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5 Cool Wedding Ideas You’ll Want To Steal For Your Big Day

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Wedding season is coming up, and couples everywhere are figuring out the finishing touches that will make their big day epic. Planning a wedding is a time consuming process and often couples think initially only about the basics such as venue and flowers. However, making your wedding memorable takes more than just nice flowers and a cocktail hour. Weddings have definitely evolved from the traditional church wedding. Now, weddings incorporate more than just dinner and drinks. They include entertainment and fun for the happy couple and guests alike. There are many different ways to make your big day fun for you and your guests. When planning your wedding, you want to think about what best represents the two of you as a couple and the best ways to keep your guests entertained. Here are our favorite 5 cool wedding ideas you’ll want to steal for your big day:


  1. Donut Bar – Most weddings might provide guests a bar for guests to enjoy. However, take that idea of a bar and change to something a little more unconventional. A donut bar is something that can be enjoyed for both adults and children. This can also be a cheaper alternative than providing a dessert table or pastries. If you and your significant other have a favorite donut spot, you can ask if they take catering orders and share your favorite donuts with all of your guests.
  2. Bouncy Castle – Remember, that fun bouncy castle you had at your seventh birthday party? You and your hubby can bask in that nostalgia by booking one for your wedding. This fun wedding trend started in the U.K., but it is sure to be appearing in weddings all over the world. This is especially fun if you have an outdoor wedding. It might sound ridiculous, but bouncy castles are something that you and your groom surely both enjoyed as kids. Even for adults, bouncy castles just embody fun and childhood memories. Your guests are surely going to enjoy anything that brings about childhood fun.
  3. Glow-in-the-dark Reception – If you want a truly unique experience, you can try to incorporate some glow-in-the-dark fun to your reception. While having a completely glow-in-the-dark reception might be a little much for your guests, having one room or section that incorporates this fun theme could make for a memorable wedding. Something about a black light just makes things more fun and lively. You can provide guests with glow in the dark sticks or even provide drinks with glow in the dark ice cubes. You can even get a chance to see yourself glow in the dark. Black lights will make you illuminate in your white wedding dress and your diamond jewelry might give off a fluorescent glow. Diamonds often give off a blue glow that can only be seen under a black light.3
  4. Alternative Wedding Cakes – Another great way to sneak in some unexpected fun is to change up your wedding cake. If you are not much of a cake person or do not have a sweet tooth, you can have a wedding cake that actually is not made of cake at all. Many couples are instead opting for alternative wedding cakes such as a “cake” made of cheese or even pizza.
  5. Create a Video Booth – Many weddings have caught on to the trend of providing a photo booth for guests, but you can take it one step further and provide a video booth. This is a great way for guests to give the two of you a personalized message. You can make it fun by providing props and questions for them to answer about the two of you. There are plenty of photo and video businesses now that allow you to rent the equipment or build a custom booth for your wedding.

Keeping things fun for you and your guests ensures that you will have an unforgettable wedding day. Remember, this special day is one for you and your partner to enjoy but also for all your loved ones to enjoy also. Even incorporating just one of these fun ideas into your wedding will help keep things light and your guests will enjoy the extra thought you put into their experience.

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