3 Accessories that can’t be missing in the bathroom decor

The bathroom is also well decorated. More and more accessories are created thinking about this space. Meet the 3 accessories you have to take home.

You often see several rooms of the house decorated, but the bathroom is not one of them. In fact, it is rare to see someone investing time in this division unless, of course, interior designers.

But there are plenty of reasons to decorate your bathroom and counter what most people (don’t) do. There are several decorative elements that you can include in this space, and that will certainly bring you a new life.

In addition to the artificial plants that very well occupy any of the corners of the division, there are other objects that should have under your eye. Textiles, accessories and bathing storage are an example of this.

We will therefore show you how much your bathroom is missing by not including these decorative elements. We want to meet your good taste and indicate to you the objects that can not be missing in the decoration of your bathroom.

Bath textiles

Forget the most common towels and rugs, because we have everything to show you less than that. Our bath textiles respect the division for which they are intended and therefore merge with existing tones.

It is certain that we also have towels and rugs of strong colours, but this is not necessarily bad. Quite the contrary, not least because you may be looking for a more bright colour note that complements the décor of your bathroom.

Bordeaux would be, for example, a winning choice. But there are others, such as the greenish-blue (light) and the dark blue. Whatever yours, in any of these cases the combination of tones will be the most harmonious.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the more neutral tones, you can also find them in our selection. These colours are perfect for any time of the year, and can easily merge with the other shades present in the bathroom. In addition to the nudes and beiges, here you can also find the whites and light roses.

Bath accessories

Bath accessories must not be missing in any bathroom. In addition to being useful, these objects have a unique identity and always come in handy at all times.

The most common is the dispenser, the soap dish, the toothbrush cup and the piaçaba. Everything seems conventional in your head we know, but it is at this point that we show you how elegant these pieces can be.

Forget the traditional look of the objects we mentioned. In our selection, you will find accessories in marble, wood and even bamboo. Originality goes hand in hand with elegance in unique objects.

So forget the whites and the beiges. Bet on blacks, golds and dark blues. Bring your bathroom to life with these the most beautiful accessories you’ll ever see.

Bath storage

In the bathroom, you’ll find those accessories you didn’t even know you needed. Among the most sought after pieces are the laundry basket, towel racks and steel and wood towel racks (in the shape of stairs).

These elements, in addition to being elegant, fit perfectly in any bathroom. Regardless of the tones, you have chosen for your space, you are sure to find the missing piece here that does not interfere with the existing colour palette.

We always opt for neutral and dark tones, which never compromise the space they will occupy. In addition to light woods and whites, we chose colours like black to paint the structures of some of the accessories.

Our storage accessories are mostly outside the closets. This means you can create storage space “outside” without ever occupying too much area.

Our towel supports, for example, are so thin that you can hardly even tell them to exist. Finding the elegance and support needed for such a piece is therefore one of our goals.

Give wings to imagination and life to your bathroom. This forgotten space doesn’t need to remain that way. In addition to the accessories we mentioned here, please beupons to your good taste and think about what other elements you might include.

The placement of photographs or images, so often despised, is one of the most original ideas you can have to decorate your bathroom. And even if you don’t want to drill through the wall, you can always place each frame strategically on the sink furniture, for example, or against a wall.

Of course, you should not exaggerate the number of decorative accessories you choose (or storage). But you can, for example, bet on the placement of fragrances in this space. The magic of essences is just that: transforming the space where they are, creating a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere.