5 Reasons Why People Collect Antiques


Antiques are classic examples of fine workmanship at its very best, and it isn’t at all surprising that antique furniture is avidly collected and admired by people from all walks of life. The fact that these beautiful furniture items are still functional today is a testament to the skill and workmanship that went into the making of such fine items, and there are many reasons why people love to collect antiques, which include the following:

Emotional Attachment

A fine chest of drawers or dining table that has been handed down by generations of the same family is usually treasured by the current owner, and despite the great value that is attached to such items, many people prefer to keep the furniture, as it holds great sentimental value. A diamond engagement ring that was owned by your grandmother would be something to treasure and keep within the family, and for personal reasons, people are reluctant to let go of specific antique pieces that have been handed down by their ancestors.

Collecting as a Profession

There are many avid antique collectors who decided to take their love of fine art one step further and make it their business. Many established collectors, such as those trusted vintage furniture dealers in the UK, began collecting as a hobby. As their experience grew over the years, they decided to combine their love of antiques with a business enterprise. You could, for example, buy antiques with the aim of reselling them at a slightly higher price, or you might prefer to buy items that need repairing or restoring, and once that has been done, you can make a good return selling the item to the highest bidder.

Collecting Antiques as a Hobby

If you really do love to be surrounded by the top quality furniture, why not take up collecting antiques as a hobby? Doing what you love brings with it a pleasure that is hard to match, which is why some people spend all their free time looking for, and restoring, fine antique furniture. There is also a great article that covers the basics of antique collecting, which is a must-read for any novice.

The Challenge of Amassing a Collection

You might, for example, have a thing for Louis XVI furniture, and despite the rarity of some items, you relish the challenge of being able to source prime examples of that period. Indeed, some collectors become obsessed with a certain period and will spend a lot of time and money seeking out specific items of that era.

The Love of Fine Furniture

It could be that you simply love to be surrounded by fine furniture, and once you have acquired a few items, there are always additional pieces that would look great in your home. Over the years, you can acquire a large collection, and there is always another item that would be perfectly suited in your home, and so the collecting continues.

The Love of Fine Furniture

Whatever your motivation for collecting fine antique furniture or jewellery, start by learning as much about the specific periods as you can. Over time, you will become very knowledgeable and can make some shrewd purchases that will bring in a healthy profit.