5 Signs That It’s Time to Call an HVAC Expert


Your HVAC system, much like other household equipment, can break down with age and might end up needing repairs A system that isn’t working correctly can cause health problems when it can’t clean the dusty, mouldy air. A broken HVAC also doesn’t provide adequate airflow, resulting in uncomfortable temperatures. How can you tell when your HVAC system needs to be seen to by a professional? There are a few things to look for, and here’s where to start:

Unusual Smells from Units and Vents

If you start smelling an unusual odour coming from your HVAC system it’s time to have it looked at. Musty smells can mean the system has a mold issue and is spreading unhealthy air throughout your house, while electrical smells indicate there is a wiring problem that needs to be fixed. Either way, it’s definitely time to call in some help.

Uneven Heat Around Your House


Image via Flickr by Colt International Limited

A home with cold, drafty places in some areas while other areas are overheating means your HVAC system is not working properly and it’s time to check for leaks or blocked vents. That’s when it’s time to call in some help from a qualified HVAC specialist who can give you an assessment and provide any necessary maintenance.

Weird Sounds From Your HVAC System

If your HVAC system starts to make unusual sounds it could mean something is loose or malfunctioning, meaning it’s ultimately not doing its job. Different sounds can come from a variety of places in the unit so it’s important to have the system checked by a professional to determine the correct location and solution.

Higher Than Average Energy Bill

A sudden spike in your energy bill, that is unrelated to a change in the weather, could mean your HVAC system has started working harder than it should and is drawing more energy. It is time to service the system and get any repairs done, to ensure a lower bill and a correctly functioning HVAC system.

Excessive Moisture

Pipes that are leaking or have too much condensation on them can cause mould and rot in your attic. Blocked drains in air conditioning units can overfill and damage the flooring if they are not caught in time. If you notice excessive moisture of any kind, it is time to call the HVAC repairman before you end up needing to replace your flooring and any other damaged items.

If your HVAC system isn’t working efficiently it’s time to hire a professional to check it out and service or replace any worn-out parts. It might be time to install a new system if the old one has outlived its usefulness. Having a correctly working system is important for your health and comfort. Additionally, it’s important to have a maintenance specialist tune things up once or twice a year before problems start.