If you have a habit of taking work home, or if you work from home, you should create your own office that allows you to separate the workspace from the space-leisure. Although I may think that a secretary is enough, keep in mind that it will be a place where you will spend many hours, so you should invest in comfort!


Essential to create a home office If
we want to have an office at home, we need a desk and some storage space. In addition, a good chair with good back support is essential. Another very important factor is lighting, both natural and the arrangement of lamps.

It is necessary to ensure that it has no reflections to disturb, but that it is not in a place too dark.
Today we bring you five tips on essential furniture that will be very useful to you to create an office in your home.


1. Choice of furniture

It is important to think about furniture according to the needs of each one. Our advice is to choose a generous desk or desk where you can have more than one computer. In the case of also using notebooks or blocks, it is important a larger desk, where you can have to consult the computer at the same time and work on physical support. To ensure storage and that work material is always at hand you can choose office tables with shelves or drawers incorporated.


You can also complement an office desk with small drawers, and furniture modules, and integrate shelves and bookshelves around your office. It’s a wonderful way to have everything handy!


2. Tables with Easels

Who says you have to have a desk or a study desk? Simplify and use a table with two easels. If you don’t want to keep having an office at home in the future, it might be easy to keep it. Also, if for some reason you need a support table you already know where you have one that can be easily moved.


3. Chairs with good support

Think about your health. You’re going to spend some time sitting down, so you should keep a good posture. Choose a comfortable chair with a good backrest. Do not forget that the height must also be adjustable so that you reach the ground with your feet at an angle of 90º to 115º.


4. Decorate your office

If you play with the colours of the books and the colour boxes to have everything organized, it will create a more fun and youthful environment that invites you to work. But first of all, decorate it with what motivates you: paintings, photographs, posters. Don’t forget that it can also be helpful to have a board for writing tasks or notes.


5. Ideas for office: Taking advantage of the wall

Your office walls can be used not only to place shelves but also to pin notes, sketches or calendars. There are even magnetic paints, for those who do not like the idea of spoiling the wall with tape. Another option is to even place a cork wall, where you can post all the information you find relevant. You can also only opt for a wall decoration distinct from the rest of the house, further fostering the difference between workspace and leisure space.


As we have seen, there are several elements that can help create a pleasant and comfortable office in our home. A good workspace and ideal to foster creativity and productivity.