3 Ways to Include Your Kids in Your Wedding


No matter if you are getting married for a second time and have kids from a previous marriage or if you have kids with your current partner.  Including your kids in the wedding is an integral part of making kids feel like they are a part of the wedding and will be a life change for them just like it is for you.

Here are three super cute ways to include children in a wedding program.

Wedding Invitation Wording

When you are creating the invitation to the wedding, a fun little twist is to change the wording.  Instead of having the couple or the parent do the inviting, you change the language to have your children be the ones that are doing the request the presence of your friends and family to witness the marriage.  With this slight change to the wording on the invite, you can sit down with your children and let them know they are the ones that are letting everyone know and what a big deal that is.  Make sure to make invitations online with your favourite stationery site to create your invites that will make memories to last a lifetime.

Include Them In The Planning

Everyone knows that a wedding takes a ton of planning before the big day can happen.  You may not want to include them in every aspect of planning, but incorporating them in some more fun decisions can help get your children excited for the big day.  So bringing them to the cake tasting and having them help with any of the DIY crafts that you might need for decorations will give them a sense of pride that they helped bring everything together.

You can also have them help you create a signature drink for all the kids attending the wedding.  So get them out some soda water and flavourings to let them make the mocktail/beverage that all the kids will be drinking while the adults drink your signature cocktail.

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Include Them In The Ceremony

There are many different ways to include your kids into the wedding day but here are just a few of our favourites.

Flower Girl or Ring Bearer

I know this is an obvious choice and a time-honoured tradition, but there is still no cuter than a small child walking down the aisle with a ring or flower petals. So depending on the age of your child, this is a must.

Walk Down The Aisle

Walking the bride down the aisle is a big honour. Giving this honour to a child is a great way to make them feel very important.

A Small Performance At The Wedding

Before the first dance, why not give your kids the floor and let them shine with a performance in honour of the wedding. That can be a particular song, dance, or even just a speech.  No matter what you decide on, it will be sure to bring down the house.

Include Them In Your Vows

Vows are usually between the bride and groom, but why not include your children in your wedding vows as you all will be becoming one big family.


Be In Charge Of The Guest Book

Having your child be in charge of a guestbook for a wedding is a fun way for everyone to receive the chance to leave a nice comment about you and get to know their family.

By including children in each part of the wedding, they will feel that they are an essential part of the wedding, which will help them settle into the new life that you are all beginning together.