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6 Activities to Do at Home For a Fun Anniversary

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“ Happy Anniversary! So, what are your plans for the special day?” You must have heard this question year after year, from everyone wishing you anniversary. At times, you must have smiled awkwardly and answered, “Oh! Nothing special.” A married couple is expected to be an epitome of cheesy love. Every year, you are expected by friends and family, to do something that will redefine your love in the most lovey-dovey way possible. They are always expecting over-the-top gestures celebrating your love. Is it necessary though?

Boredom can kill a relationship silently and its time to create some fun filled new memories. It is your anniversary and you have all the right to smash all the cliche expectations from your near and dear ones and have an amusing day right there, in the comfort of your home and carve a niche for every couple around you. We have enlisted 6 such fun activities for you to enjoy at home this anniversary:

1.Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt
Make some cues on paper and put the first one in the plain sight, for example, at dining table or on refrigerator, so its easy to find. Let the hints guide your partner through the house and in the end their reward will be their anniversary gift that you have hidden cunningly somewhere. Make the cues on bright post-its so they are easy to spot at the hiding place.

2.Bake An Anniversary Cake

Anniversary Cake
You might not know this yet, but baking a cake is oh-so-much-fun activity. Working together, with all the right ingredients in perfect quantity to make something so sweet and dipped in love, will not just let you have loads of fun but will bring you two closer to each other. The other way is to ditch all that, order an anniversary cake online and devour it for that feeling of contentment. Eating a cake is always fun.

3.Dance Like No One’s Watching

Dance Like No One’s Watching
Put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away with your favourite tracks on the play. Dancing is one of the most intimate form of love. Moreover, just visit YouTube, find a dance tutorial, take each other in arms and learn a new form of dance. The passion and zeal you will feel with tapping feet and embracing the love of your life, dancing in your arms, cannot be put in words.

4.Decorate Your Room or House

room decorate
Bring in all your favourite decor items and start decorating your room the way you like it. Visit different websites and give an Italian or a French interior makeover to your room with some decor items or simple put flower decor and enjoy the aromatic ambience all day long.

5.Spa Day At Home

Spa Day At Home
Now-a-days most of the spas offer home services too. Just call in one of your favourite spas and take their couple service and have a relaxed and soothing anniversary this year.

6.Games Nights

Games Nights
Invite some friends over and have some wonderful games on the list to play the whole evening. From paint ball to laser tag, charades to pie contest, pour your heart out and have an adventurous leisure time.

Tell us how you celebrated you fun anniversary this year and made some new memories to cherish forever.

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