There is a space within our homes that is very useful, but that we tend to undervalue: laundry. Many people do not have this space at home because of a lack of division or because they do not think it is necessary. However, we should all have a laundry room and any space, no smaller, can be turned into a laundromat.


In addition to being useful and giving more organization to your life, this space can be decorated in order to become another corner where you can relax and not think too much about your day. Washing, ironing and folding clothes will be much more fun activities.

The décor of your laundry will depend on your taste and the usefulness you will give to this space, however, you can not forget essential pieces such as:

1. Baskets, baskets and more baskets

To optimize space, think about minimalism and useful parts that can have multiple functions. One way to keep your laundry organized and beautiful is to buy square or more round baskets. You can put your products,


laundry and pretty much everything you want in these practical baskets with plenty of space. They’re useful, they’re beautiful, and they’re going to hide everything intelligently.

2. Useful and elegant hangers

Laundry is a space where you take care of your clothes, so you can’t help but have hangers to hang clothes that just dry and don’t need to be ironed, especially if it’s. As the area should be small, opts for a standing hanger with a unique design.


3. Paintings

If your walls aren’t full of shelves, you can once again add your personal touch with frames that complement your plants or photo frames with the photo of the best moments you’ve had so far. This kind of décor will make your laundry more welcoming.

Now that you have an idea of how you can decorate your laundry, it’s time to start designing your new home space and pay us a visit. We have several objects of organization and decoration that will change your laundry and make it an even more useful space.

4. Shelves

Like the baskets, placing shelves will split the various products you have in the laundry room and keep it organized. By nailing the shelves to the wall, you’ll have more room to move around and fold your clothes as you dance to your favourite song. If the most common white shelves are too boring for you, don’t be afraid to bet on colour as long as it matches the laundry design.

5. Plants

Plants give oxygen, a touch of nature and happiness in general. As your laundry must have a lot of light and the plants love light, it would be a waste not to embellish this space with plants.