5 Reasons You Need a Rubber Garden Hose

When shopping for a garden hose, you would want a water hose that meets your needs be it for the occasional use or frequent use. You would also want an affordable piece yet durable, as these water hoses are made from different kinds of materials like rubber.

A rubber garden hose is among the most durable hose types in the current market. It can withstand the toughest of jobs with cold or hot water.

Rubber hoses always have polyester or nylon tire cord reinforcement for added strength and are more resistant to cracks as well as kinks. However, you should always keep them away from direct sunlight, as they are predisposed to UV damage.

Nonetheless, they do not come cheap and tend to weigh a lot, making them hard to move around the garden or even coil after use. However, this should not deter you from buying one, as they are the best. You can do some research on rubber garden hose reviews for a better pick, as there are many models out there.

Here are some reasons why you would need a rubber garden hose for your yard.

1. Rubber Garden Hose is Durable

Rubber Garden Hose is Durable

Rubber garden hose is very durable and highly useful when it comes to withstanding different kinds of water pressure. It can last for the better of time, as it does a better job of dealing with different kinds of liquid.

Its level of durability is because of its tough support system that consists of a nylon tire cord. Likewise, some models have a polyester reinforcement, adding to its strength as well as longevity.

Moreover, garden hoses made from rubber do not deteriorate or soak when wet, even with time.

2. It Can Serve You Longer

This type of garden hose has a longer service life than any other water hose in the market. This is because rubber is durable and will not be damaged or ripped easily, even with frequent use.
You should take note that most garden hoses are often damaged by being stepped on, or when a car rolls over them. This makes them lose their shape and with time start to be torn apart.
However, with rubber hoses you have more rigidity on its body as well as flexibility, making it hard to damage, even when a car rolls over it.

3. They are Temperature Tolerant

Temperature Tolerant

The best garden hoses are often tolerant to different kinds of temperature. It does not matter if the water is cold or hot, it will still work. A rubber garden hose is great with different water temperatures. This makes it easier to garden and water different places or even run hot water through the hose.

You will not have to worry about hot water seeping out of the rubber hose, as rubber hoses have a tough texture that guarantees no seeping out of any liquid, no matter the water temperatures.

4. Rubber Garden Hose Has Better Control

As much as, rubber hoses are a bit heavy than other water hoses in the current market. This heaviness, attributed by its compactness and tight texture, makes them easier to control.
However, some people might equate this heaviness as hard to control but it is the opposite. The heaviness makes them better when it comes to maneuverability as well as use. The stiffness and heaviness prevents it from swaying around or coiling anyhow, during use.

5. Economical In the Long Run


Yes, I know they are very pricey when compared to other gardening water hoses. However, they can last for the better of time without even a single split or crack, zero damages. This saves you loads of money when it comes to replacing water hoses every two to three years, as rubber hoses can last up to 10 years or more, while still functional as expected.


In conclusion, you are always better off with quality no matter the cost. Therefore, if you are in the shop for a garden hose, opt for a long lasting one like a rubber garden hose.
You can check some reviews on it for some buying guides, but it will never fail you no matter the situation. Their durability and usefulness is unmatched.