5 Easy Nail Art Ideas That You Can Do at Your Home

With the popular trends of fashionNail art has also gained popularity. Nail art is the creative way of drawings or paintings that are often done on one’s nails that often suits the attire as well as the season. It is that form of artwork that is often drawn or done on both the finger as well as the toenails, generally after having manicure and pedicure. With the invention of different modern nail polishes, the culture of nail art is in full swing. Due to its increasing demand, nail art became one of the costly decorative ideas of the nails that suits the present trends of fashion. Thus, many parlors provide such services but are very costly in nature. But now you can easily practice such ideas at home with some new ideas. 

Some ideas of nail art that you can do at your home are:

#1. Polka dotted: Polka dotted nails are the most common and the easy-to-draw nail art ideas that you can easily perform on your nails that also without any expertise and tools. At first, you need to put colourful nail polish of your choice on the nails and let them dry. After drying it out, take a part of polka-dotted washi tape and paste it on the nails. After applying polka dotted washi tape, make a mark with the pencil just on the upper side of each nail. After that cut the washi tape as marked by the pencil in the nail shape and apply transparent nail polish on it. Your polka-dotted nail art is ready. 

Nail Art 1

#2. Blue nails with flower: First, apply blue nail polish on your nails and let them dry. You can easily find different flower motives for your nail art in the store. Apply those motives on your nails while it is wet. And after drying your nail apply transparent nail polish as a finishing touch.

Nail Art 2

#3. Frame nail art: Decorating your nail with frame-forming nail art is quite an easy task that you can try at your home. In this nail polish on your nails as a base and let them dry. After that paint frame on your nails with the deep color nail polish of your choice. At the end, set it by applying transparent nail polish over it.

#4.  Single stripe nail art: When you decide to paint your nail art on your own, single stripe nail art is perfect for you to try at home. First, apply a light color nail polish as a base and let them dry. After that use glitter to paint a single stripe on it. Single stripe nail art is elegant-looking nail art that is easy to apply.

#5. Mermaid style: It is another most popular design in nail art. To make mermaid-forming nail art, first, apply a royal blue glitter nail polish as a base. After drying them, apply golden glittery nail polish on the corner top of your nails. Finish it by applying transparent nail polish over it.

Nail Art 4

 Other than the above-mentioned ideas, there are a lot more nail art ideas that you can easily try at home. To get other ideas please follow the backlinks given below.

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