5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Wallpaper Accent Wall


Accent walls are making a comeback – says, Emily Henderson. Well, we all have been there and know it very well too – accent walls are great when it comes to adding a charm to any space. Probably, with all the raging trends about this decor idea, you might be thinking of getting it done as well. But, do you have all the right knowledge and tools to get started If not, then this article is for you. By the end of this article, you’ll be all set to create the perfect accent wall in your home. Notably, the tips mentioned in this article are all about self adhesive sticker wallpaper accent walls only.

Wallpaper Accent Wall2

Mix And Match The Shade With Furniture

Tip number one – one of the biggest mistakes that many do is to not consider the other fixtures and pieces of furniture in a room. When using ombre peel and stick wallpaper make sure you choose a shade that either complements or contrasts with your furniture pieces. For example, if your furniture and upholstery pieces are in beige, pick a colour that has a similar hue at least. This way, you’ll be drawing more attention to your accent wall than otherwise.

Don’t Hesitate To Use Bold And Bright Colors

Though many would disagree, bold and bright colours are great for accent walls. Regardless of whether your interiors are in pastels or light playful colours, adding a pinch of bright yellow or orange hues can easily highlight your accent walls. Not just that, you can even create a harmony of bright and dull colours in the same room.

Wallpaper Accent Wall1

Create Zones And Not Portions

When creating accent walls, it is better to create zones and not portions. Though you can also choose to highlight a particular portion on a wall by adding art pieces or your prized heirloom collection, do not add accent to the whole wall. For example, you can choose a bright patterned wallpaper behind your art pieces but try not to do it with the whole wall. Instead, choose a solid design for the rest of the wall. This way, you’ll not only be creating harmony between the colours but also drawing attention to only the places you want to.

Play With Textures And Patterns

A lot of people are afraid of using textures and patterns for their accent walls. But know that, these decor ideas are still in trend and very much preferred by interior designers. Choose herringbone or chevron style wallpapers, or you can also choose textured and grooved wallpapers. Whatever you do, make sure you check out the colour palette and avoid overdoing your interiors.

On this note, we hope that the tips mentioned above have helped you. But note that you can still do a lot more and need not necessarily follow the tips we’ve mentioned above. At last, it is your home and should reflect your personality. So, pick design ideas and don’t hesitate to be playful and innovative with all your decor efforts.