elves to bold, unexpected hues, 2019’s holiday décor trends have personality to spare. Here are five decorating ideas to help you and your interior designer Malibu turn your home into a winter wonderland this holiday season.

1. Get the blues.
  • This holiday season, shades of blue anchor a variety of holiday themes, from classic Hanukkah décor to chic coastal styles. Check it out:
  • Incorporate teal, yellow, pink, and purple accents for a youthful take on the season, perfect for a child or teen’s bedroom.
  • Mix sophisticated navy and turquoise blues with copper accents to bring the beach or bay into your holiday celebration.
  • Pair icy periwinkle shades with luxurious Prussian blue accents to create an elegant winter wonderland.
Get the blues
2. Make like Switzerland and stay neutral.

If bright and bold isn’t your style, take your holiday décor in the opposite direction with a tony trio of white, gold, and champagne shades. Mix sparkling baubles and twinkling lights with reclaimed wooden elements for a subdued but altogether warm style.

3. Bring the outside in.

From branches to berries and everything in between, the great outdoors contains a wealth of holiday wall décor ideas capable of transforming your den or dining room into an enchanted forest. Pair these woodland details with elegant white fairy lights, faux fur details, and intermittent pops of red, green, and rust for an atmosphere that’s both sylvan and sophisticated. Consider choosing design elements for more than just their visual appeal, as well, by incorporating aromatic accents, such as citrus peels, cinnamon sticks, and pine cones.

4. Take the elf off the shelf.

Embrace a Nordic theme for this year’s Christmas décor by incorporating bold reds, bright whites, and more mischievous elves than you can shake a candy cane at. These playful mythological creatures known for their epic white beards and stocking caps are a Scandinavian staple of the winter solstice season. They can blend in with virtually any part of your home or your wintry design scheme. Tuck one into a chunky knit stocking or under a knotted felt garland. Hide a pair underneath your tree.
Take the elf off the shelf.
Don’t forget that elfin décor can also do double-duty. While elves, or tomte, first gained popularity through 19th century Scandinavian folklore, in the 21st century, they’ve become known as Santa’s right-hand men and women. If you have small children in your home, the fact that your décor has Santa’s ear can be used to your advantage.

5. Invest in Christmas dishes.

For many families, the holidays are all about food, food and more food. Cheerful Christmas dishes can transform even the simplest meal or snack into a sumptuous yuletide feast. Plus, they’re the perfect holiday item to hand down to the next generation of merrymakers one day. Don’t know where to start building your holiday dishware collection? Enlist the help of the best interior designer in your area; he or she can help you go beyond big box and department stores to find dinnerware, drinkware, serving bowls and table linens.

Whether your holiday decorating vibe is classy Atlantic coastal or cozy Christmas cabin, the most important elements to include are you and your family. For maximum impact and merriment, choose holiday design elements that reflect your style, taste, and traditions.

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