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Carpet Cleaning Methods

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5 Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods

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We go on through daily life, spending loads of time in our lounge, our bedrooms, and our living rooms. What is the most common thing everyone has in their rooms with every other single person today? Carpets. Carpets are the one thing that keeps every room in the house as neat and as decorative as possible. Carpets are present there for top design purposes of keeping the entire room cosy if covered with carpets, but most importantly to keep our feet warm, but with every household come people of the household.

There are certain aspects we have to understand before we get into the cleaning process. Some stains fight the power just as hard as we try to clean it with all our might. Some stains are so pesky that even the professional carpet cleaners fail to get cleaned from the carpet. Then all you can do is sit there and watch your favourite rug go to the trash department. There is a factor that involves you taking a pinch of salt with every cleaning process.

It can be from adults of the house to the children of the house. Living around carpets accidents are bound to happen sooner or later. It could be an adult accidentally or purposefully wearing outside shoes on the carpet where they are not allowed, or it could be a kid who spilt his drink over the carpet while dancing to his favourite baby shark tune. That is when the head of the house or the lady of the house whosoever is the most cleanliness oriented will want to get those stains and dirt marks cleaned as soon as possible. That is where Carpet Cleaning comes into play. Let us face it, and there is a ‘germaphobe’ in all of use.

Some off us cannot even stand the sight of a dirt mark on our favourite carpet that came from a dear relative, which is a family heirloom. There are services which handle cleaning for you so that you do not have to get your hands dirty if you feel such away, or you love to get your hands dirty and are always the one to do your work yourself, there are ways for you to get rid of those nasty stains and marks from your mom’s favourite carpet without any hurdle.

Professional services are always a great option to get the stain cleaned while having the entire carpet cleaned and turned back to new, but there are always people who prefer not to spend a lot of money as professional cleaners tend to take a lot of money as their service is mostly top-notch, but here we will share five techniques which will hopefully solve the dirty carpet issues that you are facing. We will share the pros and cons of each process as well so that you can know which is the safest way to bet on.


This process is the oldest technique in the book. All it takes is hot water, as hot water can smoothen out those pesky marks. Those stains in the carpet consist of solid stains; once hot water has applied, the stains loosen up hence giving way and cleaning off. The requirements are that you have a good sturdy quality brush and a bucket of hot water. Professional services tend to use this exact method most of the time as it generally works almost all the time. This way, you save money and get the job done.
You can spice things up by adding a cleaning agent in the water; this way, the stain is for sure to go. If you are up to the local market data, then you will have the information that the market carries machines that use hot water to clean stains for you just in a single swipe, but keeping in mind these machines are not cheap at all. They are like vacuum machines. Instead, they use hot water to get the stains out. This technique used is eco-friendly as there are children in the home as well. The detergent used in this process will not be harmful to kids.

  • This method is recommended from all the professional cleaners across the world and from the carpet manufacturers as well
  • The detergent used in case you have a machine to clean these stains out, the detergent provided with them is friendly for people who have sensitive skin and asthma or those who suffer from allergies
  • If you carry out this process solely manually, then consider this process safe for kids as there is no detergent involved
  • This method has the most lasting time rather than other methods
  • There is no residue leftover
  • There can be times if you are not experienced enough that you can leave extra wet spots on the carpet
  • This process takes the most time to dry if not using an external device of sort to dry it quickly

For this process, you can get special dry carpet cleaning powder from any store that sells detergents. This powder is a special micro splitter infused into an organic solvent. This process is fairly simple as all it requires you to do to sprinkle the powder on a concentrated area of the carpet (mainly the stain) and then scrub the area till the stain starts to dissolves. This process is easy but not always effective. Professionals will use a machine for this process as well.

  • This method is fairly easy as there is no drying time required, and leaves your carpet most clean
  • This process is fairly easy as it does not require any training
  • The detergents used for this process mainly contain harsh chemicals, which can also leave a strong smell behind
  • Specific kind of carpet materials like ‘plush pile carpets’ tend to leave powder trails within the crevices
  • This process may not be most effective against some stains

This process is as fairly easy as the process shared above. In this process, what you have to do is, we can get a special foaming agent for your local cleaning store. That foam can clean the sturdiest of stains. The foam you will use is 90 per cent air to 10 per cent of water. The process is simple, apply the foam and use the brush to rub that specific area in circles till the stain dissolves. There are machines also available for this process, but keep in mind any cleaning machine will never be cheap.

  • This process offers faster drying time rather than others
  • Using this process can extract soil from the bottom of the carpet making the stain worse
This process is one of the easiest ways to clean a stain out of a carpet. Just like the process, even the explanation is short. All that you have to do is get a specific carpet cleaning shampoo from the store, use a basic or even a motorized brush to clean the stain! Simple as that.
  • It is really fast and easy to do
  • It is budget-friendly
  • The carpet will take longer to dry
  • Leftover shampoo can leave to carpet wetting
  • Cannot work with a high pile of carpets

This process has been used way before the advent of vacuum cleaners or even special liquid cleaners, consider this the olden method. All you have to do is to clean scrub it and leave it to be sundry. That is all, but this process cannot be done with wall to wall carpets as they cannot be sundried because of their size.

  • It is very easy on the wallet
  • Easy to do no skills required
  • Can remove stubborn stains
  • Perfect for small carpets
  • Cannot clean wall to wall carpets
  • The drying time is fairly longer
  • The most time consuming and tiring

These have been all the secret (wink) techniques to use to clean carpets. These ways have been present before the start of machines to the perfection of machine usage. Self-work is always the best to keep yourself active as well as keeping fit, but there are times where services are needed to buy. It is solely on you in the end if you think the trip is worth it, but sometimes as well, spending money is not the right option, and to do it yourself works best.

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