5 Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value


Every homeowner should view their property through two competing lenses. On one hand, your house is your home, it’s the place you return at the end of each long, hard day in order to relax and recharge. It needs to act as a sanctuary for your mind and body so that you can get up the next day and do it all over again.

On the other hand, your home is likely the single most valuable possession you own, financially, and you have to treat it as such.

Working to improve the appraised value of your home on a regular basis is an important component of being a homeowner.

Not only is routine home improvement essential for making your home feel welcoming and relaxing, it constantly works to increase the value of the property in anticipation of the time you eventually come to sell the property. Getting the most bang for your buck in both utility and value addition is essential.

Maintain high painting standards.


Repainting your home every three to five years is a great way to breathe fresh life into the property. Paint in kitchens and bathrooms is especially prone to weathering since these areas see the greatest amount of temperature change and humidity throughout the day.

Depending on your individual routine and family size, the bathroom or bathrooms see at least one shower apiece every day, and your kitchen typically feels the effects of steam, smoke, or grease buildup once or twice a day.

Deep cleaning and repainting these areas can make for a constantly refreshed home. Just make sure to take current color trends into consideration as you plan a paint job in order to maximize profit potential if you decide it becomes time to sell.

Consider adding backyard amenities.


Building a patio extension or pool in your back yard is a great way to improve the quality of life enjoyed by your family and add value in the process. Pool maintenance requires some effort throughout the year, but it’s a fairly straightforward proposition in light of the added value and fun provided as a result. Consulting Lakeland Florida pool builders can get you started on the process and finished just in time for the seasonal change back to warm weather.

Upgrade your flooring.


An upgrade from carpet to hardwood flooring in common areas or even in bedrooms can increase the value of your home by a significant margin. Homebuyers love hardwood that is well taken care of. It requires little maintenance and will keep for years – far longer than a carpet – before requiring even the thought of replacement. Hardwood is typically coated as well, which prevents staining. It’s a great investment and makes a home feel more rustic and homely when paired with area rugs to provide both the firmness of the wood and soft surfaces to dig your toes into.

Maintain basement equipment.

The basement is a crucial piece of a well-functioning home. Basements typically fall into one of two categories, either well-kept and an attractive inclusion for prospective buyers, or an absolute nightmare. An unruly basement is the surest sign of a home with many hidden problem areas. Keep your basement up to scratch by maintaining external windows and doors (follow this guide for basement window replacement: basementguides.com/window-replacement/), addressing any staining from prior flooding, and even building shelving in order to create an orderly flow to the storage and utility space provided.

Keep appliances up to date.


Replacing water boilers, washing machines, and dishwashers when they begin to wear out is an important maintenance requirement for any respectable homeowner. These are things you use every day, so slumming it with subpar equipment is something that will wear on you, day in and day out. These features are also something that prospective buyers will see and take into account when approaching the house as a complete unit.

Making sure your home is always presentable and modern goes a long way to increasing the value and making you feel at home in your own property.